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Which games do you predict to be launch titles?

I think there will be a lot of cross generation games. Take Call of Duty for example. I think it will release on PC, 360, PS3, WiiU, Xbox Next, and PS4 all at the same time. If you purchase the PC, Xbox Next, or PS4 versions you will get all the bells and whistles (more players per game/better graphics etc.). I think they will try to support current gen systems excluding the Wii for at least 3 years after the next gen consoles release.

Here are some of the games that I think will be Next Gen/Cross Gen:

Assassins's Creed (unannounced title)

Battlefield 4

Call of Duty (unannounced title)

Doom 4

Halo (unannounced spin-off title)

Rainbox 6: Patriots

Star Wars: 1313

Watch Dogs

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This we already know. There were a lot last generation too. Especially on 360. If it wasn't on both generations, it was shoehorned into being a current gen title despite starting as a last gen title.

Star Wars: 1313 will be the only toss up on that list, as I don't think they've announced any platforms, and I think it'd be better for that game to just be on next gen consoles. It's clearly meant for them, and would need a hell of a lot of base level changes to how things are rendered to fit onto a 360 or PS3.

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I agree with 1313 being only next gen/pc. Game looks amazing so far.

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I don't think this generation will be supported for three more years after the coming generation of consoles is released. The PS2 stopped getting significant new games after, what, 2 years wasn't it?

If they were to keep feeding it that long, then killing this generation of consoles would probably eventually become a problem. If they only release a Call of Duty game for the coming generation of consoles in 2014, supposing that franchise is still as popular by then, that would most likely get people to buy whatever we're calling the next Xbox and/or a PS4 so that they could play that game.

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There's got to be at least ONE fighting game on there right?

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When I made this list I tried to look at console exclusives, games that have a yearly release, and games that make sense.

God of War: Ascension is coming out on the PS3 in March so don't expect God of War IV in 2013.

Part of Naughty Dog is working on The Last of Us so I wouldn't expect Uncharted IV in 2013.

People Can Fly/Epic is working on Gear of War: Judgment which is also coming out in March for the 360, so Gears of War IV won't see the light of day for a while.

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Ubisoft seem to be very keen on doing the whole launch title thing. Maybe that new PoP?

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EA could _really_ clean up if they have Dragon Age 3 ready at launch. Part of what made Oblivion the biggest shit ever was that it came out 5 months after the 360, and was the first big RPG available for it. I figure Bethesda is also rushing through a Fallout sequel on the Skyrim engine to try to get out in that same launch time frame.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition, Forza Motorsport 5 & Fallout 4.

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Won't be Assassin's Creed it'll be Prince of Persia that had the screen leak showing the guy standing in the middle of the square.

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Persona 7

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I don't think it is wise to assume titles that far out in advance. For instance I wouldn't be surprised if something "happens" to Rainbow 6. Especially if AC3 does well they may kill or delay it to make more AC3 content instead.

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I still don't believe we will see any new console released next year. They'll certainly be announced but I fail to see how they're gonna announce and release them within 6-9 months. That's just nuts.

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Is the Brothers in Arms game dead, or could that be a possibility?

Maybe Tekken X Street Fighter, or the new MK? Has Netherealms being doing anything else lately?

Persona 5, hopefully.

Q4 of next year seems pretty likely, in all fairness. All relies on when they actually announce the things, though.

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@biggiedubs: the brothers in arms game (furious 4) was renamed and is no longer a brothers in arms game. instead, there'll be both a new brothers in arms game and that retooled furious 4 game.