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I missed an hour of the premium stream today, so I decided to just wait until the archive is up, which is what I usually do, but I wondered what you all did?

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Not that serious about them. I will hop on in whenever. Usually you can figure out what is going on.

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Yeah it doesn't matter to me.

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Depends, but usually I'll keep watching and then go back and see what I missed on the archive.

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Doesn't really matter to me. 
Even if have watched the full live stream I sometimes end up watching the whole video again when the archive goes up, so for me jumping in the middle of it is fine too.

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I can't be arsed to watch through the entire video afterwards.

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If I'd been watching for some time, then I just go with it. If I have to enter an hour into it, I just skip things entirely.

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The internet is better than television because it operates on my schedule. I will watch those live streams when I want to.

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Depends on what they're playing. If it's a progressing game where I needed to see earlier stuff, then no. But if it's a multiplayer style game, it doesn't bother me to just jump right into the live stream.

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It depends on what they are streaming and how much entertainment I think it's going to bring. I usually want to see beginning to end if I think its going to be great. Otherwise jumping into the middle and/or doing stuff on the side is no problem.

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I kinda like to wait and get it all out in one go. It also doesn't help that I'm usually busy when there's a livestream going on so I miss most of it anyways.

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I go back to the front. That is how I enjoy all my media so for any kind of film it is no different.

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I tend to only half pay attention to streams anyway, so it doesn't really matter to me if I miss an hour.

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I had it on in the background while I played a game, but just decided to shut it off and wait for the archive.

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Tonight, I came in a few minutes late and then proceeded to fall asleep for most of it (had it on my TV/second monitor). I awoke to the craziness of lazerdisc's or whatever that was. I am stoked to download and watch it whenever it is up.

I usually download them if I've missed a significant chunk and watch what I missed and skip what I've seen.

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I'm kinda OCD about this sort of stuff so if I miss any portion of it I'll wait for the archive.

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@Jack268: The Streams aren't that entertaining so yes, if I see a Stream running I'll check it out, but I don't avoid it just to be able to watch it fresh. I think a Live stream is best when it is alive and not a historical document.

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I only watch bits of the streams, they don't really interest me. I never watch quick looks all the way through either.