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Poll: in the PS4 meeting, whom were you most scared of or was the creepiest? (337 votes)

Driveclub guy, aka "I want to sex all of the cars" 30%
Suckerpunch guy, aka "fuck tha police" 59%
one of the other motherfuckers 11%

Okay so we all liked the conference (except for cynics and PC master race assholes, seriously go look at the RPS comments to see a bunch of annoying 'well ON THE PC BLAH BLAH BLAH), but man some of those presenters were goddamn scary/creepy... personally for me it was driveclub guy. urk

I'm really only adding other because that second square enix guy looked like he wouldn't be out of place as the head of a local Yakuza branch and Ono looks way too jovial to not be hiding some deep, dark secret.

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Awesome thread, Brando lives on.

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Sucker Punch guy actually made me uncomfortable, though Brad says he's actually a pretty chill guy. I think he probably just over-rehearsed.

DriveClub guy sounded like he was actually salivating as he spoke, but I just found it really funny. It reminded me of Eric Idle's "Money Programme" sketch in Monty Python's Flying Circus.

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The 1st guy who was talking about the specs, had a real bug eye watches people when they sleep look about him...

Suckerpunch guy and Drive Clubs guys were just hilarious, not at all creepy. I almost choked on my food when Sucker Punch guy opened with the tear gas line.

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Media Molecule's penis sculpting tech and dancing puppet show was creepy. Maybe I've been on the internet for too long but car sex guy and fuck the police guy seemed kind of normal, or at least they have an audience of like minded individuals for their product.

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@skankinpacman said:

I so hoped that the Sucker Punch was just some crazy fuck who wandered into the press conference and just started spouting crazy insane bullshit.

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That Sucker Punch guy was a classy dude..

I would embed my reply but this new site only takes URL embedding and it's not recognizing the Youtube link.. the fuck?

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Sucker Punch dude for sure. The car porn was nothing I hadn't seen before on Top Gear really, they just know to make it self-aware enough not to be creepy.

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The Sucker Punch Guy. I mean please don't drag police officers through the mud in order to market your game.