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If you could only play one game for the rest of your life, what would it be. But WAIT. There's a catch. You can't go online, and you only have one controller. This can be any game that was ever made.

I mean a video game, you guys.

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I actually can't imagine that. If that's the case I probably won't be a gamer no more.

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.Hack series, if possible. If only ONE game and not the entire series, I'd still play .Hack. xD

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Solitaire, Tetris, Dark Souls

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Metal Gear Solid 3.

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If I can only play one game, I would stop playing games altogether.

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Either Tetris or Doom.

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my gut answer is persona 4, but i'm sure that would get boring after awhile. in the end i'd probably go with civilization (either 3 or 4) or maybe GTA San Andreas.

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easy, chess. dont even need electronics.

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Offline/1 player only...then Minecraft.

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I never get bored when I'm playing Tetris so I'd pick that.

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Civilization IV (with a couple of choice mods of course).

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Animal Crossing (GC) or GTA: San Andreas

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Probably The Operational Art of War III. Good old fashioned bare-bones wargame like I played on kitchen table tops before computers did everything better.

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Fifa... anyone of them really

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Fire Emble: Path of Radiance.

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I'd go with minecraft.

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three way tie between san andreas,mgs2 and skyrim.

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Just Cause 2. I'm pretty certain I'll die before I make it to 100% in that game anyway.

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Minecraft. The possibilities are endless.

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Crusader Kings 2 or Europa Universalis 3, I dunno which

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It would be a very short rest of my life.

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Civilization... I never get bored of that series!

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Starcraft II

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Fallout/Skyrim. That would be epic.

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The only game I would choose is pretty much online only so I can't do it. I'd just stop playing games.

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I have a feeling people who say story and exploration games don't understand how long a life really is. You will see absolutely every cranny of Skyrim within six months. Then all you have left is the gameplay.

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Heroes of Might and Magic 3

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No matter what game I chose I would get bored, for me to spend the rest of my life on one game is pretty impossible for me to stay in the mindset of this game being awesome. Especially without multiplayer for a hook there really is no game.

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Any Civilization game.

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I'd just stop playing games, period. One single game would get boring.

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it would have to be something that was a bit different every time so probably DF or crusader kings 2

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Probably C&C; Generals or Rome: Total War.

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Probably Rock Band 3, as long as all my DLC is permitted. This would also allow me to get around the "if you could only listen to one album" problem that would surely be imposed at the same time.

Other than puzzle games like Tetris, it's the only one I could see not getting completely tired of.

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I don't like Minecraft but I guess that would be the easy choice, is a big sandbox so you're limited by the stuff you can actually build and do in the game and your imagination , plus it takes ages to build something in minecraft so that would help.

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Tiger Woods Golf 12 or Space Invaders.....hmmmm...... I guess that I could still play RL Golf but I can't kill space Invaders so Space Invaders wins!

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Probably a sports game. Would either be a basketball, football or soccer game.

I don't think I could play a regular game over and over and over for the rest of my life, it would eventually get way too boring. At least with a sports game there is some variation every time you play.

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i'd probably just stop gaming. and kill myself.

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The next Elder Scrolls game. The real one, not that MMO bull. All other games I could classify as 'interactive cinematic experiences'. Thus allowing me to play them without worry.

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I'd either go with Fallout or Skyrim, or an "endless" game like an MMORPG.

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It'd either be Civ 5 or Diablo 2 LoD...it would be Diablo 3, but of course can't play it offline.

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Pokemon Fire Red