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Forty-Five days ago my ps3 burned out. Last week I decided to fix it, but got lazy and didnt want to do it myself. Now pay attention, this is where all of you learn a lesson. If you can fix a ps3 on your own, it is always better to do just that, dont trust some one else.

I took the system to a shop tuesday of last week, one guy say's "We can fix them in half an hour, we get them in all the time, You should have it back in Three or Four day's." Thats Saturday, and it should be Forty dollars. I give my information to a different guy, he says to me, "Your number Thirteen in line, It could be a week." I'm thinking ok a week, I didnt expect to get it by the weekend. Thirteen in line is good, if you can fix it in a half hour that's two a day, right?

Weekend goes by no phone call, today's Monday, no phone call. I went to the shop to find out whats going on, guy at the counter is the same one that took my PS3 last week, doesnt remember me. Whatever. He say's to me"Your Five in line." Five? "You should get it tomorrow." Basic math, they fixed Eight in a week, One a day, now their going to fix five in one day? I can't throw a fit, I'm an adult, all I can do is wait for a phone call and pay my money. These motherfuckers. How do you run a store like this? Is it payed for by sucker's like me that dont know the reputation? All I want is my PS3 back. If you know how to fix something do it on your own.

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So uh, I would just wait the shitty two weeks. :/

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@laserguy: I would demand to have your PS3 back, fixed or not. And if you already paid, a refund. If they don't appear reputable, then you have every reason to want to take your business elsewhere. Don't stop until they get it back to you. If it's at the location you gave it to, get it back.

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They are probably just mailing it to Sony and then tacking on an extra $50-$100 of what they have to pay to get fixed. I would not be surprised if the next surprise is a huge bill. I do tech support for cell phones and we get calls from places like that all the time.

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Always yelp that kind of shit first. My ps3 stopped reading discs and I found a few places nearby that would fix it. One said it would take a week, but I found another one that fixed it on an hour for the same price.

Go to the store and get your PS3 back, fixed or not. Also, if you have anything in writing that they took yours that would help.

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Ok I just really fucked this up. i forgot my hard drive in the system. I feel like an asshole.

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@laserguy said:

Ok I just really fucked this up. i forgot my hard drive in the system. I feel like an asshole.

Like you gave it to them without a hard drive?

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Yeah, you shouldn't have gone to a bad shop.

An aside:

Am I really super misunderstanding the basic mathematics of this whole thing right here:

  • We can fix them in half an hour
  • You should have it back in Three or Four day's
  • Your number Thirteen in line, It could be a week
  • Also, spelling.
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I know it's probably expensive but the most reliable people that could fix your system for you would be Sony. I'm sure they'd fix it for a fee even if out of warranty.

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@fattony12000: I don't know, I only do about an hour of work a day.

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They have your property, and no work has been done on it. You can demand it back without paying them anything.

If they refuse, talk to the police.

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I think after watching the latest episode of breaking bad we learned don't FUCK with MR. WHITE! Really surprised we haven't heard a Breaking Bad reference yet.

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I'm a bad speller.