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#1 Posted by Poppy_Persona (174 posts) -

I found myself of late checking if a game has trophies before i buy it and if not i must admit i am less likely to buy it. Is this a sad reflection of the shallowness of modern gaming or just a natural progression. For example I was going to buy the Valkyria chronicles but then didn't because it has no trophies.

#2 Posted by Pazy (2683 posts) -

I give no care for either, when I get them I do enjoy checking to see if they are 'interesting' (i.e. not Kill X number of enemies, complete level 6) but I never really go after them. I find them detrimental to the fun and intent of the game a lot of time. A good example is, on the run up to Mass Effect 3, I asked my friend about his Mass Effect 1 & 2 stories and he couldent tell me who his relationship was with since he went back and completely all them for some sort of acheivment. I had a clear definition, Tali is awesome!, and it made for a much better story.

#3 Posted by M_Shini (561 posts) -

It's never been a influence over anything i get, its neat to see achievement's pop up now and again for doing crazy thing's but i don't really hunt for them, and most the time unless the game is amazing i don;t tend to play through them more than once, and maybe not even once if they are boring. You should totally not skip on Valkyria though its up there with the best on the PS3.

#4 Posted by Poppy_Persona (174 posts) -

@M_Shini: Yeah I think I'll probably try and get Valkria after all i have heard such good things about it.

#5 Posted by Azteck (7416 posts) -

I play League of Legends all the time so no, can't say I do that.

#6 Posted by JM12088 (41 posts) -

There not deal breakers but if I'm on the edge and not sure if i want a game they can certainly swing my decision. If done right they can add a lot of replay value.

If you look at a game like the binding of isaac. It does achievements perfectly. They encourage multiple play throughs, theres a good mix of easy and hard and every single one unlocks new content.

You look at a game like halo and they just piss me off. They stick in stupid luck based multiplayer achievements. All that does is encourage people to dick around in a team based game rather than trying to play it properly. We have enough of that in multiplayer games as is without it being encouraged. Multiplayer based chievs should be banned.

#7 Posted by Tebbit (4572 posts) -

I haven't thought about trophies for a long time. Hell, I haven't thought about games for a long time.

Jesus, perhaps here is not the place to have my existential crisis.

#8 Posted by GoofyGoober (941 posts) -

No, trophies don't influence my purchasing decisions.

#9 Posted by robot4me (204 posts) -

No. To elaborate, I think if thay wanted more replayability in games developers should add more content. If they want harder games they should make them harder and not do it artificially with trophies/ achievements.

#10 Posted by dropabombonit (1541 posts) -

Yes and no, depns on how good the game is. I had to play Skyward Sword no matter what. But when I got back to playing PS3 games and got my first trophy in Saints Row: The Third, I found out that I missed not having them. I want to play Siren: Blood Curse because Patrick keeps talking about but the lack of trophies is putting me off. Also the huge size of the download and the fact that you have to download each episode separately even if you buy the full game on PSN

#11 Posted by zyn (2765 posts) -

@GoofyGoober said:

No, trophies/achievements don't influence my purchasing decisions.

#12 Posted by foggel (2777 posts) -

Kind of. I prefer buying games for my xbox because of achievements, but if it's not ported I will buy it for the pc. 
As an example, I would like to wait for an xbox version of Diablo 3. 
Another reason to buy games on my 360 (that I would like to add to not sound like a complete  freak) is that all my friends are on there, and I like to chat while I play.

#13 Posted by fuzzybunny566 (471 posts) -

@zyn said:

@GoofyGoober said:

No, trophies/achievements don't influence my purchasing decisions.

Ditto. It's fun to have achievements pop-up for my 360 or Steam games, but it doesn't keep me from enjoying all my old games at all. And if we're strictly talking games that have been released since 2005, the answer is still no.

#14 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8020 posts) -

No I play some xbox live indie games.

#15 Posted by aquamarin (659 posts) -

I'd say that's where reviews and podcast discussions come in for me. If its a non-Steam PC game or something achievement-less that's getting a certain amount of positive coverage in podcast circles I will want to play it. I will play mediocre games that I sense have fun or easy achievements though.

#16 Posted by DeF (5222 posts) -

@Poppy_Persona said:

Is this a sad reflection of the shallowness of modern gaming or just a natural progression.

Honestly, I think it's a clear case of the former. If you're not playing games because you don't get a "ding!" after each chapter in a story and for some random stuff, then you're simply doing it "wrong". Just force yourself to ignore trophies, turn off the notifications in the PS3 system settings. If the "pling!" sound is what makes you ignore perfectly good games you would've played otherwise, then you need to train yourself to forget about trophies/achievements.

I switch around all the time between platforms and games that have them and ones that don't. It's nice when they're there but if they aren't, then that's nothing that stops me from playing a game. Back when the PS3 added trophies (didn't have a 360 at that point so the concept was fresh), i was really into getting a lot of them for a year or so but then I simply stopped caring.

#17 Posted by RE_Player1 (7945 posts) -

I enjoy trophies and will not put much effort into finding games without them. There are exceptions but a game like Lego Batman for example I won't buy due to it not having trophies.

#18 Posted by Gamer_152 (14286 posts) -

I've heard it before and I don't really buy the idea that modern gaming is particularly shallow, at least not when compared to the rest of the mediums history. It definitely has some major shallow spots, like the lack of maturity in its storytelling, or the increasingly iterative nature of what the industry produces, but compare what games are now to what they were from basically their inception, through the arcade era, and on early consoles. In every regard the games we have now are obviously hugely more sophisticated than the games we had then. Not that modern game designers can't be held somewhat to blame for it, but surely this kind of attachment to achievements is a trait of the gamer and not of the game. Personally, I will play games that don't have achievements or trophies, but I much prefer if they are in there. I'm a bit of a sucker for persistent rewards.

#19 Posted by Dad_Is_A_Zombie (1244 posts) -

Achievements and Trophies have become a part of modern gaming for me. I like chasing them and would probably not bother with a game that doesn't have them. That said, if a game is simply too awesome to ignore (like Amnesia: The Dark Descent) I'll still pick it up.

#20 Posted by mabber36 (126 posts) -

yes, sadly

this is why I don't buy xbox indie games

I also check the achievements to see if they are mostly single player, since I hate playing online

#21 Posted by Morrow (1870 posts) -

I will play games that don't have achievements or trophies, but I much prefer if they are in there.

#22 Posted by gamefreak9 (2867 posts) -

? That's ridiculous... I play good games... period, my limitations are variety, time and money.

#23 Posted by Venatio (4654 posts) -

I never actively hunt for them but achievements/trophies are a fun sideactivity, early PS3 games bum me out because of the lack of trophies

I have skipped certain Steam games because they have no achievements but if I really want to play a game then I don't let it influence my decisions

#24 Posted by TobbRobb (5130 posts) -

YOU FUCKER! BUY VALKYRIA RIGHT NOW! It's like, the one reason I want a Ps3.

To actually answer the question. No I do not give the slightest shit about Achievments or Trophies. I get a bit happy when I get one, but I never go out of my way to get one and I never check the list, ever.

#25 Posted by crusader8463 (14744 posts) -

That's the dumbest and saddest thing I have ever heard.

#26 Posted by spankingaddict (2829 posts) -

The next four games I'm playing won't have achievement/trophies . But if they do have achievements , I do try to get as much as I can .


#27 Posted by KillyDarko (1990 posts) -

I don't much care about achievements (although I'll admit that if the game has them, I'll try to get at least a few-- as long as that doesn't mean having to do specific stuff that changes the way I normally play games), so the answer is yes, I'll play any game without achievements as long as I'm interested in the game itself.

#28 Posted by JasonR86 (10007 posts) -

No. On the Xbox 360 I've played several original Xbox games and indie games. I don't even noticed trophies so they irrelevant to me on the PS3. Same goes for Steam achievements. Plus, I own a Wii and have enjoyed several games on it which are by nature achievement/trophy-free.

#29 Posted by NicksCorner (450 posts) -


#30 Posted by Hunkulese (2968 posts) -

It's weird because I really couldn't care less about achievements but we've been so conditioned to expect them there is a subconscious feeling that I'm missing out on something when the game doesn't have achievements.

#31 Posted by Rafaelfc (1790 posts) -

No. I will play anything on any platforms regardless of achievements or not.

However, if achievements are available, I tend to punish myself doing ridiculous stuff just to get some points/trophies...

#32 Posted by NeoGamer (158 posts) -

I think the only games without Trophies that I can play now on the PS3 are and MGS4, Ninja Gaiden Sigma and Valkyria Chronicles. It's weird, but the games pre-2009 (when Trophies didn't exist/were optional), feel like they're missing something. However, if I'm playing something on Steam, I don't care if it has achievements or not. I think a lot of people have this kind of "platform selection" for their achievement hunts.

#33 Posted by AngelN7 (3000 posts) -

Dude play Valkyria Chronicles that game is really awesome it sucks that SEGA decided to take it to the PSP.

#34 Posted by Mousse_gallon (268 posts) -

I don't care I just want to play good games and enjoy.

#35 Posted by pyromagnestir (4384 posts) -

I'm currently playing through Saints Row 2 on PS3 and that has no trophies, but I can't say when I realized that that I didn't briefly consider switching to the Xbox version, which has achievements, or more strongly considered just not playing the game altogether. Although no trophies was only a small reason I considered doing these things. The real reason was a couple annoying control quirks (R2 shoots on PS3, which I don't like for some reason, and the driving controls are old school GTA style with X being acceleration and Square being brakes/reverse which took some getting used to) I pushed through that however, and now I'm enjoying it. Not as much as The Third, but still. Lack of trophies hasn't entered my mind while playing the game.

I like trophies/achievements in a game because they give me a little excuse to keep playing a game after I've perhaps "finished the story" but I don't want to stop playing that game quite yet.

#36 Posted by camp7203 (128 posts) -

MGS4 has no trophy support. Who wouldn't play that one?

#37 Posted by UncleClassy (405 posts) -

I play my games for fun, not achievements.

#38 Posted by Mihos (46 posts) -

I have never passed over a game because it didn't have achievements. But I have been pushed over the hump on games I was on the fence about getting because they they were there.

#39 Edited by CaptainCharisma (347 posts) -

My achievement score got up to 50,000 and I stopped caring about them. I care a bit more about my trophies since my best friend gets mad whenever I beat his percentage so I'll go out of my way for them if it's not too hard. My friend refuses to play games without trophies though, it drives me crazy when I tell him to play something I really liked but he wont because of lack of trophies and clings to his ps3 fanboyism.

#40 Posted by StarvingGamer (9096 posts) -

I do not care in the slightest about achievements/trophies.

Except for twice when I almost got Platinum simply by virtue of playing the game in RE5 and MvC3.

#41 Posted by Canteu (2866 posts) -

Achievements mean nothing to me.

They do not inform my purchasing decisions.

#42 Posted by fetchfox (1484 posts) -

Nope, doesn't matter to me.

#43 Posted by Plasticstars (174 posts) -

I play it regardless. What the fuck is wrong with people?

#44 Posted by Eviternal (199 posts) -

@gamefreak9 said:

? That's ridiculous... I play good games... period, my limitations are variety, time and money.

Agreed. If you want your friends to know about a great game you've discovered or your new high score, tell them.

Incidentally, I think achievements can be a good way for developers to detect trends within their games (% of players who chose X path at a certain point, for example). However I feel this is only effective when the achievements are hidden/secret etc. so players don't hunt them (à la the Mass Effect example in the 2nd post). The only game I've found them useful for is Heavy Rain, as I can see if there are story paths I still haven't played yet.

Buy Valkyria Chronicles already.

#45 Edited by spazmaster666 (2065 posts) -

I certainly do care about trophies/achievements but a lack of either would not dissuade me from buying a game I want to play. Of course this really only applies to certain PC games, early PS3 games and Wii games (well along with older consoles of course).

#46 Posted by rb_man (494 posts) -

@Poppy_Persona: You're a bad person and you should feel bad.

I will look at them and maybe go hey maybe this one will be fun but I have never let a lack of them stop me from getting a game.

What I am trying to say this litte stuff like trophies/achievments is just extra stuff to add to your gameplay. It is not I repeat not a way to base your game purchases because then you end up passing up great games just because they don't give you a little metal every 10 min.

Just a heads up I man a PC gamer so I really don't have fucks to give about trophies/achievments but play games because they are good there is no other reason to. Or you end up having a S-rank in Avatar the last air-bender.

#47 Posted by Grillbar (1974 posts) -

i try to get em all if i care about the game.it also ads more to the game for me trying to get em. but no they dont impact on if im buying it or not and im not buying a game just course it got easy trophy's/achievements

i love chasing them if i like the game. and it also sometimes makes me play it differently or more times and that can lead to some awsome memories of trying to do something on an extremely hard game and completing it. but at the same time it can lead to some soul crushing times like the second last lvl in COD: wow where i banged my head against a specific checkpoint. they were so far between your so fragile and where you need to go is also where the eneny spawns infinitely and they are frag happy. and even if you pass that point thats not even a checkpoint you still have to do so much before the checkpoint comes. I HATE YOU AA GUNS

#48 Posted by cannonballBAM (659 posts) -

@Poppy_Persona: To be honest, I feel relieved when I play a game on Steam that doesn't have them. I go from playing it like Uncharted, where im looking everywhere for blinking objects and around corners for treasures. To actually fully enjoying the game for what it is and taking in the fidelity the developers created. I think I have the same problem Jeff Gertsman used to have about making sure I 100% almost all my games, I need to muster up some will power.

#49 Posted by Asrahn (572 posts) -

Dear gods, no. I buy games because I want to bloody play them, and if I don't, it's a taste matter. Achievements have never played a factor for my gaming, ever, and it never will if I can help it.

#50 Posted by Herocide (447 posts) -

I've been playing games long before achievements were a thing and I'll continue to play them regardless. It's such a petty thing to avoid a game for.