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Ico and Shadow of The Collosus remakes in one game running at 60FPS? I read this somewhere and saw boxart, any news on a release date? Is this even real?

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Don't jinx it!

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It's not confirmed, but it's more or less guaranteed to happen.

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That would be great, but we'll see. 
In the mean time I'm probably going to play through those games again.

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Heard summer 2011

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No, hasn't been confirmed. But it will almost definitely happen. I'm pretty sure I've seen more people asking for that than just about anything else. I see no reason why they wouldn't do it, but if they do, they're probably going to wait a lot longer, until The Last Guardian's release date nears.

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Its from a Kotaku. The cover art was made only for the article, nothing has been officially confirmed yet. 

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This is the worlds greatest news if it is true. 
Fuck Ico though, SotC > Ico.

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True that SotC is big time compared to Ico.  Sorry but Ico is just one big "endearing" escort mission.  But I do hope the HD re-release of both games proves to be true.
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I really hope they do, simply because I never played either of the games and they look incredible. If they don't get remade any time soon then I'll just buy them on ps2 instead :)

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I just can't imagine what SotC will look like in 1080p with 60fps instead of the usual 15-20. 
Oh wait....
Yeah it'll be fucking awesome.

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Hmmm... bring these remakes to Xbox. Juuuuuust saying.

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@wolf_blitzer85 said:

" I just can't imagine what SotC will look like in 1080p with 60fps instead of the usual 15-20. "

probably would look like this
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Hell yeah! 
And while SoTC is most definitely better than ICO, ICO was still pretty fantastic of a game.

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@Marz: Holy hell.
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@Marz: That video is mindblowing. 
I'm already excited as hell about this idea.