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With the sale on gog.com, now is a great time to get into the series. Which game should I get? I hear that Might and Magic 3 is the best, 4 is sketchy and 5 is decent. Is that right?

And how about the Heroes of Might and Magic, which one should I get in that series?

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As far the the originals of the Might and Magic series you can't go wrong with any of them but its shocking a times to go back and play. I would buy the bundle and try them out. I thought that Might and Magic 7 was the best one to get into right away for my taste and its a bit more updated compared to the first few. The questing (for me at least) seemded a lot easier to figure out in that one. I think 6 was pretty good for a new player too. The older ones you have to put a lot of time in just to figure things out but its always worth it plus you have access the the internets!

As far as Heroes start with 2 for sure. That game is so much fun. I would recomend 3 for sure too. That one equally kicks ass.

Go for trying both series, especially for what you can buy the single games and bundles for on GOG.

I have played them in the past and still purchased some of them on GOG.

Go for it ! Have fun Duder!

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Can't speak much about M&M, but when it comes to Heroes of Might and Magic, it's easily III. It's simply the best game in the series.

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For Might and Magic I would suggest starting no earlier than 6. Remember the earlier ones are REALLY old and art a bit hard to swallow in this day and age. 6 and 7 are both good. 8 is decent. Just pretend 9 didn't exist.

For Heroes, I enjoyed the first 3 a lot. Honestly haven't played the original in a good 10 years so I can't say if it holds up, but 2 and 3 are brilliant. 4 was pretty bad compared to the first 3. 5 was okay but really lacked soul and I haven't played 6. Heroes 3 is easily the best and it holds up really well today. My brother and I still play it. There is also a really active mod community still going strong for that one so once you've experienced all there is about the core game, go for the mods. Tons of fun stuff from hundreds of new maps, to new races, to a complete overhaul of some of the game's systems. The core game, though, is still probably in the top 3 TBS games of all time.

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Thanks duders!

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As far as Heroes of Might & Magic goes I love Two and Three, but as you mentioned Four is kinda... well not as good. I played these back in the day though so there's some nostaliga involved for sure, but I still think they might hold up if you're willing to give them an honest try.

As for Might & Magic the only one I every played was VI: The Mandate of Heaven, but I remember having a terrific time with that game also. Specifically I remember that game being super tense at times.

Thing is though, you really got to look past the dated graphics with these games. Hell, I find them charming, but someone new to the series might be put off. Hope you have fun with them!

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I'm no stranger to old games.

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At the time 4 and 5 were mindblowing because they could combine into one supergame. But I'm sure the graphics and gameplay would make it hard to get into if you weren't used to that era of games.

6 was alright as well.

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Heroes of Might and Magic is one of two games that I downloaded the demo for and immediately went to the store to go buy. Didn't even turn off the computer. The ohter is Roller Coaster Tycoon.

I think HOMM 1 is one of the most amazing games I've ever played, but I think it's a lot like a boardgame or some other well designed GAME.

If it was compared to Clue, I feel like HOMM 1 is Clue, HOMM 2 is the Detective Edition with extra rooms and characters and stuff and HOMM3+ are all the editions with, like, secret missions and electronic parts that keep track of gossip or whatever they make nowadays. There's always a tendancy to feature creep good game design in sequels and if the sequel si the first game you play, you don't know any different. Even when the feature creep undermines what made the game fun to begin with.

SO, I'd reccomend you get started with HOMM 1, if you can, and upgrade until you find a version you like. It's entirely possible for a person to jump in at an overcooked edition and find the whole thing to be no fun. (Like a lot of later Sims games)

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Luckily, the Might and Magic 6 pack is on gog.com for $5. That's the first six games for only $5. That's an amazing deal.

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Play the first one and then marvel at how you will be able to accomplish nothing! Bonus if you can play it on a b&w; Macintosh Classic II

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I can't talk about Heroes as I didn't and have no intention to, ever play them. Which makes me weird since i am one of the few people I know who beat all the original Might & Magic series (even 9) but never played the strategy spin offs.

So as far as the original series goes... The Six Pack on GoG is not a bad idea. The series changes drastically after 5 though and 6 goes into the realm of actual 3D. 7 is probably the best in the series if you ask me since it actually gives you some options on how to end the game and ties into alot of older story lines (some of them even in the Heroes games). 8-9 though pretty much are their own stand alone games though 9 does have references here and there to the older games. My personal favorite in the whole series is probably 6 but again, that isn't because it was specifically "the best" just the one I personally have the most nice memories of.

That said considering you spend the majority of the game fighting brown skinned dudes who wear robes and turbans that get clearly id'd as fantasy terrorists who also happen to worship a evil sheep apparently.... well. You get the picture.

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@jaycrockett said:

At the time 4 and 5 were mindblowing because they could combine into one supergame. But I'm sure the graphics and gameplay would make it hard to get into if you weren't used to that era of games.

6 was alright as well.

Yup, pretty fascinating games and firmly ingrained in my memory. World of Xeen, Darkside of Xeen etc.

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The first two games are pretty much unplayable, but III and World of Xeen are surprisingly accessible for games of that era. Of the later ones, VI and VII are the best, VIII is ok, and IX is a game that I will admit to enjoying even though it's clearly an unfinished mess.

EDIT: As for Heroes, II and III are rightfully considered classics, though I also think that V is pretty great as well.

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I've only had experience with Heroes of Might and Magic 3 but all I can say is it is a fantastic game and still holds up to this day I feel.

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go get HoMM 3 and live your life happily