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Maybe I'd contribute something. Maybe, but I wouldn't get my hopes up in any fashion. They've said before that the budget for a game like Psychonauts far exceeds the budget for an adventure game like the one they're making now. The Kickstarter would almost certainly end in failure without me being charged anything.

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Haven't played the first game, so I have no reason to contribute.

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Nothing, I'm not going to pre-order a game that won't be out for another 2+ years. Also in my opinion, putting up Psychonauts 2 on kickstarter is the wrong way to get that game funded.

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I don't pay money for something that doesn't even exist yet so I will continue to not support kickstarter.

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Can't say I would. I enjoyed the first one, but I feel that it's been too long for a sequel that will truly feel like a Psychonaut's that won't feel out of place.

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@BraveToaster said:

I haven't played the first, but I think Double Fine is wealthy enough to make a sequel without the help of Kickstarter.

They're not.

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Will their be dubstep in it?

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Never played a Double Fine Production, so no, I would not donate anything.

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Tim Schafer has said that Psychonauts 2 would be like a $20 million game. Some things have raised impressive amounts on Kickstarter, but even if they were somehow to half their expected development costs, you'd still be seriously stretching that business model far beyond it's reasonable limits. Kickstarter seems to be great for funding smaller, indie projects. But it just doesn't scale up to AAA retail game territory. The gap between the Double Fine Adventure game and Psychonauts 2 is huge.

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Fuck Kickstarter. 

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MattyFTM accurately identified the main problem. No matter how popular, I don't think we'll be seeing Psychonauts 2 reaching a viable Kickstarter goal that would let them produce it as a AAA game. At most they could use it as evidence to investors or a publisher that there is interest, but I doubt they'd risk a second Kickstarter project when the first has barely left the ground. Also, if people end up disappointed by the Double Fine Adventure project then they'll have no chance of getting funding that way in future.

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@Galiant: You should rectify that.

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Psychonauts is an okay game. I don't think it needs a sequel. I probably wouldn't contribute any money.

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Unless the game is seriously scaled back in terms of scope, they wouldn't be able to make the right amount of money for it.

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I haven't played the first, but I think Double Fine is wealthy enough to make a sequel without the help of Kickstarter.

Because of off the huge smash hit platinum selling games they've released? Just because you've heard of them doesn't mean they're wealthy.
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I wouldn't contribute anything because I don't want DoubleFine to make sequels. Psychonauts is still great and wouldn't be made any greater by making more of it.

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They could make a Psychonauts 2 off Kickstarter, as long as it wasn't anything like Psychonauts 1.  It's not like the gameplay was the strong suit of Psychonauts anyway (or any other Schafer game for that matter), so that idea might not be as unworkable as it sounds.

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I thought the first game was majorly overrated.

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I probably would, but there won't be a Psychonauts 2 Kickstarter, for the reasons MattyFTM already stated. 
Also, didn't that Minecraft guy say he would give money to Double Fine to make a sequel? Though, I don't really see that happening, at least for a while.

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Depends on the Bonus stuff really. 
But sure, as a minimum I would probably chip in 60 bucks. 
And if everything goes tits up then oh no 60 bucks gone who's gonna keep the other thousands of dollars company?!  
It's a gamble

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I'd probably would, It's a sequel I'd personally love to see, but I doubt we ever will.

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@Galiant said:

Haven't played the first game, so I have no reason to contribute.

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@KingdomCome: Gameplay wise it could get in the way of itself. But the story actually had me laughing out loud in places.