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If memes where logos they would look like this, this is just something i cooked up over the weekend.

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That's amazing.  Great job.

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Wow what a great idea. Good job.

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You should do a "Great Shot! Gun Range" one.

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Someone needs to open a store called Always Be Clothing. That's a fantastic logo. 

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not bad

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Needs "NO ONE LOGO SHOULD HAVE ALL THAT POWER" and "I'm a wizard and that Logo is fucked up!"  
But ya these are really great. Good job. 

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what about a logo for "rider meet horse, horse meet rider"? 
those are great by the way, you should do individual pictures.

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The pizza one is making me think of Pizza Suplex. 

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those aren't memes, they are Giant Bomb memes 
misleading title is misleading

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Very nice work.

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Lovely art deco stylings.

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@WR311 said:

what about a logo for "rider meet horse, horse meet rider"? those are great by the way, you should do individual pictures.

That was on my list of logos to do. and Im on my way to load them up individually now.

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Love the pizza sphere =D
Great work!

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@Dagbiker: Nice job dude, 775 Million one is probably my favourite. Mikes Durgers is pretty good as well.
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Here the are separately.

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Is the 775 Million Studio font the Bioshock one?

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I... What....? That is awesome!!!

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Creepy, Infinite and Sphere were the only faults I could find (unless you spelled those wrong on purpose), otherwise, beyond amazing job.

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Some very classy logos.

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No Moon love?

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Wow, nice looking logos. Are you a graphist or is it just a hobby?

Edit: Alright nevermind, read your bio. Good job, you got talent.

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no power included?

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an illegal amount of games... haaa

good shit man

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@SamFo : I didnt realize I spelled that wrong, thanks. I will fix that when I I get home.

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I really like the midnight channel one!

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I like the Midnight Channel and Bufu ice logos, I think those look quite appropriate for their respective memes.

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@Dagbiker: Damn, that's really impressive. Do you do logos for a living?

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I love the Get Bent one.
Great work.