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So the UFC may not be renewing it's TV contract with Spike in 2012 (who's channel broadcasts UFC shows such as The Ultimate Fighter) and has been in talks with Comcast over purchasing G4 in order to broadcast their programs. I was on the Sherdog forums (an MMA site) and most people were pretty excited about the thought of a potentially MMA focused channel, but I would like to know what the people of Giantbomb thought about this. What show would you want the UFC to keep on? would you still watch G4 if the UFC purchased it? And what do you think the future of the tech shows are?

(if you havn't heard this, read second paragraph here: http://www.sherdog.com/news/news/Pending-UFCs-Move-Bellator-Likely-Replacement-on-Spike-33045 )

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I have DirecTV I can't watch G4.

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I'd watch it, but for the occasional live UFC show, then avoid all other content just like I did with Spike.

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I don't have G4 here, but I do have X-Play here. And I don't want X-Play to disappear

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Hopefully x-play stays, thats all that really matters to me. Sure they aren't what they used to be, but they're still pretty good.

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As long as they keep X-Play, whatever... I don't care for UFC in the slightest but at least there will be something else to watch besides hours and hours and hours of Cops and Campus PD.

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The last time I watched G4 Call For Help was still a show. This isn't going get me to watch again. I want my Tech TV back.

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I don't watch G4 now.  Nothing would change.  G4...G4 never changes.

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i hope that doesn't happen, i don't get G4 on my tv here. i don't watch G4 all that much anymore. it would be pretty crazy to see that happen. i hope that spike still picks it up. if G4 does get it, spike would get another MMA show. o well.

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I don't watch G4 anymore.  After the TechTV merger, quality went downhill fast.  But I joined the forums and have been posting on the OT boards over there for years.  Definitely the best thing about G4 and that's not saying much. 

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I don't care about UFC and the only G4 content I watch is Feedback on their website. So as long as that doesn't affect the website they can do what they like.

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Hopefully they blow G4 the fuck up.

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It's like they've managed to find the perfect confluence of things I don't give a fuck about -- UFC and G4TV.

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i hope they buy it and get rid of every single piece of content currently on G4. They should not have any video game content on the channel. I want there to be an obviously empty space for someone to fill in terms of video game media so we can start over and maybe not get something as bad as G4.

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They will keep both AotS and X-Play because the demographic that watches those shows is the same one UFC goes after. Plus, what the fuck else would they have to air?

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@Manhattan_Project said:

They will keep both AotS and X-Play because the demographic that watches those shows is the same one UFC goes after. Plus, what the fuck else would they have to air?

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Har har at both G4 and UFC.

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Attack of the Show!

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It would be a quasi smart move since they can keep them in place and have place to shell out all the content they are trying to put out. They're talking about flyweights i love me some 125'ers but cards are stuffed to the gills as it is and they already max'd out on PPV. So that would mean more live shows which would be easier if they owned a outlet and chopped the licensing fee down. Still DW might explode trying to micromanage everything

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Oh god, I don't want to live in a world where Impact Wrestling is the only quasi-sport program airing on Spike TV. 
 EDIT: Not that I don't consider UFC a sport...the opposite, in fact. Still. Impact Wrestling. Yikes.

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Would finally complete G4's transition from geek channel to dudebro channel