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I'll say this I've been a fan boy of microsoft for a while and seeing the games that are coming out for PS3 I have to say I want one. I was wondering what's the cheapest one I can get.

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i would wait till just after E3. Ive heard a price drop is on the way. 

Glad to see another MS fan boy getting a ps3 :D
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I would like one as well, but not at the price we pay for them - $700  Au.

Sony - give me a call hen you get the price down to $400 Au.  Thanks.

Oh, and get more decent games - good RPG, so I actually care.
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InFamous and MGS4 are the only PS3 games I own

Not worth it

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Whats the point in being a fanboy of a hardware manufacturer? Jeese. It's totally pointless and is just an insane attempt at justifying your purchase (which shouldnt need any justification anyway) Franchises sure, but the hardware has nothing to do with the quality of games available.

I don't have a PS3 for the moment, I have the required amount of games to get me interested quota filled (MGS4, Little Big Planet, inFAMOUS, some of the PSN stuff, NG Sigma 1 and 2) but for now I don't have the cold hard cash. Maybe next year. I have to upgrade my TV first, I have a crappy 15 inch portable. My 360 is played on a PC monitor and to my knowledge the PS3 wont.

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Ninja Gaiden II will remain better on the 360 for one reason

The Gore

Sigma 2 has been toned down dramtically

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Yeah but i'm a sucker for extra content.

Edit: And hopefully the camera might be a bit better. It's like they learned nothing from making NG Black.

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the cheapest one you can get? USED. Buy one used, don't worry, it aint gonna die on you. 

BlackWaterCO said:
InFamous and MGS4 are the only PS3 games I ownNot worth it
soo you're saying its not worth it because you only got 2 games for it? im sorry but thats your fault. infamous didn't even come out yet, why would you skip so many other great exclusives just to have only mgs4 and a game that isn't out yet?
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TwoOneFive said:
the cheapest one you can get? USED. Buy one used, don't worry, it aint gonna die on you. BlackWaterCO said: ... [more]
IDK, it's all that I can really get into

I rented Killzone 2 ya know, but it's just so plain and generic. Uncharted 2 looks pretty cool, but eh.

Fanboy's seem to OVER hype the excluives a bit too much

Heavy Rain is a great example...
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If somebody offered me a free ps3 I'd accept but I don't feel justified in paying for one just yet...

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BlackWaterCO said:
TwoOneFive said: the cheapest one you can get? USED. Buy one used, don't worry, it aint gonna die on you. ... [more]

Killzone 2 is the best single player experience in FPS ever made. I usually don't like FPSes, the only ones I finished in my entire life were Half-Life 2, Doom 3 and COD4 and even then I couldn't play them more than once. All FPSes are repetitive, the enemies dumb and unchallenging and the scenarios very repetitive. All games after some time following the same looking corridors are boring.

Killzone 2 is unique because the scenarios are varied, the enemies smarter than the average FPS stupidity, they actually offer some challenge and variation to the gameplay, and the action is simply perfect (chaotic and dirty as a war should be like). While other games I couldn't even finish out of boredom, I have finished  Killzone 2 5 times and I am playing it for the 6th right now. 

Other than KZ2 there are tons of great games, like Uncharted, Valkryria Chronicles, LBP, Ratchet & Clank, GT5 Prologue, Resistence, etc. I bought Infamous this week, another great exclusive to the collection.
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I got a PS3 and 360. If you have a 360, it's not really worth it. Although Noby Noby Boy, Flower, Wipeout HD, and MGS4 are all great games, I don't know if I'd get a system just for those.

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It's the 2nd best platform right now IMO (under 360), so I'd recommend a PS3 if you have the money.  Killzone 2, Uncharted, Valkyria Chronicles, Little Big Planet, MGS4, WipEout HD, Pixeljunk Monsters, Noby Noby Boy, SuperStardust HD.  Upcoming stuff like inFamous, Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2.  More niche entries like Demon's Souls, MLB The Show (best baseball series), Hot Shots Golf, Ryu ga Gotoku series...

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nobody mentions MAG or God Of War 3 

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DECA555 said:
nobody mentions MAG or God Of War 3

I didn't mention because those weren't released yet. There are at least another 5 great titles to be released this year or in the beginning of 2010: Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, GT5 complete, God of War 3 and MAG.
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I'm getting a PS3 next month literally only for the exclusive titles. I've heard so much and seen so much great footage that I just have to buy one. Games such as: Valkyria Chronicles, MGS4, inFamous, LittleBigPlanet and others.

Not to mention I missed out on PS2, and hopefully this will give me the opportunity to catch up.

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Uncharted, MGS4,  criminally overlooked Heavenly Sword, and online stuff like Flower, not to mention all the new stuff coming out this year makes ps3 worthy of purchase.

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DoMiNiC147 said:
I'll say this I've been a fan boy of microsoft for a while and seeing the games that are coming ... [more]

i really want one as well, there are a lot more games i want for the ps3 then i want for the 360, so im with you on wanting to get a ps3, and if this helps, gamestop has a deal, if you trade in your ps2 and 3 games they will take 100 bucks off the price of a ps3, im planing on doing that
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DECA555 said:
i would wait till just after E3. Ive heard a price drop is on the way. Glad to see another ... [more]

@DECA555:   Yeah, I was a XBox fanboy for a bit, but I've since decided to own every console and love them equally.
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@BlackWaterCO:   really?  You already own inFamous?  My calendar says May 22.  Interesting.

IMO the PS3 is a great investment I won't stoop to listing quality titles for it, but if you post on a gaming site like this you can already figure out that you have years of gorgeous games ahead of you.
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I always wanted one for MGS4 and LBP, but now with InFamous turning out so great and the Project Trico trailer, I can finally justify the purchase. Fat Princess also looks awesome, so I'm going to scrape some money together somehow and get one as soon as I can. And for those naysayers, there's probably lots more great games coming. The library may be a bit thin now but Sony is in it for the long run, y'know.

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@BBQBram: this sums up what i love about the PS3 perfectly. The 360 is not a console you buy and keep for like 10 years. The original xbox was dropped as soon as the 360 was launched. The Ps2 on the other hand, is still getting the odd great game every now and then (Personna 4). 

What i am trying to say is, so far history has repeated itself rather faithfully. The ps3 was launched to seemingly lackluster preformance. It is rapming up and eventually people will realize it IS the best console on the market with the best games. When the 360 is dead and left for it by MS, the PS3 will still be kicking with a devoted fan base and some truly amazing games.

If the past (and what we are seeing of the future) is anything to go by. 
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Well you can try to go on eBay and test out your luck. But most retailers (be it online or your local brick & mortar), the lowest PS3 SKU you can get is for $399.

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If you've already bought the xbox 360 then go ahead and get yourself a PS3 too. Maybe even a Wii ^^

But wait till after E3 for a price drop. At the moment you are getting butt fucked with the price /  value.

ouch, my ass :(
ps. If you like movies then get a PS3, Blu-ray rocks.

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I say until the third quarter of the year. Or you can wait for a good deal.