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My question is, will there eventually be an option to change your user name on this site?  Because I am not really liking the one I have now like I use to.  I really don't want to start over from the beginning either, because the more and more stuff gets added to the site, the less opportunities there will be to get points.

Maybe a feature that lets you, i dunno. trade in a couple points for a new user name or something?

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Most likely not, that would get extremely annoying.

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Probably not because it will get too confusing.

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You can change your name for 800 Microsoft Points.

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might as well make a new account

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make a new account. It's only been like 5 days so it's still early.

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Just make a new account, you have 6 points. Not that big of a loss, right?

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Someone else made another topic about this, Mods can't do anything about it.

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you've got a .001% chance of that happening
make a new account
luckily you caught it early on

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....so make another one.  How much could you possibly need those 6 posts?

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I think your username is genetically different bro don't change it

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You need to just make a new account then, and stop complaining.

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MB said:
"You can change your name for 800 Microsoft Points."
GAH! Beat me to it.
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Brucie said:
"I think your username is genetically different bro don't change it"
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Just make a new account..

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What about points smarty?