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Not so much of a question but i wanted to get people's thoughts on the debacle that was Nintendo's E3 Press conference. Any comments would be nice. I LOVE PUPPIES!!

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That's why they call me the Regginator ;]

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I wonder how cammie's arm is doing.

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We rather not talk about that.............. thing that happened last week to Nintendo.

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I think we should just not talk about nintendo's conference

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That Ravi gif keeps flashing in my head at the mention of Nintendo's conference.

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I was hoping that they would play a funeral dirge in Wii Music, as it seemed more fitting at that time...

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My opinion on this is in my mini bio.

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We tried our best

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HazBazz haha you get a +1 from me that caption + pic sums it up perfectly.

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Oh God, that was just a complete farce of a press conference, not as bad as Sony '06 mind but it's rates pretty closely.
I especially <3ed the part when they thought core appeal was air instruments.

Good for week for Internet memes though.

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Nintendo did a great job of showing just how much market share can go to a company's head.

I'm sorry...I don't see how the thing is still selling like it is.

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Yeah, I didn't care for it either. Animal Crossing being announced was good, but the rest only got them good reviews on sites that usually don't even talk about video games, but are now into the topic because of this, "Revolutionary Wii!" which gets them coverage where they usually wouldn't and causes more casual gamers to buy Wii's.... Whatever...Guess we'll have to wait a bit longer...

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I think the word is pathetic. Way to alienate the hardcore gamers, Nintendo.

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Nintendo got the reaction they deserved.

The served up casual games to a hardcore gaming wonder no-one was impressed.

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HazBazz said:
We tried our best

Kudos my good man, this is the most brilliant thing ever

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bump dis shit.

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@Belonpopo said:
" bump dis shit. "
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