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Backlogs, we all have them, we all love...and hate them. Be it steam sales, PS+ freebies, local store bargain bins, you name, we all buy or get far more games than we can play. So instea d of crying about it, in this thread we actually play and finish our games. So, list all the games you played and/or finished in the last 2 weeks or so (no point going back too long), and give some quick thoughts about it. Let me get the ball rolling, lately I have played and finished:

-Wanderlust Rebirth (PC) - Bought during this current sale, played co-op with Giantbomb's own Absolute Zero, took us about 4-5 hours or so to...reach the final boss. We didnt actually kill him, and therefore got the bad ending, but the game is the opposite of good (has some neat ideas tho) so that ending is good enough for me!

-DmC Virgil's Downfall DLC (PC) - Also bought during the current sale (does that even count as backlog?), this one I really enjoyed. Good lenght (2-3 hours), doesnt overstay its welcome, and Vergil plays quite different from Dante so thats nice. Still love the art design of the new DmC, sorry DMC purists :(

-Papo & Yo (PC) - Really enjoyed this little gem, even if mostly because its based on the creator's shitty life. I admit that if that wasnt the case the game wouldnt be so special, since at its heart its a very simple (and VERY short, took me 2 hours to finish) puzzle platformer. I love the art style, and theres some neat ideas, but mainly, its the theme that got to me (for reasons I rather not go into >_>)

-The Walking Dead 400 Days DLC (PC) - This one was a bit of a dissapointment. Its well done, and it has the same mood as the actual episodes, but the 5 stories in it are so short that you never really get any emotional attachment to any of the characters. Maybe it will mean more when season 2 rolls in, but as a stand alone, its a bit weak.And short, which is a recuring theme in the games Ive been finishing lately.

-McPxel (PC) - Now we're talking. Really liked this one, its completely silly and crazy, but I loved checking out all the gags (which I did, gold in every level baby! too bad theres no achievements >_>). Its a buck on Steam, so give it a go if you want something completely different.

-Scribblenauts Unlimited (PC) - And probably my favorite of the bunch from the last few weeks, I absolutely loved Scribblenauts Unlimited. Maybe because I never played any Scribb game before, but I thought the mechanics were great, the graphics are cute as shit, its quite long if you do all the levels, and overall you just feel good inside (lol) playing it. Probably my biggest surprise in a long time, also the first game where I 100%ed the achievements on Steam

I am currently slowly working on Resident Evil 6 (actually like it, but man those chapters are long) and a few others, so this thread shall be updated soon! What about you, what game did you chip away from the ol'backlog lately?

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I finally played through Tomb Raider which was sitting in my library for a month or so, Also played through the rest of Hotline Miami, both were pretty great, but i still have lots of crap i could go back and collect in Tomb Raider, not sure if i actually will though.

Thing is between Civ 5's new expansion and the impending Terraria 1.2 patch i think those will take up a lot of my gaiming over the next month or two. I'll try and finish a few other things off here and there though, im currently enjoying Bit.Trip.Runner 2, really cheery game.

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Steam sales and price drops on PS3 titles got me down.

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Destroying my backlog would be akin to trying to break down a mountain using a plastic novelty pickaxe. I might have a bit of a game hoarding problem.

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Working on Saints Row: The Third!

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- I cant beat Shao Kahn god damn it, but Ill get through that soon enough and consider my time with MK done.

- Im about to give up on Rogue Legacy, I think being bad at videogames is my main problem here.

- Dishonored is a game that I find almost impossible to sit through, this is my second attempt at it and I will probably fail again. Although I would love to see it through and I think Im close to the end.

So not such a great list here...

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I just bought a PS3. Dude, it's rough. Plus, Giant Bomb love.

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Shogun 2. Was pretty good. Played Oda and annihilated the enemy with 5 full armies of rank 5+ yari ashigaru.

Tropico 4 I bought, but it's not really keeping me interested.

Overlord I started today, it's really charming.

^The rest of my backlog. Plan to do CoP soon. Also Soul Hackers.

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Man, I've looked with guilt at my backlog fairly often, but I've kind of given up on it. The amount of Steam games I've completed versus that amount of Steam games I actually own is a pretty big number. That's not even counting all of the 360, PS2, PS3, DS, 3DS, GBA, and PS1 games I have laying around that I haven't completed.

This has long since become a fool's errand, fueled by the notion many of us once had as kids to get everything out of the few games that we owned.

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I don't believe in backlogs anymore. I don't count the games, I don't look at them or think of them.

I'm always playing something and having fun or enjoying surreal experiences, that's all that matters to me.

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Runner2 - I had already beaten it but not with perfect plus on all difficulties. Now that I've done that this game is completely completed, 100%, content exhausted. I am totally done with this game forever.

Oh wait... retro levels... fffffffffffffffffffff.

Pirates of Black Cove - Very simple but enjoyable in a mindless "I'm focusing all of my attention on listening to these audiobooks" way.

Gunpoint - Awesome little puzzle game which just needs ten times as much content. I would happily play a 20-hour version of this.

Hell Yeah! - For some reason I had stopped at 90 monsters last time I played the game (?!) so finishing this up was pretty quick if I don't count the time spent finishing side-missions - god damn the controls are horribly clunky for the stunts/tricks.

McPixel - I haven't found every interactive element in every scene but I'll never try so I've beaten this game as hard as I'm ever going to.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon - Finally remembered to play this despite pre-ordering the damn thing. It was exactly as rad as expected.

DLC Quest - Stupid broken achievements.

Most of these were one or two sessions between insanely long hours spent on Crusader Kings 2, specifically the GoT mod. I guess I've "finished" that campaign a dozen times at this point, eagerly awaiting the next version.

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Ever since I got Steam, my backlog has jumped considerably. Total War 2: Shogun, Rogue Legacy, Torchlight, XCOM: Enemy Unknown... the list goes on... and keeps growing! Shin Megami Tensei IV will be added soon to the list.

I'm currently going through Gunpoint, Fire Emblem: Awakening, and Starcraft II. I've heard Gunpoint isn't that long and I am close to being finished with Starcraft II.

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Man, I don't even want to think about it right now :(

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Lately I've taken to thinking of my backlog as a hyrda. I don't know why. ( EDIT: Ooooh! I figured out why! It's because I'm nerdy :)

I've not chopped any heads off in the last two weeks. I've been squaring off against Spelunky, Hotline Miami, and most recently Bayonetta. These games are not my standard gaming fare, but I've been enjoying them all nonetheless. Spelunky most of all. That might be my favorite of all the games I've played in the last couple years.

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i just added about 40 games to my backlog, so I'm not feeling super bullish about mine right now.

Curse you Summer Sales!

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Lately I've taken to thinking of my backlog as a hyrda. I don't know why.

I've not chopped any heads off in the last two weeks. I've been squaring off against Spelunky, Hotline Miami, and most recently Bayonetta. These games are not my standard gaming fare, but I've been enjoying them all nonetheless. Spelunky most of all. That might be my favorite of all the games I've played in the last couple years.

Heh, mine grows heads faster then i can cut them off. Interesting analogy.

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Rocketbirds (PC) - finished, after starting it months ago and leaving it halfway. Really cool little game, great 2d art, amazing soundtrack. Again, very short (2-3 hours) and the gameplay feels a little strange, but well worth playing through. Ending sets up a sequel which I fear will never happen :(

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@sanity said:

@pyromagnestir said:

Lately I've taken to thinking of my backlog as a hyrda. I don't know why.

I've not chopped any heads off in the last two weeks. I've been squaring off against Spelunky, Hotline Miami, and most recently Bayonetta. These games are not my standard gaming fare, but I've been enjoying them all nonetheless. Spelunky most of all. That might be my favorite of all the games I've played in the last couple years.

Heh, mine grows heads faster then i can cut them off. Interesting analogy.

perfect analogy. as someone who wishlists ANY game that even remotly interests me on Steam, no matter how many games I buy, the wishlist just keeps getting bigger >_>

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@cyrus_saren: you are never finished with Starcraft ^^
you start up the multiplayer and then you`re stuck forever or you end up watching streams for the rest of your life,

The problem I have with my backlog is that most games I have finished up to the last 10% and then I stop playing and end up forgetting about them and then a couple of months later I`ll start them up just to realize that I have deleted the save file by mistake when i cleared my hard drive.
happened to me when it comes to Rage, The Walking Dead and a bunch of other titles i cant remember.
Am I alone in doing this or is there anyone else out there who also makes these mistakes?

also I finally finished Half life 2 (I feel a little late on this as I have had it for like 8 years)
Gotta say I think the game is really overrated sure it might have been amazing for its time but man the story just felt flat and boring after all the hype it has gotten over the years, the only interesting thing with the game has to be g-man but other than that i felt disappointed

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Ill be dead before I finish my backlog. There is just no way I have that much time.

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My backlog is still pretty small, but it's almost entirely Atlus games. So it's gonna take awhile to finish.

Just finished P4 a few days ago. Dived into P3: FES the day after, which I'm currently playing on and off.

After that, I've got;

  • SMT III: Nocturne
  • Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon
  • Digital Devil Saga 1 & 2
  • Dark Cloud 2

I've also got plans to pick up DMC 3 and one of the .hack games.

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finished The Swapper, had to resort to youtube for most of the later puzzles because I just couldnt be arsed anymore. And that is in no way a jab at the game, its a jab at me, I just dont have the patience (or time) anymore. Just like with point and click adventures. Then again, A) I wouldnt have come up with those solutions anyway (again, just like in point and click adventures heh) and B) the other option was to drop the game, so I prefer to at least finish them.

Game is really good tho :) Might finally jump headfirst into Civ5 for the first time, as Im slightly obcessed with 4X games lately... Im scared :(

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I've had a pretty productive July, finally catching up on stuff after not really playing much for a few months.

Tomb Raider: My game of the year so far! I got around 5 hours in back around release, and didn't get a chance to finish it til recently. I was skeptical because I like exploring giant tombs and solving crazy puzzles, but this was so well done.

Journey: Finally got around to it. It was alright. There were some cool moments with companions and such but I guess the hype was too unreasonable. Or maybe it's because I just got done playing...

The Unfinished Swan: I loved this game! The atmosphere, the music, the variety. Everything was just beautiful and memorable. Glad I got this and Journey when they were on sale because they each took around 2 hours, but I can see myself coming back to this one again and again.

Saints Row 3: Another game that I got far into around release but never finished. My clock was at 10 hours a week ago, and 22 hours by yesterday. Just so much fun, so crazy. I couldn't finish GTA IV because the controls did nothing for me (granted, I got 20 hours in), but Saints Row had a fun story and rock solid gameplay. Wasn't really interested in SR IV, but this week changed that for me. I'm at around 90% but decided to avoid burning out with the last couple activities I had left. Considering I'll have a whole new game to explore next month.

Before the next tide of games hits, I'm looking to finish God of War: Ascension, The Last of Us, Crysis 3, and Mega Man Universe (so good, go download it!) And I should really finish Heart of the Swarm, but I'm still bummed that the story is nowhere near as cool as the old games.

The problem I have with my backlog is that most games I have finished up to the last 10% and then I stop playing and end up forgetting about them and then a couple of months later I`ll start them up just to realize that I have deleted the save file by mistake when i cleared my hard drive.

And yep, I do the same thing. Not deleting saves but finishing up the end of a game. I guess I don't want something to end and I just want to savor it... and then a few weeks later I realize I have to relearn the controls and it just goes back in the pile.

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Welp! I'm fucked! That's a lot of Japan in my hand and on my screen. All of the games are good and bring me joy, but sweet sugar will the hours add up quickly. I've already put in enough work with FFXIII-2 to burn through it in like 15~ hours, but I'm trying to 100% it...again.

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Just finished Saints Row: The Third a few days ago. Currently going through X-com and the Warhammer expansions.

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Between Wii, DS, PS2, Gamecube, and Steam stuff, I've probably got 200 games in my backlog. I'm keeping track of what I've beaten on this list, and refuse to buy another game until that list has one hundred entries. I've even passed on the entire Steam Summer Sale...it's been a rough week or so.

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Got Last of Us and Fire Emblem on the burn at the moment, potentially The Witcher 2 er, too. I technically have a much, much larger backlog but I came to the realization as I was making a list of unfinished games that I was turning a recreational activity into a chore. DmC, for example, is a game that I think I should play before the end of the year, but I'm not going to force myself to play it until I have a real desire to do so. In reference to the thread title, I'm not destroying my backlog, just the pressure that sometimes accompanies them.

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Skyrim + its DLC are in my backlog, which means the backlog isn't getting finished anytime within the next 6 months :'(

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My backlog isn't that bad. Just finished DMC on normal difficulty. It's easier than previous DMC games and it's good enough to warrant some more playtime. So I might go back. Still, it's been finished.Tomb Raider is done. I'm not going back and getting more upgrades and weapons. Bioshock and The Last of Us are effin' done as well. So yeah, I consider those four games as the most important releases this year so far. So less pressure from the internet about playing these right now. A lot of love for Fire Emblem, but I don't have a 3DS and I have enough to play anyways. Ok, with that out of the way, here is my backlog:

Dishonored. Somehow missed it last year. Honestly I'm not looking that much forward to it, since it looks so underwhelming every time I see it. But it's gotten rave reviews so I have to give it a chance.

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. Just going to finish this one. I'm 4 hours but I should be able to get through it soon enough.

Resident Evil 6. Oh man, I'm kind of scared of it. I've heard it's really bad and I thought RE5 was awful. Still, I got to see this turkey for myself.

Portal 2. Still haven't finished it, but going to.

Civilization 5: Brave New World. One... more... turn...

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I haven't played anything other than Shadow Hearts: Covenant (and a little Crashmo) for the past 3 weeks. However, this is a game that I've been meaning to get to since 2010, I think.

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Is there some kind of app or something that will tell me what I should play out of the games I have. TOO MANY CHOICES!

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I "beat" a Civ V run. I say that in quotes because I stupidly left only Domination as a victory condition. Managed to kill everyone except 3 other Civs who I was very friendly with at that point, and since you apparently can't just say "hey, let's all form an alliance forever!" I decided to call it a victory then.

That's...uh...it? Currently playing a Vault Hunter run of Borderlands 2 and would say I'm about half through it but still need to hit the DLCs.

And now I have like, 5 new games to play due to the sale.

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I'm probably not getting many new games for a while, so I've been on a bit of a backlog tear recently. Oh, I still have far, far, far too many games in my library that I will never play, but I've been working on it.

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I'm always working on my backlog. Currently sitting at about 20 titles that I want to ensure I play. The biggest problem I have is there's a LOT of stuff I want to replay, including stuff I have new DLC for like Skyrim or DmC, but I have a hard time playing because it feels like time I could spend on something "new." Backlogs are annoying.

The full list is probably twice that, but the rest of those games aren't something I feel I need to play, just stuff I want to play.

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Okay, fine. I'll try to play assassins creed 3. And arkham asylum. By my steam indie queue is so much more interesting (gunpoint guys. It's pretty good).

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Cry of Fear: A fun free survival-horror game that was thrilling to play. Playing the game kept me on edge throughout the whole experience. The atmosphere and design has a Similar Silent Hill vibe about it. You don't know what to expect, and before you know something will catch you off guard. You have to be wise of the weapons and resources available to you. If you don't you'll find yourself in a fucked up situation.

Now the story and voice acting could have been alot better. The voice acting was kinda meh, and the story took a predictable turn. It also felt like it follow suite to Silent Hill 2. When during the whole time you find out that....

your character was insane and lost his mind because he was paralyzed

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The Blackwell Legacy - the first in the series, and it feels like it. It's quite short, 2-3 hours depending on how stuck you get, it feels more like episode 1 of a season-style game than a stand alone thing. It mostly serves to introduce the 2 main characters, who I really like, with some clever mechanics for a point and click adventure. It's also a bit rough looking (certainly worse than the more recen Wadgeteye games) and the voice acting is passable, but it has a cool premise and like I said, good main characters. Left me curious for the sequels that's for sure

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Crusader Kings 2: I bought it a long time ago, and played a bit of it awhile ago but over the last couple weeks I've probably put in about 100 hours. Started as the Count of Cornwall in Southern Wales. Took over the rest of Wales and created the Kingdom of Wales. Then I took over the rest of England and Ireland becoming the King of each area. Took over enough of Scotland to create the Empire of Brittania. Starting marrying my kinsmen to members of smaller kingdoms with weak claims that could be inherited. Once an opportunity to press a weak claim came up in that kingdom I made sure that my family member inherited the claim and then went to war to put them in control of the kingdom.

Now I'm the Emperor of Brittania, King of Wales (with all the Counties in my direct control) and my direct vassals include the Kings of England, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Pomerania, Finland, Perm, Leon, Brittany (might be a Duke), Portugal, Castille, and Aragon.

Inheritance can be a bit tricky. I usually have to put down a major revolt each time my King dies and my Heir takes over. It's been awesome though, but I feel the need to set it aside and play some smaller shorter games now.

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I finished Bioshock: Infinite at the weekend, and played and finished Journey last night. Loved both of them. With Last of Us being the game I played before that, whatever I pick next will have a job on its hands.

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Ehhhh....it would take years, literally. Player of video games or more collector of video games, has yet to be determined.

With new systems and games this November...yeah right.

Oh well one game at a time.

Dead Space 3, you're it.

Maybe. :D

EDIT: OK, just finished the Tiny Tina DLC for BL2...woot...I guess. :]

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this thread is more about us discussing our latest finished (or dropped) games than a set-in-stone goal to clear out backlogs like some people think it is...the title was just for funsies :)

anyway, just finished Cave Story + (PC), a true backlog champion as I've had it for years now. Really liked it, some great metroidvania style gameplay, great art design, great levels...just a good game overall. Took me 6ish hours, didnt get all the secrets, nor do I feel I have to, Im pretty happy to leave it as is (and yes I got the actual ending, not the bad ending you can get 2 thirds of the way through heh)

It also made me realise (again) how good the Pc is for metroidvanias in the last few years. Between this, Aquaria, Dust An Elysian Tale, Unepic, La Mulana and im sure lots more Im forgetting, the genre is alive and well!

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Castlevania: Lament of Innocence - I always wanted to play this game back in the ps2 generation, but luckily I was able to download it from the psn store. The story is about a young belmont named Leon trying to save his Fiancee from a powerful vampire( Sounds Cliche), but to my surprise this game is a prequel to the original Castlevania. It shows how the vampire killer whip was made, how the belmonts became vampire hunters, and how Dracula became to be.

The graphics and designs are very nice. The combat is pretty fun and engaging. You unlock different moves with the whip, use sub-weapons, and use a variety of badass powers. You can explore different parts of the castle to find hidden items and upgrades. There's a nice selection of different enemy types, and the boss fights were kickass. My main gripe with the game is that its on the short side.

Still playing this game brought back a nostalgic feeling. It made me think about the fun times I had back in the ps2 generation.

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@banefirelord: I know the problem. I have more unfinished games than finished ones, which really is quite sad when you think about it...

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I finally finished Demon's Souls. It was very tough for the first 8 or so hours and then I felt overpowered the rest of the game. I was surprised that I finished it in 22 hours and I was surprised that I beat most of the bosses on the first try.

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My backlog is somewhat massive, largely due to Steam sales. The other problem i've run into, is having missed most of the PS2/GC/Xbox generation due to being a broke student, now that I am finished school and working, I find myself frequently picking up HD remakes and older games I want to play, along with new releases.

Recent beats:

Mark of the Ninja (I love this game so much...so very much)

Civ V Brave New World - Civ is one of my oldest addictions, but I played through with the newest expansion recently. Still miss some things about Civ IV, but honestly one unit per tile just makes war fun again.

March of the Eagles - kinda like Europa Universalis, but without all the empire managing. Been playing with game save conversion because when you reach a world-altering war, this game is just more fun to play.