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@Gonmog said:

@DoctorWelch You still think it's just about games. I'm sorry.

To make it about anything but games is childish, and look where all that worrying and bitching got you now. It didnt even pass.

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@DoctorWelch: Passing a law that bypasses the first, is only about games? are you dense? Forget that. Anyways i never once said i thought the law was going to pass. In fact i was sure it wasnt, how ever i was made very aware how little people seem to understand about what it was really about. Yourself an many others thought it was about games. it wasnt. it was about law makers trying to bypass our freedom of speech. And things like that have a way of rolling down hill and gathering steam and running into other things.

This is a big deal, not the case, but the fact people dont understand what it was about. And it will come up again, at some point they will try to press this same issue again. And we will have people sitting around going so what? I have to show my id to buy a book? No big deal!

But i am done talking with you because you truly seem to not understand that it was not just about selling games to minors. So i am going to ignore you. And move on. If anyone else would like to talk about this, or are just not sure of what it was all about, msg me and ill try my best to explain it to you.