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I been searching for awhile now.. it came out in the 90s (perhaps mid 19995-1999). It was a dungeon crawler type where you could pick 4 heroes from a number of character palettes. It had a few puzzles to solve like lining up symbols to match to open jailcell grates. Some of the enemies were plants that grew up in front of you. Ants and Fire ants the crawled up in front of you and the game had skeletons too. I also remember spell scrolls one that shot daggers, lots of potions (Blue & white), being able to use a sword or swing a ball & chain mace. Some items you picked up were books, letters or tools, some probably red herrings. You needed to pick some door locks also and break down walls. BUT the most prominent thing I remember about it, is you were able to eat MOLD!

I played the demo.. and wished I bought the real version. I'm not sure but the title might have had something along the lines of "curse" or Drakkar castle.

Please help.. I need some real Mac gurus to find this gem of a game I always wished I could play again!

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is it "Kingdom of Drakkar"?

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Sounds a bit like Dungeon Master. Not sure if that came out for the Mac, though.

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No neither of those.. I've been trying to go through these pages to find it, but to little avail. Basically, you hit the space bar.. and it swings out the weapon or spell. You can hear the sounds of walking too. You can get poisoned by some items as well. You recover energy also by SLEEPING (clicking the eye symbol) and you can hear the snoring sounds. I really wish I knew what to search for though.. grrr!


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Sounds like Eye of the Beholder III: Assault on Myth Drannor, but than again what doesn't.

But what you are looking for is:

Curse of Dragor

(Curse of Dragor is a 1995 fantasy role playing video game for the Macintosh, developed by Banshee Software and published by Domark)