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#151 Posted by Iodine (551 posts) -

I lived in DC until I was twelve, and since then I have lived spitting distance from the childhood home of a Brad Shoemaker

#152 Edited by IAmNotBatman (656 posts) -

Well, they have a football (soccer) team on the FIFA games... that counts right?

#153 Posted by Elwoodan (874 posts) -

I guess Morgantown is the home of West Virginia University, so we are in the NCAA football games.

But more importantly we are in the same state as Huntington, home to Polygon editor and Time Belt star Justin Mcelroy.

#154 Posted by ExiledVip3r (95 posts) -

@exiledvip3r said:

Salt Lake City.

The opening part in Last of Us felt eerily close when getting off the highway, but as soon as you venture away from the highway exit ramp and onto another street the illusion is lost completely.

The opening part of the game or the opening part of being in Salt Lake? You're in Texas at the very beginning, then Boston then you hit somewhere in the west...I haven't gotten to the SLC portion but I've heard it's kind of cool looking and there's a lot of attention to detail.

The opening part of being in Salt Lake, which is later in the game.

Now that I go back and look at screenshots of it though, it doesn't look remotely accurate, the i-15 exit they take doesn't look right, not to mention is on the complete opposite side of the city from where the the real version of the fake location you're going to would be. They do a decent job of the skyline though; and they nail the texture on the cop cars for whatever that's worth.