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What games do you play sometimes for the good ol' times ?

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All of them.

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I think nostalgia is an overused term in relation to gaming. I think a lot of times, anything that's old that people like, people say is nostalgia. I don't agree with that at all.

So to answer your question, what old games do I like to play purely for the way it reminds me of a certain time in my life?

Mario 64: I still remember, like it was yesterday, the first time I saw Mario 64 in the Toys R Us in my town. I went there with the sole intention of seeing it. I remember hearing it before i saw it and thinking "What the heck?!" when "It's-a-me!" rang out. I was instantly deflated because... honestly... if you're not old enough to remember the days when it was assumed that Mario had a thick brooklyn accent, hearing Charles Martinet's interpretation was like a kick in the junk followed by a wedgie. But then I rounded the corner and saw it and I was just blown away. Everything from the color to the music to that amazing first level that just inspired a wonderful sense of <i>play</i> bowled me over. Everytime i fire it up, I go right back to that moment.

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Sonic, Streets of Rage, some Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. I should be doing that right now.

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Maybe Oblivion or the Sims 2. I don't really like replaying old games. It's safer to dream about them and believe they were as good as I think they were than to go back and discover I don't really enjoy it anymore :P

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I have a few based on different systems.

This is hard :(

PC - Zeliard or Zone66 for real old , Often play Doom (Brutal Doom mod) with my brother, Daggerfall and Descent 1 + 2 once in a great while.

NES - Contra and nothing else.

SNES - real hard to choose here because SNES had so many memorable games.... Super Metroid

N64 - I usually try to get through Majora's Mask again once a year but I never finish it. Beat OoT too many times as a kid to care much about that one anymore I'm sorry :(

PS1 - I didn't have one until right before ps2 came out so the only game I liked was Chrono Cross

Dreamcast - Grandia 2

I could probably list a lot more but those are the first things that pop into my head.

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I think it's my first time using this word in gaming and also, I have seen this word used on few articles. I understand that you don't agree, but haven't you thought about that, maybe you have a different feeling and that's why you can't call it nostalgia ? I think it's quite logical. Nostalgia doesn't mean only memories.

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Any given main line Pokemon game.

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If I am feeling nostalgic that means pulling out the old Dreamcast. Usually involves Crazy Taxi, Powerstone, NFL Blitz, Shenmue and a few others. My favorite console by far. It's pretty rare with my backlog of current gen titles that I go back though.

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I replay Half Life 1/2 and the Epsiodes and Kotor 1 almost every year.

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I've tried to go back and play old games from time to time but it does nothing for me. I can't help thinking to myself: I've already seen/done all this... why not put my time into something I've never seen before? Then I will inevitably stop playing the old game. Smells are the only thing that seem to give me a feeling of nostalgia, and it happens like once every few years. If you guys get that same feeling simply from playing old games then I envy you.

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I have played games for a long time and never return to games from prior generations except for Compnay of Heroes, which i install on each new pc i build. Im not a nostalgic sort of person, im about new experiences, the past is the past. I know others, a lot, are different but not my thing.

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I replay Silent Hill 2-4 every October, they're the only games who's atmosphere ever really got to me. I also replay Planescape Torment, Baldur's Gate 2, and Kotor once every year or two. Something about those games are still fun and enjoyable to me every time I boot them up.

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I regularly start up FFVII, MGS, A Link to the Past, Turtles in Time, Mega Man 2/3/X and Silent Hill over the course of a year. Sometimes only for a particular scene or some dumb 15 minutes of fun. Listening to the sounds and music also plays a big part. Actraiser and Illusion of Gaia are particularly good and evoking nostalgia through sound-design, so they belong on my list as well.

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Some good old Mario Kart 64 always reminds me of the time when I would always go over to my friends house and play split screen for hours.

Gothic 1 was the game that got me big into rpgs and is still a top 10 favourite of mine a long with the second game so I remember the day I first installed it fondly.