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So I went back and re-watched some of the GDC After Hours livestream they did, and I saw Jeff passing around a bottle of Buckfast, that tonic wine from Scotland. How in the world would I be able to buy a bottle and have it shipped here to upstate NY? Legally of course. Is it even possible? I checked out their site, and I couldn't find a way to buy a bottle or a case or whatever.

Any suggestions on how to aquire some Buckfast? I'm hoping a Scottish user sees this post.

Thanks duders and duderettes!

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There's a duder whose going to NY from Ireland, he has a thread about that topic on here. Buckfast is pretty popular in Ireland. Maybe he could bring you a bottle of it.

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I'm from Northern Ireland, some of my friends would drink it, and I guess I would too if tired (high sugar/caffeine).

Buckfast is like a really sweet syrup with a blackberry vibe to it. Does that sound appealing to you? You've really gotta consider that, because it'd be quite a lot to post it over just out of curiosity.

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I hate to tell you, Buckfast is nasty, almost an acquired taste like that (but not one you want to acquire). I know it has this air of mystique to it 'cause it's the unknown but believe me, you're better off not knowing. It's known as tramp wine for a reason.

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i always see breakfast and then i wonder why i don't get drunk more often in the mornin'

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You're probably better off maxing Jager and Red Bull

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I'd never drink it, but I'd love to have a bottle around as a conversation piece.

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@vuud: Oh hey, Buckfast! I didn't know you liked sleeping under benches! ;)