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We’ve all seen how implementing the Achievement system has helped the last generation of gaming, most notably Microsoft, and to a lesser extent other gaming services (i.e. ps3 trophies, steam achievements and so on). Possibility: No different than asking every developer to create 1,000 achievement points or trophies. We’ve all have had the opportunity to witness the PS4 Camera demo where the AR system with the robots came to life, but why let the fun stop with cute little robots and everyday items? Imagine a platform where you could choose Kratos, from God of War, or Sack Boy from Little Big Planet to duel it out in a head to head, one on one battle royale? Each character’s abilities are unique to them, and correlate with the game play within the game itself. Every developer would need to create a “pokemon style” character for their game that unlocks once achievement style milestones have been reached. These characters, which can be classified in terms of rarity, difficulty of achievement, and type, can be played in a battle style arena against other gamers using the PS4 Camera. This would allow a “metagame” to exist between games and generate interest and appeal for the PS4 Camera. Gamers would want to purchase more games for PS4 to build a reputable roster to battle, and can enter into tournaments for prizes and trophies. This would allow building street cred and purchasing games for Sony’s system over the competitions aka a similar system to achievements. This all began with asking the question: Why would someone buy the PS4 Camera as a release day purchase and a must buy?…this idea may sound outlandish, however, that could be said of the person who came up with the achievement’s system despite how ridiculous it sounded eight years ago.

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I think the 'achievement whore' culture is dying though, there aren't really that many people who care about a number attached to your name. But, the ones who do are completely dwarfed in the market, meaning only a few would buy a Playstation camera for that incentive alone. My thoughts about the peripheral though are more of a mild feature Sony wants to tick off a box. It's clear Sony doesn't really have much interest to sell the PS4 on it's camera gaming, I mean, didn't they even re name it to just 'camera', yeah, I think they'll let Microsoft win that battle with their wildly popular kinect brand. People will come to PS4 for the games or media selection, and the camera is just a nice add on/afterthought.

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I don't understand where you're getting at.

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I don't know what you are talking about. The Playroom already looks amazing.

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So basically Playstation All-Stars?

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I like it. I want it. Make it happen.

Honestly, I think that'd be sick. Most games after completion just fade away from your profile with only lingering trophies to remind you of completion. This would give a lasting memory and true reward for achieving trophies in video games. Perhaps the more achievements you have the higher level your character. Perhaps your characters can interact with each other in 2 on 2 battles. What I would really enjoy is if you didn't really control them, but they were more under their own control like those bots in the video, and you were more just their owner and could influence their behavior.

Great concept that could be built upon/around.

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I don't like the thought of developers being forced to create such collectibles, but then, I think this would be a cool option. An ever-expanding fighting game(or some other kind of game? A strategy RPG or something?) where many new releases give you a new character for it. It takes advantage of people's desire to collect, and it might even help smaller games that choose to invest a little bit in their own characters. It would take management and balancing by Sony, but it would be kind of nifty.

Like Steam Trading Cards, but even better. Doing this with a Skylanders-esque game would be almost evil. ha.

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Thanks for the input guys...it sounds like a neat concept, and agree with HurricaneIvan29 and TruthTellah, skylanders esque would be rad and once you throw em in they take on a personality of their owns and that could be dependent on the progress of your game and so forth.

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I don't know why we don't have a waifu simulator. Nerds would love the opportunity to hover hand their virtual girl friend.