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Spelled phoenetically in Korean: 자이언트 봄

Translated: 거대한 폭탄, which would be pronounced "gaw day haan poke taan"

(Not my native tongue..)

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kæmpe bombe.

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There are no words... only knowing looks.

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Great. Now people can scream Giant Bomb in any language and I know I should find shelter. Preferably a giant shelter.

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@cale said:
@thedudeofgaming said:

@cale said:

@thedudeofgaming said:

Џиновска бомба.

Have fun trying to read and pronounce that shit.

Unhobka Gomga?

How'd you do that? Are you a wizard?!

I spent 11 years trekking through Tibet, along the foothills of Mount Gwapaloopoo. It was there I met a shaman, wise as he was old. He taught me in the ways of the Wachiki, the language decoding secrets of ancient Kwalapeck. It was a simple task for someone such as me to decode your message.

I just googled it. Or did I bing it? Oh that's right, I asked jeeves. Or did I...

Hmm, maybe it was hotbot... but they got bought by lycos and serve as a front end, so in that case I would have been searching hotbot and lycos at the same time. I know for sure it wasn't yahoo or excite.

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Gigantische Bombe

That's right.

Mächtiges Badabumm.

I like this even better. Riesige Bombe is also an option.

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Scottish: fuckin' massive boam

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Hungarian: Óriás bomba

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This thread is just a clever way of weeding out all the non English native speakers and then banning them as part of Jeff's secret world domination plan.

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@pezen said:

You Swedes are confusing "Giant" and "Gigantic". It's "Jättebomb" in Swedish.

God damnit, you're right.

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Gigantysk bom - frisian. Oant sjen!

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@pezen said:

You Swedes are confusing "Giant" and "Gigantic". It's "Jättebomb" in Swedish.

Spared me a post. Or did you? Now I am confused...

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Bomb e Bozorg - Farsi

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Literal translation: Bombe Géante

With a regional touch: Grosse Bombe

(roughly pronounced Gross Bomb. Thought you guys might like that one better)

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Bomba Gigantica

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Gigantisk Bomb, Jättebomb. :C

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I was trying to think what the word for bomb is in Urdu because I've never heard anyone say it. Turns out it's just bomb. Giant Bomb would then be 'dio bomb' or 'bara bomb'. The latter is technically 'big bomb' but the word for big kind of encapsulates giant and is more commonly used.