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@endurancefun: Ahh that's my avatar. Such a funny moment. Also I like that Vinny has done the "where'd you hide it Vinny?" more than just in that quick look. I think he most recently did in the whole Bioforge marathon.

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I just remembered how much I loved that first Bad Company 2: TNT. Probably one of my all time faves but only during the console segment. The greatest helicopters of all time are the ones piloted by Ryan.

Ryan: Well we've got point D on lock but we're still losing this match.

Jeff: There is no D. There are only 3 control points and they go up to C

Ryan: Well I stand by my previous statement. We have point D on lock.

#703 Posted by EnduranceFun (1114 posts) -

@felixculpa: Excellent. I should go watch those videos sometime, not Ryan-related (I think?) but everyone says they're good content.

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My photoshop skills are a little rusty, but I wanted to make an image of Ryan. My final goal was to pop this into illustrator and make it cartoony, but illustrator keeps on crashing on me.

#708 Posted by megalowho (963 posts) -

Awesome work to the folks that posted their artwork in here. Man, seeing this stuff and knowing just how deep his loss has cut the industry makes me really hopeful we see an awful lot of Mr. Davis NPC's and easter eggs in games from here on out. Dude will live forever.

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@endurancefun: I'd forgotten about that quick look! what a great moment.

#712 Posted by OnYourWifi (7 posts) -

I'm pretty sure Happy Action Theater was created explicitly for the enjoyment of Ryan Davis.

#713 Posted by mason (258 posts) -

@onyourwifi: Double Fine community manager Chris Remo mentioned that they kind of had Ryan and Jeff in mind when they put a Dubstep mode in Happy Action Theater 2.

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#716 Posted by Neuroticfetish (10 posts) -

It's Thursday and I'm still in shock. I'm sending happy thoughts to everyone!

I'd have to say my favorite Ryan moment was when he came back from Disneyland and was explaining the Shipwreck Tiki Bar. I remember listening to that laughing till I almost threw up. Does anyone know which bombcast that was on? I can't seem to find it.

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@tekmojo said:


Thanks for that video. Solid gold memories.


The BC2 TNT is one of the best TNTs in Giant Bomb history. Thanks for bringing it up.

(and bonus kudos of the Yamazaki avatar)

#718 Posted by JDW519 (148 posts) -

Just went back to the first bombcast I had listened to, April 21st 2009, god, so many great memories, thanks for a the good years Ryan.

#719 Posted by BD (251 posts) -

I don't know if this has been posted yet, but the Burn: Cycle random pc game is one of the greatest things. You need to be a sub to watch, but it is completely worth the 5 dollars.

#720 Posted by macks (40 posts) -

I almost never post, but I just finished drawing this and I thought I'd share it with all you duders. I'm gonna miss the fella.

#721 Posted by torquill (1 posts) -

I just keep thinking, 'I can't believe he's gone'. Like a lot of people have already said, it's weird to feel this way about someone I've never met before. Thanks also to all the posters in this thread, I've had a lot of laughs rediscovering all the dumb, hilarious moments he and the guys have had over the years. Really going to miss him on Giant Bomb, my thoughts go out to all the Giant Bomb staff, his family and friends.

Don't think I can pick one particular favourite moment - random conversations on the bomb cast, hosting awesome shows, really dumb and funny end of year videos, booking dubious accommodation for E3. It all worked to make someone who has left a giant hole that I don't think will ever be filled. He made Giant Bomb my favourite site to visit and I'm really going to miss him.

RIP Ryan

#722 Posted by majinace (42 posts) -

To me it doesn't seem real. I was just listening to him like 2 weeks ago. Also there is all this content on giant bomb where I can see him, so in one way its like he's not missing at all to me. In another way though, its hit me as hard as losing a close friend.

I actually got to meet Ryan when a bunch of the GB crew went drinking after PAX East. I was with my buddy Andy, also a Giant Bomb fan, and we said hello to Ryan. I think we told him about how we loved watching the live show and then my buddy Andy jokingly (or not) told Ryan how he preferred Will Smith as the host. Ryan immediately took the beer out of Andy's hand and stared him down for a solid minute without saying a word. It was really humorous and he did hand him back the beer eventually.

I listen to the podcast while I drive. So its always broken up throughout the week for me, and its like I heard him almost every day. Again, it's nice that at least there is all this video content out there that I've yet to consume with his humor in it.

RIP Ryan Davis

#723 Posted by davegoestomayor (14 posts) -

In honor of Ryan I decided to check out Sid Meier's SimGolf and ended up making this course. His face is (-)108 fun to golf on....which sounds about right.

Thanks for the memories Ryan

#724 Posted by Discoman (163 posts) -

I heard this one recently. Apologies if already posted.

#725 Posted by Ksaw (342 posts) -

@mason said:

@onyourwifi: Double Fine community manager Chris Remo mentioned that they kind of had Ryan and Jeff in mind when they put a Dubstep mode in Happy Action Theater 2.

Was just thinking about this video today. Their reaction was great.

#726 Posted by eccentrix (1539 posts) -

This is a screenshot I saved a few months ago because I liked the way Jeff and Ryan were looking at each other.

Imagine how much more fun this would've been.

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My favorite memories of Ryan off the top of my head is of course the Narc discussion on the podcast. I always go and listen to that on youtube along with the HOT 95 radio voices. And the Farming Simulator Quick Look where he named his character Pig Sticker and no Germans would play with him.

Ahhh.. Pig Sticker.


#728 Posted by AllisonByProxy (47 posts) -

I made this for Ryan tonight. I hope he enjoys it. Thanks Ryan.

#729 Posted by doejonathan (172 posts) -

From the Master Blaster Overdrive quick look:

Jeff: Alright.. Can you just hop out? Can you hop out?

Ryan: Nnnn...No!

Jeff: Then hit some other buttons, man.

Ryan: Th.. dude, it's a Wii! There's like two buttons!

Just that laid back banter between Jeff and Ryan was always priceless and irreplaceable. Then there was the Game Room quick look where Ryan spots the release date for Deep Pockets Billiards on the Intellivision and the mics are getting a good workout:

Jeff: That's a good shot of a pool table, look at that. "Super Pro".

Ryan: I actually just like the uh.. the multi-colored stained glass uh...

(Copyright 1990)

Ryan: "1990"! Holy Shit!.. Dude, nineteen-NINEty...

Jeff: 1990.

Ryan: Nineteen-ninety...

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#731 Posted by Vitor (2815 posts) -

Same as everyone else, Ryan's passing was a huge blow. I don't normally use the forums (or any for that matter) but I painted this tonight while listening to Ryan's Summerjams playlist and figured this was the right place to put it. RIP man, you were the best.

Bam, there it is. My favourite Ryan tribute so far.

#732 Posted by davegoestomayor (14 posts) -

This belongs in the In Memoriam thread. Created by user SuperJoe

#733 Posted by guiseppe (2840 posts) -

Oh this is such a good thread. Love you guys :).

#734 Posted by SquareTheRoot (31 posts) -

Now, this might not be the best Ryan moment for me... But it's most definitly up there. The spider drinking your eye fluids episode of the giantbombcast!

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When I think of "favorite Ryan Davis moments," because of who the man was, I think, "funniest Ryan Davis moments," and the first thing that comes to mind is on a Bombcast a few months ago, Patrick recounted the tale of needing to take a "tomato juice shower," which seemed to confuse Vinny quite a bit, as he began questioning how one would route tomato juice through the pipe leading to the shower head, before Ryan cut him off, "He filled a bucket with it and dumped it on his head! Oh my god!" The sheer loss of patience and utter shock at such a convoluted solution to a ridiculously simple scenario for some reason had me laughing so hard I couldn't breath. I can't seem to find a clip of it on YouTube, unfortunately.

There were other moments of course, but after four years of listening to the Bombcast, a lot of it has kind of blended together. I will say that Ryan's (and Jeff's) sense of humor and love of all things Dumb has had a huge impact on my life. I've improved my own sense of humor and learned to really appreciate camp in both movies and video games.

I'm something of a lurker on this site, and like I said, I've only been following these guys for around four years or so (and I have yet to get the opportunity to meet them at a convention), so my memories of the crew can't really compare to some of the eulogies others in the community have been giving. But the feeling in my chest I'm feeling right now (and have been feeling since I heard the news only yesterday as outside circumstances had kept me from an internet connection for the last week) is something I really, really wish I could get rid of.

I don't want to be in a world where Ryan Davis died at 34.

I can't remember the last time a "celebrity" death (I'm sure Ryan would scoff at such a title, but I'm at a loss to find a better one) affected me like this, and while I haven't been as connected to this community as I might have liked, I'm really glad there's a place with like-minded folks to write these feelings down.

I guess what I'd really like to have known is that for every regular community member/contributor on here mourning the loss of this great man, there's probably twenty of us lurkers who are feeling the hurt right alongside you guys. I have no doubt that Ryan Davis' passing has affected hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of gamers out there and that is solely because of how great of a man he was. He will be missed.

#737 Posted by SuperKcross (89 posts) -

Just remembered one of my favorite Ryan moments:

Mass Effect 2: Gangster Shit!

Great example of how Ryan's laughter and enthusiasm was so infectious.

Miss you Ryan.

#738 Posted by Oddballs (117 posts) -

Taken from one of the big screens displaying tweets on the E3 showfloor.

#739 Posted by itspizza (433 posts) -
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So I am an editor over at thegameraccess.com (yeah probably haven't heard of us we are small potatoes) and Ryan Davis was a huge influence on my friend Aaron and I. he was one of the people that got us into game journalism (our first blog was basically a GB rip off) and helped shaped our sense of humor. But we do a weekly podcast and the first hour or so we talk about Ryan our memories and how great of a dude he was so enjoy I guess http://www.thegameraccess.com/shows/unscripted-access/passing-of-a-beloved-personality-unscripted-access-episode-54

#741 Posted by JouselDelka (967 posts) -

@oddballs: What a delightful troll he was :D

#742 Posted by ThunderSlash (1640 posts) -

The only time Ryan flinched. The comic is drawn by a duder. I just had it saved in my HD cus I thought it was extremely funny.

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@vitor said:

@hatebreeder said:

Same as everyone else, Ryan's passing was a huge blow. I don't normally use the forums (or any for that matter) but I painted this tonight while listening to Ryan's Summerjams playlist and figured this was the right place to put it. RIP man, you were the best.

Bam, there it is. My favourite Ryan tribute so far.

Its beautiful. I would buy a poster of that.

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I miss you Ryan. God only knows what i would be would out you.

#745 Posted by HarlechQuinn (447 posts) -

...Just me, a saturday, a sheet of paper, a pencil, a rubber, a fineliner and a dozing cat. RIP Ryan Davis!

#746 Posted by Skyfire543 (675 posts) -

When Ryan screams at about a minute in is one of the best moments ever.

#747 Posted by Druminator (1676 posts) -

I haven't had access to the internet in over 2 weeks and I get on here today to hear this. We will miss you Ryan.

#748 Posted by miscellaneousinsanity (3 posts) -
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All of it. Ryan being in a video or audio clip is deemed to be fun for me. He was a fucking genius.

#750 Posted by gnu2000 (50 posts) -

We held a small tribute fleet in EVE last night - it only seemed fitting we do something crazy, so we went to say hello to one of the biggest nullsec power blocs in the game: