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Not a clip, but I remember I made a forum post here about how I thought Ryan hated Brad. He personally addressed it on the Bombcast and clarified that he in fact, did not hate Brad. Even for such a stupid post as mine, I think its awesome that he was so connected to the community here at Giantbomb. He will be missed.

I remember that and it was a great moment god bless him.

#52 Edited by _Phara0h_ (889 posts) -

And of course...

I fucking love this song but hate the way it makes me feel listening to it now...

Ryan I miss you!!

#53 Posted by JoeyRavn (4973 posts) -

Expectorating =/= coughing.

It will always be Tuesday. That's what Ryan gave to us.

#54 Posted by LinuxScouser (90 posts) -

#55 Posted by poik007 (13 posts) -

When he shook the baby

#57 Posted by alwaysbebombing (1584 posts) -

Rider meet horse; horse meet rider.

#58 Posted by cperron (2 posts) -

We are talking about a man who sold "Fuck You RYan Davis" shirts, there is no favorite moments, because favorite means better than other, there is only Ryan moments.........

#59 Posted by McBradders (150 posts) -

This is just the fuckin' absolute best.

#60 Posted by Uppercaseccc (108 posts) -

My favorite Ryan moment was the Wipeout kinect quicklook that was the video to make me say I like this guy and I respect him so much. I'll miss you Ryan

#61 Posted by RE_Player1 (7560 posts) -

This was such a random clip on the bombcast but when Splinter Cell Conviction came out Ryan said he was enjoying the co-op and Jeff replied with the co-op being crap. A humorous dialogue ensued for a bit but that little exchange reminded me of how well Ryan and Jeff played off each other.

#62 Posted by smatticus (44 posts) -

The E3 a few years ago when they were outside filming their day recap and that creepy guy gave Ryan the creepy eye.

#63 Posted by Willza92 (263 posts) -

My god, his laugh after the Megans Law was one of the most heartiest, best laughs I have ever heard. That, for me, was Ryan Davis.

#64 Posted by Plipster (132 posts) -

@solh0und said:

This one:

This without question.

#65 Edited by GoombahMIke (54 posts) -

Just picturing Ryan's face while having to deal with this.

#66 Posted by Lava (667 posts) -

This will forever be one of my favorite moments ever on the Bombcast.

#67 Posted by Rodiard (438 posts) -

The Will Smith executable moment is definitely up there. Honestly there are too many to list because pretty much everything Ryan was involved in has at least one favorite moment. This is why I kept coming back to this site as I'm sure the rest of you did.

#68 Edited by thevigilanteoflove (504 posts) -

I've got to say I feel lucky that I wrote in one of the two questions that Ryan responded to on the one episode of the NintenDownload X-press! that he hosted. Mine was the one written by Jay asking about what Microsoft and Sony will do because of how dominant Nintendo's downloadable platforms were. It was obviously satire, and Jeff would have played along, but Ryan just chuckled and called it "super stupid." I literally was smiling the rest of the day after listening to it. Making him chuckle, even if only a little bit made my fucking day. I don't have the podcast, but it's one in April of 2011. And it's near the end of the podcast I think. He only read two questions.

#69 Posted by Railith (56 posts) -

Rider meet horse, horse meet rider. ;-;

#70 Edited by WoodimusPrime (5 posts) -

Easy for me. The QL of Sleeping Dogs: Year of the Snake, when the car Vinny's driving glitches out and flips SUPER high in the air, and Ryan just starts screaming YEAH YEAH! I still watch it at least once a week. I was an absolute wreck the first time I saw it. God bless that man.

#71 Posted by OC_MurphysLaw (2 posts) -

I have many memories of Ryan from the show, but my favorite was meeting him in person. I was at E3 2011 in line to go in with the masses waiting for the door to open. I turned around and there was Ryan and Vinny behind me. Ryan was as nice in person as he is on camera.

#72 Posted by Wolfwood9000 (9 posts) -

One of the best moments was the amount of shock Ryan had when Vinny asked Patrick how he got the tomato soup to come out of the shower head.

#73 Posted by librariangmr (179 posts) -
#74 Posted by Kamakazi010654 (1 posts) -

Not a singular moment but every Wednesday morning with Ryan telling me it was Tuesday, followed by several hours of hilarity.

#75 Posted by Nzwei (79 posts) -

Watching all of this it's just hard to be sad. This guy was good spirit incarnate.

#76 Posted by megalowho (969 posts) -

Hey stranger, c'mon over here! You look like you're new around these parts...

#77 Edited by Error1355 (97 posts) -

For the time I made this site and Ryan retweeted it. Felt happy like some crazy stalker fan when it happened.

You'll be missed.

#78 Posted by ShaggE (6451 posts) -

"Found Me The Bomb". Good god, his literal and genuine falling over with laughter... it captured Ryan in a nutshell, and was the first thing I thought of after the shock wore off. That was such a great moment.

#79 Edited by mobius006 (40 posts) -

I meet Ryan outside of Olly Moss 's Papercuts Show. I wondered who that guy was cutting in the front of the line (as we had to move back from the door because the nail salon was mad we blocked their door) then it hit me and i said "Ryan Davis GANTBOMB!"

He turned around and looked around then raised his fist in the air.

After that once we were all inside I chatted him up for about 10 min about the show, and the site. Its sad to lose someone who came into our homes almost once a day if you watched everything on the site. RIP

#80 Posted by Jack_Daniels (1414 posts) -

#81 Edited by DethandRez (26 posts) -

One of my favorite Ryan Davis moments has to be the Train Simulator 2012 Quick Look. One of my favorite quick looks thanks to Ryan for being amazing. I'll miss ya buddy.

#82 Edited by MjHealy (1850 posts) -

"Hold onto your fucking hats, gentlemen."

Many years of Gamespot and Arrow Pointing Down/Giant Bomb. Can't believe he's gone but let's celebrate the rich legacy of "Poppa Bear" Ryan Davis. I remember the "Not Like This" series he did with Vinny on The Matrix Online. July 2009 with Pascual -- never forget.

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#85 Posted by smokmnky (27 posts) -

This was taken by me at the 1year anniversary party, you can barely make it out but it's Dave sitting at the bar and Ryan dancing behind him...such a fun memory

#86 Edited by Shacks (19 posts) -

Someone did a video about Ryan hating pennies. I always got a kick out of that. I don't know where to find it, just wanted to mention it. We will miss you Ryan.

#87 Posted by _Phara0h_ (889 posts) -

#88 Edited by 8Bit_Archer (452 posts) -

Oh man the time he join the Endurance Run Only to implode a bean bag chair and start the show off right :D

I still chuckle every time I think about it :D

#89 Posted by Barrabas (326 posts) -

Ryan's reaction when trying hockey powder made me laugh harder than I think I ever had before when I first listened to this podcast. Starts at 12:21.

#90 Posted by Brake (1099 posts) -

Ryan is a narc!

#91 Posted by MuttersomeTaxicab (668 posts) -

Ryan's laugh during the Creeper Cam show when Jeff played GalGun and a member called in to ask him about Megan's Law.

#92 Posted by Shorty (21 posts) -

I know this is mostly Jeff's gag but Ryan totally helped out here, too. One of the all-time funniest Bombcast moments.

#93 Edited by personz (54 posts) -

His reaction to Frakes get me every time.

#94 Posted by piderman (204 posts) -

Ryan could eat Dick's all day.

#95 Edited by ZeForgotten (10397 posts) -

The time he interviewed Nolan North.
I know it's not super silly or anything like that, it's just my favorite moment with him.

#96 Edited by Lifestrike (482 posts) -

#97 Posted by Y2Ken (1138 posts) -

This right here is my personal favourite. The aftermath of Ryan's turn (3:52 onwards) will forever be my foremost Ryan Davis memory.

#98 Posted by Iodine (547 posts) -

Man, Fuck Ryan Davis :(

#99 Edited by AssInAss (2645 posts) -

The video I had made of Ryan Davis saying HELLO in a ILM video:

Will never forget the completely nonchalant way he greets the camera (and Jeff).

#100 Posted by Branthog (5562 posts) -

One of my personal favorite was when I told Ryan that the dictionary now says "literally" actually means "figuratively" and he replied "I figuratively don't give a shit".