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This quick look with Zombie Skytrain in 2011 was the point that made me put my money on the table and pay my subs. The last 10 minutes still makes me laugh out loud and the end is just the best, Ryan, Vinny and Drew just loose it.

I'm so sad that this can't happen again but so happy that this did and will be around for people to enjoy.

Peace and love to all touched by this tragic loss.

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@noobsauceg7: this is so damn funny, god bless Ryan and Jeff. this will be missed so much!

#554 Posted by damswedon (3191 posts) -

When Ryan quietly mutters "yo holmes to Bel Air" to Will Smith during the unpacking of the Dovahkiin statue.

#555 Edited by HibikiRush (153 posts) -

I had seen Ryan at the past 4 E3s I had attended, but never really felt it appropriate to approach him and say anything during the show. I knew the guys worked super hard and did not want to intrude on their busy schedule. This year I managed to head out to the show with my friend, who is also a big Giant Bomb fan. We saw Ryan two days before the show when him and Vinny arrived to unload, but he was sitting in his car and I'm sure was worn out from the drive so we passed on approaching him.

Fast forward to the day after the show, when we were about to fly out back home to Chicago. Our flight was delayed and we ended up getting some drinks at a bar, despite it being noon. A bit later I started looking around and did a double take when I noticed a man sitting behind a laptop with a Giant Bomb sticker on it. And of course, it was Ryan. I didn't think twice about deciding to approach him and tell him that me and my friend were both big fans of the sites. I really wasn't sure what else I would say but if anything that was it. Maybe not so surprisingly, Ryan kept the conversation going as if he actually cared to chat with us. He did not make things weird and kind of talked to us as if he knew us. This rings true with what other people have been saying about him. We eventually just said we would let him do his work, and he told us to have a safe flight. Really shows what kind of a person he was, someone that actually cared about the fans and followers of the site.

The only regret I have is not taking a photo with him. I am never really one to take photos with celebrities or anyone of that sort, but if there were people that would come closests to me wanting a photo with it would be the Giant Bomb crew. I am at least happy enough that due to the weird circumstance of the flight cancellation I was able to at least tell him that I was a big fan of the site. I wish I could have been more detailed, and say a lot more, but at least I'm thankful I got the chance. So that will probably be my favorite Ryan moment.

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Ryan just yelling FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK YOU during the Jerry Rice Dog football video upon seeing the "Fur-st Down" pun.

#557 Posted by Jack_Daniels (1414 posts) -

#558 Posted by Shaggydoo (13 posts) -

Not a clip, but I remember I made a forum post here about how I thought Ryan hated Brad. He personally addressed it on the Bombcast and clarified that he in fact, did not hate Brad. Even for such a stupid post as mine, I think its awesome that he was so connected to the community here at Giantbomb. He will be missed.

wow i totally rember that!!!!

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#560 Posted by joey (984 posts) -

Ryan Davis: Master Interviewer

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#564 Posted by AlmostSwedish (552 posts) -

Can someone please link the video where he hugs Phil Fish? Can't seem to find it.

#565 Posted by MayorFeedback (674 posts) -

#566 Posted by kata (12 posts) -

I've only followed the site and the Bomb crew for less than a year, but I that was more than enough time for this place to work it's magic. The Bombcast is a bunch of my friends shooting the shit, the Quick Looks are my friends showing me a game they played. I feel like part of a family, and that just makes the loss that much worse.

One of my earliest memories of Ryan is from when I was only listening to the Bombcast and having trouble matching voices to faces and names. When Ryan was talking I only thought of him as 'Hey! It's that guy who is super pumped!'. His passion and love always showed, whether he was talking about something he really liked, or something that he thought was really dumb.

It's incredible how someone who would normally a stranger can become a part of your life. He was a guy I've never met and probably never would. I never actually interacted with him. He lived 10,000km away, on another continent. And here I am, barely making it through a day of work, I suspect holding it together only because of the summerjams. And as soon as I was in my car, I burst into tears.

I'm going to miss Ryan.

#567 Posted by Eladren (95 posts) -

I'm laughing so damn much at all this videos, but can't help to have teary eyes... i can't believe how much fun Ryan is giving me even now.

We, as comunity and individuals, all have to keep our heads up and be even awesomer than never before, now that so much awesome has left the world...

#568 Posted by Toastburner_B (150 posts) -

This is probably my favorite Bombcast tangent ever.

#569 Posted by Demoskinos (14817 posts) -

From WWE Monday Night RAW last night.

#570 Edited by Donoram (66 posts) -

In 2010 I went to my first PAX Prime. It was my first trip outside of Canada in half a dozen years and I convinced a couple of my best friends to come along with me. While there I was determined to find one of my games media idols. Could I find the 1-Up show guys? Adam Sessler? The guys from Giant Bomb?

It just so happened that on the second night of E3 my friends and I were leaving Gameworks at closing time and we bumped into Ryan Davis and the rest of the Giant Bomb crew. We chatted briefly, agreed we could all probably keep drinking, and after some dude who ran up to Jeff had a brief conversation we found our destination. It happened to be the relatively well know pub/grill Tap House but for outsiders and foreigners it's a bit hard to spot off the street while so wobbly. We poked our heads in, double checked, and were sent into an empty private bar with no bartender. After a few awkward moments the door opened and a slew of people I'd only ever seen on the internet, on podcasts, or reviewed my favourite games were pouring into the room. My friends and I had totally snuck into something private and were going nuts. After convincing the bartender that our incorrect wristbands were absolutely the appropriate wristbands and were indeed allowed to buy as many drinks as we liked I got to meet some of my game biz heroes. Jeff Green, Jeff Cannata (woah, didn't even notice the double Jeff at first) and of course I swung back to Ryan Davis. One of the nicest guys I've ever met and the guy who accidentally turned Tap House into "Our" bar in Seattle. Next time we go I'm gonna find that room, and I'm gonna have one for Ryan.

Thanks Ryan Davis.

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@demoskinos said:

From WWE Monday Night RAW last night.

Oh wow that's pretty great. Think I'm tearing up again.

#572 Posted by sergeantz (140 posts) -

I slept terribly last night, and every time I woke up, "Power" would be stuck in my head. I've been kind of messed up for the past day. There have been people who've died that I was personally acquainted with that didn't have this much of an effect on me.

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From WWE Monday Night RAW last night.

This is amazing. Thank you to whoever brought that sign.

#574 Posted by PulledaBrad (612 posts) -

I now know the secret origin of "nachoboss"!

Ryan's retweet of when I called him bullshit.

Ryan's final gamerscore of 131,042.

Jeff and Ryan making fun of a guy with a chain wallet in the Chinese Buffet on their iPhone stream.

Ryan talking about sex on alt.sports.gerstmann.

Ryan's TLoZ Four Swords review.

Just the fact Ryan had to review Bayonetta.

Jeff wearing a ski mask waiting for Ryan in an empty house.

The Ultimate Battle 22 Video Review.

The Boatcast when they'd ride the boat across the SF Bay.

Everytime they'd cross the Golden Gate.

Everytime Jeff would tell Ryan to not kill them driving.

Ryan getting choked up when Carrie and GregK left GS.

Ryan, Alex and Jeff rapping together.

Ryan's story about riding his bike with a boombox on it playing Star Wars music in his neighborhood.

His search for a Tapper arcade machine.

Ryan being scared of having rap tapes and his parents finding them.

Ryan's angel Mii.

Ryan buying up pre-ban Sparx and Four Loko.

Ryan on Beard Watch back in the day.

Ryan and Jeff talking about how they ate a bunch of pizzas just to do it.

Ryan chilling sitting down in the background while Midnight Brown's chendo and US Pipe tore into Too Hot at GameSpot Live.

Ryan's Batman signal flashlight.

Ryan biting into the 5 pound Gummy Bear.

Ryan and Jeff calling stuff "bammer" on OTS.

Jeff's story about how they curse each other out on their cells while waiting out front of each other's places.

Ryan being loyal to Jeff to the end by leaving GameSpot.

Ryan watching his copy of Dune on Laserdisc.

Being completely amused by Ryan's commentary on Friday the 13th for the NES but getting offended by his diss of T&C Surf Designs!

And last but not least the video of Jeff and Ryan on the couch trying to play Wii Bowling at launch and the backlash in the comments.

#575 Posted by jaredog (41 posts) -

Made a slight modification to better express how we're all feeling right now. Apologies if this has already been done.

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#577 Posted by SynAzrael (41 posts) -

Easily one of my favorites. Sorry if this is a repost.


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In 2005, I sent a snarky e-mail to Ryan commenting on his usage of the phrase "velocity of time" in a Freeplay column at GameSpot. I was surprised not only by how quickly he replied--but the effort that he took to compose a nuanced response. His closing, "If my use of the word 'velocity' was a misnomer, I apologize, though it pleases me to no end that it elicited your response," always stuck with me, because it showed how genuinely appreciative he was of his readers. Although it was a fairly mundane exchange, I always thought of it fondly. I'll always remember Ryan Davis as travelling near the speed of light.

Greetings Ryan Davis,

In your most recent Freeplay column, you introduced the concept of "the velocity of time." At first I thought the phrase was a bit nonsensical, as velocity is generally defined as the rate of change in position with respect to time. The existence of a velocity of time would thus require that one be able to define a position of time. To the best of my knowledge, time can not be readily assigned a spacial position, which led me to postulate that perhaps the position of time could be defined with respect to itself. If this was the case, however, the velocity of time would at all times be unity, because the rate of change of any variable with respect to itself is one. The velocity of time would therefore have to be constant to avoid a contradiction. Interestingly enough, your column suggests that the velocity of time could somehow be increasing. Clearly, for this to be the case, you must be observing time with respect to some reference frame that is getting increasingly closer to the speed of light. How fast are you going Ryan Davis, and how did you get going so darn fast?




The concept of the velocity of time, or in another phrase, "time compression", was something introduced to me by an old philosophy teacher, and technology was used as its point of reference. Let's take military hardware as an example. The very first piece of military hardware ever was, ostensibly, a rock or a stick that some form of pre-man picked up and used as a weapon--bludgeon, projectile, whatever. To get from the stick to, let's say a sword, it literally took millions of years. But then to get from sword to gun was maybe ten thousand years. And from gun to atomic bomb was just a few hundred.

Granted this is a highly simplified summary of the history of weapons, but if you look at just about any kind of technologically driven human endeavor--transportation, medicine, whatever--this concept remains basically true. We're constantly accelerating. The longer that time "goes" for, the faster this pattern seems to become. I think this concept applies neatly to consumer technology, and I felt it worth mentioning in passing in the article. If my use of the word "velocity" was a misnomer, I apologize, though it pleases me to no end that it elicited your response. Thanks for reading.

Ryan Davis

Associate Producer


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front page of hollywoodlife.com

#580 Posted by MasturbatingestBear (1190 posts) -

Pretty much any moment with Ryan was a fucking great one. We should be thankful that there are literally hundreds of hours of video of him on the internet, and that's just from the Giant Bomb days. When I was originally listening to the Hotspot Ryan, Brad, and Brendan were the guys that I always wanted to be guests every week. Everyone loved this guy and for a good reason.

I like the above video because we get a glimpse at a young Ryan and he looks so different than he did in the Giant Bomb days.

And this video, is just a fucking delight.


#581 Edited by plasticsaber (18 posts) -

@almostswedish: Here ya go:

An all-time classic, for many reasons, not least the tales of pies and cakes at 2:27:45, and the Phil Fish hug at 2:49:06.

"He's sitting on you like YOU'RE the cake!"

#582 Posted by chocolaterhinovampire (1289 posts) -

Hey does anyone remember a 2012 podcast where there was a conversation about jumping into a pool of buffalo wings? Ryan and Patrick arguing about that. Ryan stating that the bbq sauce would totally hurt your butt hole lol

#583 Posted by Bulby33 (590 posts) -

One of my favorite Ryan moments.

I'll miss you duder! :(

#584 Edited by MrCHUP0N (246 posts) -

There's already so much said about Ryan that could qualify as favorite moments for everyone, including me. I only have one indirect interaction with him and one fake interaction with him. The latter consisted of a spambot named "Ryan Davis" sending me an elegant email about "impotence m3ds". Obviously it wasn't him. I liked to think it was though. And now I really wish it was him. The former was when I first started freelancing for Gamespot. Alex Navarro assigned me Virtual Console games as my introduction to the world of getting paid to write about games, and as was Gamespot methodology (and I believe still is), the entire staff took a crack at providing feedback which Alex relayed to me over AIM. Classically, Ryan's ended with something like: "Overall, good job with your first review, newbie. Now, SCRAP IT ALL and DO IT AGAIN!"

Give 'em hell up in heaven, big guy.

#585 Posted by StriderNo9 (1090 posts) -

All time favorite moment of Ryan's was when he called out Will Smith over his pronunciation of executable.

#586 Posted by bigstrat2003 (64 posts) -

The more I think about it, the more I think that my favorite Ryan moment has to be the XCOM Quick Look. Watching him play the game, cursing profusely as he missed shots, made me laugh my ass off through sheer sympathy from having been there. Whenever I think Ryan Davis, I will think of a sniper missing a shot and Ryan saying "Goddammit. GODDAMMIT!"

#587 Posted by KingGiddra (232 posts) -

In tribute to the duderest of duders, Ryan "Taswell" Davis has an honorary permanent membership to the Giantbomb EVE corporation, Kite Co. Space Trucking. We had an in-game memorial recently to remember our fallen friend. Never forget the joy Ryan Davis brought to all of our lives.

#588 Edited by theredace (80 posts) -

I've read so much from friends and colleagues about Ryan's passing over the past 2 days that I don't actually remember where this was written, but someone said of Ryan that it always felt so important to not disappoint him. That validation from him, being the man he was, was so uplifting. And I immediately knew this to be true because of the one and only fleeting moment of our paths ever crossing:

On that one day I said something that Ryan appreciated. And 4 years later I still remember it. Who the fuck else, ever, has that effect on you?

God dammit.

#589 Posted by TinyGrasshopper (230 posts) -

This is probably my favorite Bombcast tangent ever.


Also any commentary on Michael Bay

#590 Posted by miscellaneousinsanity (3 posts) -
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#593 Posted by SpaceRunaway (864 posts) -

Hey guys, been a member for a few years but haven't posted on the forums much. Started this piece last night after spending most of the day on the Harmonix and thanksryan streams, finished it just now.

"So the only constants that have been are that everybody dies at the end…It’s always, they finished, like they did a good job, and you’re sending them off someplace else."

Hi-res version is on

my tumblr

Happy Tuesday, duders

This is my real life li'l brother who made this, and I am super proud. I don't know how he did it though. I can't look at this picture for more than a few seconds.

#594 Edited by Plasticstars (171 posts) -

Ryan's laugh around 0:40 is perhaps one of my favorite things ever.

#595 Posted by nate6858 (164 posts) -

I think my all time favorite was during one of the GOTY videos and they were playing Mass Effect 2, and during a bunch of dialog that prompt came up to interrupt and the entire ME group just starts gunning everyone down. Ryan just yells, "YEAH THIS IS WHAT MASS EFFECT IS ALL ABOUT! FUCKIN GANGSTER SHIT!!"

#596 Posted by FateOfNever (1839 posts) -

I can't imagine something that hasn't already been shared, but, I just want to thank everyone here for all of this.

#597 Posted by AnthonySkatz (1 posts) -
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#599 Posted by bondfish (58 posts) -

don't have the video but go watch the Hollywood Squares Quick Look. There is a part where Ryan says "Brad Garrett I hope you burn in shit" or something along those lines that gets me every time.

#600 Posted by eckster (53 posts) -

I have been following Ryan Davis and the guys since the old Gamespot days and its been a sad few days thinking that big happy guy sitting in that couch wont be around anymore. I figured I would draw a tribute to a man I looked up to over years.