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@blu3v3nom07: That makes more sense. I wish information and Microsoft went hand in hand this year.

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This is ridiculous, what reason do they have for not making the PS4 cheaper?

And it's not like they reduced the price of the Xbox One, they increased the PS4 price.

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This is how it has always been here. The free market decides the price not the MRSP. The price will reflect what people are willing to pay. Unlike in many countries where the price is fixed, the price of consoles in Sweden fluctuate a lot. For example even if the official European price of the PS3 and 360 have not changed in a long time the real price in Sweden have gone down a lot. Look at the PS Vita for example. There has been no official price drop, but the real world price has gone down from 2790 at launch to 1790SEK in the cheapest store today.

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In Soviet Russia, Xbox One cheaper than PS4.

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@philantrophy said:

In Norway most stores haven't adjusted their prices and have placeholder prices right now. One store has the PS4 for 5990 NOK (1036 USD) and the Xbox One for 4990 NOK (863 USD.) These numbers will certainly change, usually just multiplying the American prices with 10 works.

Here you can get it for 3699 https://coolshop.com/no/catalog/product/78265-playstation_4_console_ps4 Not sure if this is the final price or if it is going to get cheaper or more expensive.

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I think this thread is great, if only because I've learned so much about the Swedish economy in the process of reading it.

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Here in South-Eastern Europe (Bulgaria), the bulgarian version of the playstation site list the console at suggested price of 799 лв which is 407 Euros or 540 USD I asume it will be something along those lines on retailers, but who nows cuz as of yet no Bulgarian retailer has pre-orders.

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@cincaid said:

Spelbutiken.se's prices (cheapest Swedish online retailer, according to pricerunner):

  • Xbox One: 4488:- ($685 / €514)
  • PlayStation 4: 4298:- ($656 / €493)

They had the PS4 up for 3600 yesterday at first. I thought about biting because I suspected it'd go up (I don't actually know if they'll honor those pre-orders).

I have no idea what's going on. It should be around 3300 on a straight conversion of USD+VAT. Let's just say I'm not going to be paying more than a few hundred over that, ever.

The UK prices aren't jacked. If the power-brick is external it should be possible to get one from there, I guess it depends on if the OS is agnostic (in fact then germany may be a better choice).

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Another thing to consider about the Scandinavian prices are that the consoles are all distributed by Nordisk Film, rather than the manufacturers. I wager they want a cut as well.

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Yeah fail pricing, although i would expect them to drop a bit..much too early to think they're final retail prices. Either way i'm not buying any of these consoles since they're both no way near as good as my current PC and they're expensive as hell.

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Make use of the Internal Market for what it is meant for: do not accept a bad price, use the free movement of goods to source your new console from whichever location is cheapest within the EU. You should not be impaired by any taxation issues, this is the point of the Single Market. I'm not sure how shipping will work out for the weight of the consoles but it shouldn't be anything like as bad as those local prices you're seeing crop up. Maybe you can find someone who does free shipping all over Europe and is sticking to the official €/£ prices.

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I live in sweden and i bought my 220V Ps3 from Amazon UK like 4 years ago. (I saved ALOT of money) There was no power cable that fit the wall here in sweden but i took an old ps2 power cable. Is that not possible with the Ps4 also?

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No they don't. You can't put a price on Freedom.

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Unless I see a pre-order for 4000 KR or less im importing.

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@lizzard2: Yes. It seems, from looking at close-up pictures of the power socket they will be using the exact same cable as they did for PS3.

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@fruitcocoa: Visit komplett.se they got the best prices where the PS4 costs 3890:- kronor and the xbone 4490:-

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How come nobody seems to get european conversion right?

The USD -> Euro conversion is already unfair to people in Europe, and it seems like this is compounded in Sweden.

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@fisk0 said:

The Swedish tax is exactly the same as in the rest of EU (VAT 25%), so it makes no sense that the prices should be this wildly different from the rest of the EU. I guess we could import from Amazon.de or something like that, not sure about how importing from UK's Amazon would work, since they use an entirely different electricity standard than the rest of EU (aren't they using 140V or something like that, instead of 230V like most of EU) - wouldn't the power supply be different between UK and EU?

Actually, VAT varies across Europe, ranging from 15% to 27%.

@buckybit said:

"Europe" is considered by Sony, Microsoft and game publishers as 'high-income' 1st world consumer territory. Even though, the economy is stumbling for almost a decade in most countries. Southern Europe has a unemployment rate way above 10%? I think Spain alone has an unemployment rate of young people above 25%?!

I'm relatively optimistic about Europe's future, but those numbers are a bit low. Europe as a whole has an unemployment rate of over 10%. Southern Europe (depending on definitions) has about 15-20% unemployment, Greece and Spain both having over 25%. Youth unemployment across Europe is around 25%, with Spain (over 55%) and Greece (over 60%) holding top slots.

Having said that, we're still relatively rich, with our fancy cell phones and HDTVs, social securities, etc. Most of the prices for Europe, when you subtract VAT, are roughly 50 USD higher than the American prices. And there are still costs associated with releasing hardware and software for multiple languages, across multiple countries, each with its own laws and regulations in addition to EU law. It sucks, but it's not unreasonable I think.

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I wouldn't worry about hardware pricing if I was living in Sweden but rather alcohol pricing and the bizarrely left winged society I'd be forced to be a part of.

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Spelbutiken has been the lowest for a couple of days now at 3980 sek including shipping. Interested to see if they continue to push it down.

Probably not though, we should be at more or less the correct price point now.

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@fruitcocoa: Are these preorders bundles of any kind? Sometimes retailers will see that the consoles will sell out no matter what and only let you buy them as part of a bundle, so you have to buy a bunch of extra stuff you didn't want in the first place. That certainly what happened with the Wii for a long time.

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Weird that they're the same. Not weird that you're getting screwed on pricing. PS4 price in euro currently equates to $534 and Xbox one is $668. I understand the way tax is added on in the US but that doesn't account for the gap.

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@somejerk said:

The prices are preliminary but below 5000 is good with how badly fucked we're used to getting. The most taxes in the world, what do we get in exchange? Just about no natural disasters and fine-ass women (and men)..

And pretty big problems that are a result of multiculturalism... *nervous whistle*

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It seems Sony is determined to make up the ground they lost with the US market last generation so they are going to make the rest of the world pick up the slack. Xbox One is pre-ordering at $599.00 in Aus, PS4 $549.00. I'd almost go XBOne as you get Kinect for $50 extra and apparently it has more features?.. If anything this price gorging has made me decide to wait till next E3 and hopefully poor sales will force both to cut, also I can see Sony's stance on used games giving Microsoft huge exclusive clout with 3rd party publishers.

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PS4 isn't even being released in Korea yet, and I can get a Japanese import pre-order for 620'000 won, or just about $550 USD. Of course if customs gets a hold of that and decides to charge taxes on it. Hooo boy!

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@thedudeofgaming said:

@somejerk said:

The prices are preliminary but below 5000 is good with how badly fucked we're used to getting. The most taxes in the world, what do we get in exchange? Just about no natural disasters and fine-ass women (and men)..

And pretty big problems that are a result of multiculturalism... *nervous whistle*

I agree from another angle - it's how the politicians, the media, and the people who listen to the media treat multuculturalism. They new arrivals aren't treated like people, they're treated like little babies who need more love and care and money than any other needy people in trouble the country - FOREVER. This country's got a lot of issues, homes aren't being built, there's not enough teachers or medical staff, not enough language teachers - and then the environmental party made a deal to let 30k people from a certain country in. "Not enough homes for the people who live here and need to move out of the cramped apartments they were raised in because their parents were poor - let's take in enough new people to start what's classified as a large city"!

I'm all for a good humanitarian effort but what the fuuuuu there are some dumbass people in power in this country, I'm a first generation immigrant and I want to go to the mother&father-land..
..because in Finland I'd be paying €399 for the PS4, instead of out the nose!

(Fun fact disclaimer: Always been able to trust and rely upon immigrant friends and neighbours my whole life, but not so with the Swedes. Love my hajjihabibis)