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Just post what you think would be the theme song of Giant Bomb if it had one, just what do you think would be a song that represents the site or would be a good theme song, it can be anything.

I'm going to say the "Drop the Bomb" song from DDR, because, A. It has bomb in the lyrics, B. It's catchy.

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Guys, we should have tribute-Tenacious D!!!!

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Snail said:
"Bram said:
"Definatly http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JN3l3G4_M0o"
I am not clicking that link! The last time I trusted you I got rick rolled."
I took the risk for you, Snail, it's actually a Space Pirates song.
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The podcast's Take A Break theme. They even have an accoustic version

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Yeah, the take a break theme is awesome.

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the comic strip theme. it is PERFECT

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the comic strip theme. it is PERFECT

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Bartender by T-Pain. Duh.

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They should use the bombcast theme, but make it longer and with lyrics

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How about "Boom Boom" by the Vengaboyz. It's catchy and has an explosive otomonopea too.

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So deep.

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My suggestions:

Devo - Whip It.  Also, the video should be the inspiration for the entire site's Halloween costumes.
Safety Dance
Rick Astley - Never Going to Give You Up.  Greatest video of all time.

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Cover the uncoverable... 'Car Bomb' by Negativland, switched to 'Giant Bomb'.

Or if that's too conceptual, how about 'Megablast' by Bomb The Bass?
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"Tick Tick Boom" by The Hives

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It would have to be a midnight brown song, their songs pretty much sum up the complete craziness and insanity of the giant bomb staff. I can't think of a specific song that would be suitable for giant bomb though. They should write one for giant bomb!!!!!

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If Giantbomb had a theme song it would be " Don't Stop Believin' '" by Journey.

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ParanoidFreak said:
"If Giantbomb had a theme song it would be "Don't Stop Belivin'" by Journey."
This wins :D
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