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I was sitting playing Mass Effect 2 yet again, near the start, marveling at it's presentation and it occured to me, in your opinion, if GiantBomb were a developer instead of a group of guys working on video-games website,  what games would they make and why? This question has no stipulations, GiantBomb the video-games studio could be from 10 people strong all the way upto 2000 people strong. Whatever floats your boat, I'd just love to hear what all of you think.
For me, I think they'd be Bioware for their ethos on listening to their fans and continuing to deliver again and again, even with their limited numbers. And I feel like they'd make really cool retro/indie style games.  
Maybe an Uncharted 2 here and there. 
You guys can do much better than me though.

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Lincoln Force, maybe...

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More like LBP2 or Minecraft. They design the tools and we make stuff.

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They'd probably make a game called "Badman Badman Badman" which stars 3 superheroes who wear masks and fight crime at night in a corrupt city. one would be a regular badman, the other a martian badman and the third a badman with the power to create anything with his mind using a power bracelet, the yellow watchpost or something like that. 
either that or Lincoln force, thats a lot more public domain friendly

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@MaFoLu said:
" Lincoln Force, maybe... "
Definitely... maybe. but I might hold out for Lincoln Force 2: Colon: Lincoln's Inside Story expansion pack before I bought into it.
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Save Monday from the evil Bufu and watch the big-ass ramp.

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@MaFoLu said:

" Lincoln Force, maybe... "

One day.. one day..
@Six said:
" @MaFoLu said:
" Lincoln Force, maybe... "
Definitely... maybe. but I might hold out for Lincoln Force 2: Colon: Lincoln's Inside Story expansion pack before I bought into it. "
it truly is the age of Licoln.
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Tron Jeff be kickin' ass riding fox in the Grid while Ryan's stache deals with the various economical problems of the world, Brad photobombs famous people while Poker Face is playing and Vinny is secretly the mastermind behind everything, appearing in the end as the final boss. After he is defeated he realizes the error of his ways and rides a train with everyone to NintenDownload, at which point the credits roll.
Appropriately titled ''GiantBomb'' would be the name.

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Lincoln Force 5: Attack of the Swarm 
Its a game where Lincoln and other resurrected zombie-presidents have to team up to kick some alien ass in the year 15000
Costs $50 
Used Cryengine 3, but they decide to scrap that and made their own Fancy Man engine that looks twice as good on half the power.
There are no other lincoln forces, its just called 5 to troll. 
They also released the kit to let people mod the game, but nude and sex mods don't work.

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I'd say they'd make 10-15$ downloadable games with heavy use of FMV, pop-culture references and non-sequitur. Also they'd be really classy.

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I imagine some kind of Reader Rabbit knock-off that contains nothing but expletives and voice-work from Vinny.

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they would make an awesome extreme racing game. yo jeff hit dat ramp.

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A lot of dudebro games with the most of the dialogue consisting of ''jerk, dick, that's the worst, nice and that's so crazy!''

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They would make a game where you manage Giant Bomb. Chie would also make an appearance. 

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It depends who was lead designer. If it was Jeff, it would probably be something with not too much of a story, but more focus on competetive gameplay that allows for use of skills. However, if it was Vinny, i think it would be something close to an RPG, something very immersive, but a little silly. 

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Game Room.

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They'd make a perfect blend of Golf and First Person Shooters, there is a gap in that genre that only they could fill, oh and you play as cool baby
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One question, what is Carbon Neutral Games?

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They'd be Twisted Pixel on crack.

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Toobin' rip offs.