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Poll: If I though Festival of Blood was just ok, is it worth playing Infamous 1 and 2? (28 votes)

Yes 71%
No 29%

After hearing Brad talk about his love of Infamous during the PS4 reveal, I remembered I bought Festival of Blood on sale a few months ago and played through it. I though it was decent, but nothing special. How does it compare to the main games? Given my feelings, should I still put down money to play them?

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I haven't played Festival of Blood, but I finished Infamous 2 today and it was really good in my opinion. Shouldn't be too expensive these days either, and it's currently free on PS+

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They're pretty cheap so why not. You get more powers to play with and there's a morality feature that unlock different powers but the general gameplay is the same. Infamous 2 is free if you have PS+

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I didn't think Festival of Blood was nearly as good as the full games. Both are must-buys for PS3 owners for sure.

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Found the 1st game to get kind of boring, didn't really make it as far as I would have like too, haven't played the other 2 yet.

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Festival of Blood is more like an addon for fans, at least from what I´ve seen of it. Didn´t have a PS3 when it came out.

Infamous 1 and 2 are some of the best games on the system. You should play them.

Both infamous games are on my "underrated open world games" list, together with Red Faction Guerilla.. they need more love from da people!

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A bit of blasphemy: I've played some of both games and had absolutely no interest in them. They're not bad, I just found them boring.

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I found the first game to be underwhelming and quite tame but also, as you say, decent. I haven't played anything past it. Festival of Blood seemed kind of neat though. It almost made me want to give it a shot. Almost.

So maybe you fall into the camp that I and others here seem to be in with regards to these games and just find them to be okay. If Infamous 2 is still one of the PlayStation plus freebies maybe that would be the way to go? Seems it still is. And now so is Vanquish... I might sign up for a 3 month spell, myself.