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Sad to see him go. Hopefully they can get through Dark Souls while he is still here.

If you don't know, Ian was an engineer but started to appear in content, almost all subscriber, notably Load Our Last Souls. He also was controlling the big knob for many live shows for the past few months or so.

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I repeat: :(. We'll miss your shenanigans. Good luck with whatever you plan on doing, friend. Just remember you're a Bomber for life.

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:D A rival site !?

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Best wishes Ian. Hope you can stop in from time to time.

Edit: Maybe he's going to go run Magicmissle.com, or however it was misspelled.

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I will miss you Ian! You better keep appearing at D&D streams together with Dave!

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That sucks. Ian was great.

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Aw, no more awkwardness between Rorie and Ian over D&D rules.

Wonder if they plan to continue giant bomb unplugged at all.

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Maaan... :(

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Good luck, duder!

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This turns the big knob in my heart. :(

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Great, GB loses another one :(

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@mrwakka: Rorie has said that they do, in January. I'm sure he probably knew about Ian leaving when he said it.

And congrats to Ian, probably a great opportunity!

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Sad to see another duder go. However he will be back. Once you are in the bomb, you can never really fully leave!

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Your tearing me apart Ian! Congrats though. But man you'll be missed. You guys HAVE to finish Load our last souls before then.

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I wish him the best of luck!

Though, uh... who's gonna fix Giant Bomb now?

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Guess it's back to the control room for Drew..

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If I had the video editing skills I would cull all of the on camera footage there is of Ian and cut together a sappy video to Greenday's "time of your life" simply because that song at this point is so overused that it would be a big hilarious ball of cheese. Please, someone do this.

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Good luck on the next gig, Ian. Hopefully you can at least finish Load Our Last Souls though.

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Dave stole Ian? Well played, Mr. Snider, well played. You all know what this means, right? Drew and Vinny on camera at the same time will not be a thing if they can't get someone else in the control room.

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I had no idea his last name was Kelly.

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Good Luck Ian. Good work on the Load Our Last Souls also for your work on the site and the control room! Definitely will be missed!

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You've been awesome Ian. Seeing you in front of camera more has been a delight. I'm sure working with Snider and co. will be entertaining at the least, though. All the best of luck, sir.

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Dave poaching the Giant Bomb talent, I see. BETTER WATCH YO BACK FOOL

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Love you Ian!

Looking forward to seeing what's on the horizon!

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@insane_shadowblade85: I don't remember his name, but there's another CBSi employee they've had in the room a couple of times. They'll find a solution.

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Sucky. Hard to name another engineer who can also work in the control room during live segments? Happy though for him, see ya around Lt. Squigs.

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So does that mean there is a new whipping boy position available??

Edit: Also, Thanks Ian for all your work!

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Not just anybody can give livestreams the perfect amount of big knob. Be it on your head, Ian, if the sound is too loud or soft when your successor takes over! On your head, I say!

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Good luck good sir.

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Good luck, duder. You will always be holding it down in the control room of our hearts.

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Good luck duder. Your dedication to the site both on and off camera has been above and beyond. You will be missed.

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Sad to hear.

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Aw. :/

Well, if those projects are to be something the general public will get to experience, then I am certainly looking forward to them.

Did they ever finish playing pathfinder though?

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Awww man. Best of luck to you Ian!

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Dave rolls deep

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best of luck to ya! hope you and hardcore dave and mike horn go kick ass together!

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I just learned Ian's last name.

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Doesn't Coonce work with them too now? Seem to remember that.

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@ltsquigs sad to see you, but good luck in your future endeavors. That being said, you need to be there for the rest of Load Our Last Souls and I hope we haven't heard the last of John Swordmagic.

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Eventually Dave will poach all the GB staff to whatever he's doing. WHISKEY REBORN!

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@pulledabrad: Does that mean that Alex and Patrick are taking over the site and making a 24 hour news channel/morning show?

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How many TOP MEN has Dave indoctrinated for his rebellion?!