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#1 Posted by JammyJesus (771 posts) -

The Whiskey Media twitter account just gave us this little bit of excitement;


Whiskey Media

Based on early subscriber numbers today, there is a VERY strong possibility that the Bombcast might make it to U.K. by the end of the year.

If this does in fact happen, I would like to suggest that they don't set this up in London. Setting an event up like this, especially for foreign organizers, London seems like the perfect venue. Of course! It is our capital, but allot of people don't realise that not everyone in Britain lives in or around London.

Yes, I am biased, yes I don't and can't get to London. But setting this up further up the country would make far more sense. It would be cheaper, it would also allow travel from the north and Scotland far more accessible.

I would love it if we could get some awesome feedback from UK members new and old about this, and of course some staff members who would be setting this up.


#2 Edited by Bollard (5836 posts) -

I live an hour or so from London.  
And if this is true I might sub before the year is out. 
EDIT: Also thinking about this this thread would have been really useful as a poll. Get a rough idea on how many Subscribers can get to London. If its over half, then go for it. Otherwise consider moving a tad north.

#3 Posted by rmanthorp (4054 posts) -


This is actually really exciting. I hope this happens.

#4 Posted by Tylea002 (2295 posts) -

London or Birmingham or none - I"m gonna say. I live in London, and I personally think London would be the best venue, due to the fact that the majority of people by far either live in London or can get to London. The only city that could rival this is Birmingham, seeing as it's just more central, but still quite accessible for the majority of the country, but I think you're really selling London short, alas you are in a minority - not everyone lives in London, but it's the capital city, most dense population, and even for someone who lives in London, and has done all his life, it's a really awesome city and I think it'd be a great location. But second choice would be Birmingham.

Also I'm sure UK giant bombers would be some epic people to arrange meet ups around this event. Whether London or anywhere.

#5 Posted by ZimboDK (843 posts) -

Hell, I live in Denmark and I can get to London. It's only about 100 bucks too (1 day return trip). Personally I would go if they come to the UK (and can afford it).

#6 Posted by KarlPilkington (2778 posts) -

Go to Sheffield.

#7 Posted by JammyJesus (771 posts) -

@Tylea002: Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to say anything negative about London. I would suggest though that if they did centralized the location, It would be Ideal. It would be cheaper and quicker for those of us who live on the opposite end of the country.

I would also point out that people located in the south make more money than those in the north. Clutching at straws for reasoning here but still a valid point.

#8 Posted by Vestigial_Man (311 posts) -

Surely they could manage a few locations if they're gonna go to the trouble of flying out. Say London, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow/Edinburgh and then Aberdeen. There aren't any populations large enough to justify it north of Aberdeen.

#9 Posted by Tylea002 (2295 posts) -

@JammyJesus: Indeed, the problem is london has the most transport links by far, birmingham is the only other one that rivals it in terms of accessibility, but alas is not as cool a city as London.

And yeah, that last one's a load of bullshit. You may say that on average, but it's more that most of the higher paying jobs are in the south. Comparable jobs are mostly comparable across the UK. Not going to get into an argument about it, but yeah. I live in London, and I wouldn't be able to afford going to another city and staying there for the bombcast.

However, I'd still go. I'd find a way. Sell my body or something, I dunno, I will follow them. I'm hoping that wherever it does land up, Giant Bomb community members band together to help each other out, and make it a full on epic meet up of amazingness.

#10 Posted by Alpha1 (254 posts) -

Come to Newcastle and we could have the bombcast at a Lapdancing club =D

#11 Posted by AlisterCat (5714 posts) -

No matter where they go a lot of people wont be able to come. At least London has huge amounts of public transport and train routes.

#12 Posted by WoodenPlatypus (1356 posts) -
@Alpha1 said:

                    Come to Newcastle and we could have the bombcast at a Lapdancing club  =D



Host it in the town at the Life Centre! Then afterwards lapdances for everyone.
#13 Posted by cap123 (2477 posts) -

London for sure! Brighton would be ideal!

#14 Posted by JammyJesus (771 posts) -

@WoodenPlatypus said:

@Alpha1 said:
Come to Newcastle and we could have the bombcast at a Lapdancing club =D
YES. NEWCASTLE FTW. Host it in the town at the Life Centre! Then afterwards lapdances for everyone.

Just for clarification, I am based in Newcastle as well. Great Idea.

#15 Posted by Sweep (8975 posts) -


#16 Posted by Blueman (753 posts) -

Liverpool. Brad can meet Stephen Cakebread.
#17 Posted by RazielCuts (2986 posts) -

London is the Capital for a reason. EVERYONE can get to London, don't say you can't, you can. Trains. The End.  
Also, awesome :D

#18 Posted by CornishRocker (398 posts) -

Fuck yes! PAX wasn't enough, must have more Bombcast!

London seems like the most reasonable place to host something like this.

#19 Posted by KarlPilkington (2778 posts) -

@Sweep said:


But that's like a 5 hour train journey!!!

#20 Posted by WoodenPlatypus (1356 posts) -
@JammyJesus said:


@WoodenPlatypus said:

@Alpha1 said:
Come to Newcastle and we could have the bombcast at a Lapdancing club =D
YES. NEWCASTLE FTW. Host it in the town at the Life Centre! Then afterwards lapdances for everyone.

Just for clarification, I am based in Newcastle as well. Great Idea.



That's 3 for Newcastle. 
We don't need to be the capital. 
We've got metro's and the 56!

We've also got central station, London can come to us.

#21 Posted by JammyJesus (771 posts) -

@RazielCuts: Some of us don't have alot of money.

#22 Posted by AlexW00d (6431 posts) -

It would be far more ideal for everyone if they went to Birmingham. It is much closer to everywhere than London. Much cheaper than London. Less full of people than London. And it shows more of actual England than London. GO TO BIRMINGHAM.

#23 Posted by StaticFalconar (4850 posts) -

Make this a poll

#24 Posted by Vestigial_Man (311 posts) -

If they're going to go to the effort of travelling across the Atlantic, surely they can visit more than one city?

#25 Posted by ShadowConqueror (3084 posts) -

So because you can't get to London they should go somewhere else? That seems silly.
#26 Posted by alternate (2719 posts) -

Seems like a waste of subscriber money - but if they do it will be London.  The only place that makes sense.  If you are only visiting one area then you visit the place of greatest population density.  And that is from someone who lives 500 miles from London.

#27 Posted by Master_Funk (741 posts) -

Hope its in london

#28 Posted by wefwefasdf (6729 posts) -

Is everywhere a days driving distance in England?

#29 Edited by JammyJesus (771 posts) -

@ShadowConqueror: My original thought, and question for radio Dave but never got through, was a personal question. This is kind of personal, but I think this thread has already pointed out that not all Whiskey Media members are located in London.

Quite a few shows. PAX being one, have expanded their events because of how many people, and more importantly how far they have to travel. The problem with this being that the north and south are in the same position and have to travel far which leads to long travel times and ends up being very expensive.

Holding the event in the middle of the UK makes it fair to everyone travelling from everywhere (and it's very nice for the people who live in the middle as well!)

Before anyone tries to say anything, I live next to Newcastle, which is not in the middle of Britain.

#30 Posted by DeeGee (2139 posts) -

Hell yeah, if they come to the UK, I'll be there!

Birmingham, dawg.

#31 Posted by Soap (3640 posts) -

Don't be a dick, come to London.

#32 Edited by MattyFTM (14432 posts) -

London is the best place to do it. You can get a train from virtually anywhere in the country straight into London. It has the best transport connections of any city in the UK and it ensures that as many people as possible can get there. I don't live near London (I'm also in the North East, so Newcastle would be perfect for me, but that's not the point, it's not about me, it's about the majority), but I can get to London in three hours. And people in most cities can get to London in a similar time or less. There is no where else in the country as well connected as that. If it was somewhere in the middle of the country I'd probably have to get a train into London, and then get another train to wherever it is. I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one. London is the obvious choice.

Not that I think it's particularly likely to happen anyway. Next week all of last years day 1 subscribers have to renew. I suspect that a not insignificant number of people are not going to renew, and the subscriber number will dip as a result.

#33 Posted by VicRattlehead (1400 posts) -

go to Belfast.... there's burger king.... ohhh yehhh

#34 Posted by Kovski (170 posts) -

As people mentioned earlier London would really be the best place, also it would make most sense. Also it would make it easy and cheap for other europeans to join up. Seeing as I could make it Copenhagen-London and back for cheaper than the retail price of a video game.

#35 Posted by SquadBroken (280 posts) -

Come to Liverpool, they know the way as they've been before, plus I live there.

#36 Posted by drag (1206 posts) -

And a lot of people do live in or near London.  
So come to London. 

#37 Posted by GS_Dan (1397 posts) -

@Alpha1 said:

Come to Newcastle and we could have the bombcast at a Lapdancing club =D
#38 Posted by DonutFever (3536 posts) -

Go to Canada.

#39 Posted by Creamypies (4091 posts) -

No further north than Birmingham though. I live in the south east, so ideally, they come to London. Newcastle isnt central enough.

#40 Edited by GS_Dan (1397 posts) -

Newcastle's better for people in Scotland and Northern Ireland...

#41 Posted by KarlPilkington (2778 posts) -

@SpikeSpiegel said:

Is everywhere a days driving distance in England?

Yeah it is. Everywhere is probably less then 12 hours driving distance.

#42 Posted by Deadmanforking (579 posts) -

Glasgow!! Come to Glasgow!!

#43 Posted by Leviticus128 (217 posts) -


#44 Posted by tremayne (34 posts) -

London would be fair enough. I commute 4 hours a day to and from London for work from my house on the 'beautiful' english coast. Cant think of a better reason to either commute or take a day off.

Newcastle is great for a day out, but had to go there a few weeks ago. either £130 flight that takes 2 hours, or a MEGABUS THAT TAKES 16 FUCK THAT

#45 Posted by Clubvodka (417 posts) -

I would gladly go to London but my girlfriend won't come and I feel weird travelling by myself.

I live closer to Manchester.

#46 Edited by JammyJesus (771 posts) -

@tremayne: The last time I got Megabus, it took 7 hours to get there.

EDIT: From Newcastle to London that is.

#47 Posted by tremayne (34 posts) -

@JammyJesus: Portsmouth to London, 2 hour wait, then London-Newcastle via Liverpool, Manchester AND Doncaster. Took 16 hours in total.

Now I have a proper job so i can buy Premium Memberships and air travel. Bombcast to London please, im sure they could fill Camden Roundhouse!

#48 Posted by mnzy (2925 posts) -

Geographically, the UK is not a good place for your euro stop. I'm sad.

#49 Posted by GunslingerPanda (4858 posts) -

So they shouldn't go to the city where most people will find it easier to get to because you personally will have some trouble getting there?

Stop being a selfish douchebag.

#50 Posted by SoftCoreDave (156 posts) -

@KarlPilkington said:

@SpikeSpiegel said:

Is everywhere a days driving distance in England?

Yeah it is. Everywhere is probably less then 12 hours driving distance.

I did Aberdeen to Dover in about 11 hours with stops, not saying I'd do that for the bombcast but it was not really a big deal