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Megan's Law. Always the first thing I think of when I think of Ryan Davis. Either that, or executable.

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At least the greatness of Ryan Davis has been extensively well documented and will be preserved on the internet. I can't pick just one Ryan Davis movement as my favorite. Instead here is something that hasn't been posted here yet.

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Gotta be the time the lost his shit over the Buckner and Garcia song...him laughing face down on the floor. Love that duder.

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I'm a bit too fuzzy in my head right now to think of any stand out moments but every quicklook featuring Ryan there was a least one moment or snark remark of his that made me laugh.

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I'll never not find the little exchange at 2 minutes and 10 seconds into this clip hilarious.

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Also, can I add. The Joy and laughter of this man has brought me for the few years I have been a member of Giantbomb is something words cannot describe!!!

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One of my earliest experiences of Ryan, and it's still one of the best. Why do you make me feel lie this, internet man.

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My personal favorite story is when he fooled a couple of us Enforcers into thinking he was going to do an autograph signing in the back of the room during the Tested panel at PAX Prime 2011, to the point that we had plans in place for it to happen.

Then when I ran into him later, I acknowledged that we were ready and willing to help out... and then he broke it to us that he was just joking around and, quote, "I'm definitely a dick, but I'm not _that_ much of a dick."

Godspeed, Ryan. I'm sad you'll never have the chance to fuck with me again. :(

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I know this isn't a Ryan video, but I have this song playing through my head ever since I've heard the news.

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@turboman said:

As someone who's edited a bunch of quick looks, fucking every single quick look of Ryan and Vinny.


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Classic Ryan and Jeff.

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A few weekends ago I was re-watching a few of his TANG videos, man that "Alone in the Dark" video was the greatest. RIP Mr. Davis.

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Know it's most probably been posted before, but it deserves so many more mentions for great Ryan Davis moments.

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"Never let go man"

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THIS. All- time favorite memory. :-)

Cried laughing watching this segment.

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Who's going to teach Will Smith how words work? God dammit. I'm gonna miss you, you beautiful fucker.

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Every Game Room Quick Look he did with Jeff. I came to the site as someone who read GameSpot occasionally but didn't have any real connection to the personalities. It was a time when gaming had become something I was considering giving up (or at least cutting back) because I felt like the business side of things had started to push it in a direction I didn't want to follow.

I may not have ever had the honor of meeting Ryan but he (and the rest of the GB crew) reminded me how fun games could be.

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The Trains vs. Zombies DLC QL with Vinny, specifically the moment where they discover SKY TRAIN.

Personal favorite moment for more selfish reasons, the only email I ever wrote was read on the podcast, and it caused Ryan to purchase a copy of Pro Wrestling for the NES. They then ignored my needlessly wordy question and just talked about how Pro Wrestling was awesome.

Enjoy that eternal ride on Sky Train, Ryan.

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Too many to count.

Too hard to relive.

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Some great ones in here. Loved him and the rest of the group in the "Workplace" video from the end of last year. His faces were perfect. Especially when Jeff was dancing in the beginning.

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This thread has me tearing up. It'll never be the same.

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I got to see the Giant Bomb PAX panel three times, and I always remember Ryan being the amazing host that we all knew him to be. I interacted with him personally twice: at PAX East 2011 I got him to sign my badge (which I still have) and at PAX East 2013 I was in a group of other duders talking to him about the breast milk he drank the night before. Ryan has been in my ears on podcasts and in videos for years. To pick out one favorite moment would be impossible. His very existence and outrageously huge personality are what I remember, in addition to all the craziness and trouble the guy got involved with over the years. RIP Ryan, and thanks for being such an amazing source of inspiration and entertainment.

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There's an unarchived video on Twitch with drunk Ryan, Rorie and Jeff ramblin' about his pure, unrivalled hate for G.E. Smith. Can't find it right now, but I'm pretty sure I bookmarked it at home, I'll edit later.

I could really use a t-shirt that read 'LOVE RYAN DAVIS' in big block letters right about now.

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The world lost such an awesome guy, can't believe he's gone...

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R.I.P Ryan. You made me enjoy (fuck it, you made me look forward to) my 1 and a half hour commute to work every Wednesday morning and (with no offence to the other GB crew) I always didn't like it if for whatever reason you were not about to be part of it. You were the hub, the core, the bit that gave the bombcast the perfect tempo and mood and you will be missed.

My favourite Ryan Davis clips are strangely similar and surprisingly short, but no doubt with a deliverance unique to Ryan.

1) "Thanks, thank you, I will, I will have bat man"

2) "Thank you"

In total, about 4 seconds of Ryan, but enough.

Thank you.

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Not the funniest (because there are already so many funniest) but I especially love this "review" because of its Muppet Babies like quality as to how we knew Ryan later from Giant Bomb.

So many of his short 34 years were dedicated to letting us experience the world of games, and his unique perspective on that and life in general truly enriched mine. Thanks Ryan.

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Thank you for making this thread, made me feel 100% better. He may be gone, but he will always live on in our memories (and, fortunately, on the internet) .

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This was the very first piece of Giantbomb content I ever saw, and I happened upon it by a simple Google search. As son as Ryan started screaming at the flying torso monster, I fell in love with this site.

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Ryan wasn't just a man, he was an institution. He was so unique, everybody loved him. This thread is brilliant, I love all of you guys. So many memories.

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I just hope they serve 'anonymous breast milk' in heaven. You will be missed, Ryan.

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My favorite moment with Ryan was from the Bombcast for the week of 3-20 aka the first podcast from the new CBSI studios...He and the crew were screwing around with the new systems, and he was like I CAN TALK LOUDLY INTO THE MICROPHONE! HEEEEYYYYY! The entire episode was hilarious and all the goofing around....

I'm really going to miss hearing....HEY EVERYONE, IT'S TUUUUUUUESDAY! :'(

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We will remember all of Ryan's great moments in life, but after it's all said and done...




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I joined GB in the very beginning. I joined because of Ryan and because of Jeff, it's as simple as that. These two personalities were a massive part of what made Gamespot great back in the day. There were other greats at Gamespot, but when I saw that Jeff and Ryan were starting something I knew I wanted to contribute.

My wife laughs at me whenever I describe a story I've heard on the Bombcast, because i'd simply say "Ryan said" or "Patrick was saying...". I can't help but feel connected to Ryan and the "crew" at GB. You are all so joyously infectious.

I try to live my life by one simple rule: affect those around you positively whenever you can. If in my lifetime I've improved the quality of one human's life, then I've done well. If I can affect more, great. Ryan Davis has changed lives. His existence simply made mine a little better and I'm CERTAIN he positively affected thousands upon thousands more. Ryan, in your too-short time with us, you changed lives, you made all of ours better and you brought us so much laughter. We miss you and hope that you've gone on to change some other universe for the better like you did ours.

I hope you are partying wherever you are, cause that's what you deserve for a job well done.

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@snide: the dude talking about twinkies and tasty cakes was my roommate in college. weird as fuck seeing him in that video lol

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My favorite Ryan Davis moment comes from the Baby Sitting Mama lets play, as he constantly shook the creepy baby doll, as the game freaked out and kept repeating "NO NO NO PLEASE DON'T SHAKE THE BABY" in horrible engrish. Ryan kept a straight face the entire time. My sides hurt so much after watching that. It has become a bit of a meme with my friends and I. When ever we do anything dumb and play it straight, "NO NO NO PLEASE DON'T SHAKE THE BABY". RIP RYAN

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@msx2: Damnit, I just spent the last half hour working on getting that clip up, should have looked here first lol.