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Just wanted to see the pulse of the GB community. I am going with D3 because there has been other great 3rd person shooters over the years so I have never felt that I was missing them. On the other hand D2 was the last great ARPG.

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What do you like better:
A. Apples
B. Oranges

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None - I will be Pledging into the Tex Murphy Kickstarter.

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I do have a PC and a console, and I'm grabbing Diablo 3.

I'm not really interested in Max Payne 3, although I loved the first two. I also haven't kept up with news on it, so I may be completely off here, but it seems so unlike the previous games in tone and setting that it's only Max Payne in name.

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EXTREMELY hard choice. Both childhood-teenage years favorites, and nostalgia. I would have to choose Diablo 3, just because getting in on the ground floor of the multiplayer scene.

I remember D2 just got insane with trading, and knowing the perfect armor and weapon combo for each class. And who could forget the SOJ madness.

Max Payne 3 is a great single player game. Both previous games wrapped up the story quite well, IMO. I think I'll buy that at a later date.

I really hope the auction house in D3 is the ONLY way to trade.... I made a ton of great friends with whom I traded with. If they needed stuff and I happened to find it, hey here ya go. And vise versa. There was no trying to haggle or cheat each other. Those type of people ruined the game.

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I could buy both... I choose Neither. Good day to you.

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I've come to the conclusion that I'm pretty much done with lootfest ARPGs, and I love Max Payne 1 and 2 like you wouldn't believe, so guess which option I chose. PC version, by the way.

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il be buying both, for the PC

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@doobie: yeah but the PC version doesn't come out till the 29th

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Interesting to see the results, but I couldn't have imagined Max Payne 3 winning this one.

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Max Payne 3 because i really dont give a shit for Diablo games

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Diablo 3.

I'll wait for the PC port for Max Payne 3 probably. Unless all my friends get it on 360, then I'll buy the 360 version.

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Neither! =D

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Not on day 1 but I would get Max Payne 3 first.

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Neither. I've got Witcher 2 to play as well as DMC HD collection.

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That question has been lingering in my brain for quite sometime.

My money right now is on Max Payne 3 as I know from some sources who managed to test it that the game is going to be something else. Diablo 3 however can wait as this is the first entry of a series that I never had a chance to play.

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I would get Diablo III, but I'll be out of the country. So, no need for video games!

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I'll buy Diablo III day one and Max Payne 3 when the price has halved.

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BOTH! Gonna blast through Max Payne 3 then sleep and then play diablo 3.

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Diablo 3 if I can find a job by then. If not, then I won't be getting it until it's on sale, which won't be for a while.

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I think I'm going to wait and pick up Diablo 3 a bit later. Max Payne 3 is definitely a day one purchase for me.

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I'll be buying Max Payne for 360 (which I'll later buy on Steam when the PC version is released) and I'll probably buy Diablo at some point, might even get it on launch and add it to my incredibly long backlog.

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both :D

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Both. I'll play Diablo III first.

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Max Payne 3, I think, on my PC.

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I'm only going to play Max Payne 3 on the PC anyways so I'd have to wait for it, and even then I'm gonna wait for it to come down in price. As for Diablo 3, I have friends that are going to play it so I'll probably pick it up on the 15th.

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I won't get Diablo 3 at all and I will probably get Max Payne 3 once I can find it cheap on some sale (I don't pay €50 for short linear single player games any more).

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I have Diablo 3 preordered and preloaded. Max Payne 3 I'm waiting to hear how the PC version is before I click the buy button on Steam.

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I love Max Payne 3 but Diablo 3 is something I've waited just too long for.

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It really depends on how well max payne 3 delivers. If its just kind of ok I feel I can wait on it until a price drop although I am a big max payne fan. As for diablo I am still undecided. If I can wait a month or 2 torchlight 2 should be out which is more appealing to me for a variety of reasons and cheaper as well. I can play drakensang online or path of exile in the meantime.

I also kind of want to pick up binary domain on pc when it comes out april 27th.

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I have zero interest in Max Payne.

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Both...but Diablo will be loaded first.

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Buying them for all platforms they're coming out on :P 
Yeah, the changes made in the D3 beta seem like they would fit well with a controller. So early 2013 or Holiday 2012! .. Might be wrong, but it's happening. I just know it

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Already have D3 preloaded, so D3!

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My Diablo III collectors edition is already preordered.

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For all of the people that wanted to know what diablo 3 plays like (at least the first hour and change)... this was just announced by blizzard.

We’re pleased to announce the Diablo III open beta weekend, which offers open access to all players with a valid Battle.net account! Beginning this Friday everyone is invited to log in and help us put the game and servers through their paces in this three day stress test as we march toward the game’s release on May 15. You can begin downloading the Diablo III client right now!

From Friday, April 20 at 12:01 p.m. PDT (noon), until Monday, April 23 at 10:00 a.m. PDT you’ll be able to log in, team up with friends, and play each of the five heroic classes to level 13 as you fight to save the world from the impending demonic invasion.

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Pick up Torchlight II. 1/3 the price, mod support, lan, no built in gold farming. Basically the same game with more value.

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I'm getting both, but I'm probably looking forward to Diablo 3 just a tiny bit more.

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Max Payne 3 first, Diablo later. Mainly because I want to say I bought a $60 MP3.

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Don't metacritic me

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Both on PC. I'd rather wait for the PC version either way.

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I have no interest in Diablo 3 so i guess Max Payne 3.

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Max Payne isn't coming out until the end of the month on PC and I already have D3 pre-ordered on Amazon, so D3, but I'm definitely getting Max Payne 3. It really comes down to how Rockstar ports MP3 to PC, if it's a bad port I'll just get it on 360 so I can play with friends.

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Dude, I'm getting both. Why can't I pick both!?