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No classes for a week, which means more time to play video games. Yay!


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Man, this is the reason why I play video games in the first place. Fun. Metal Gear Rising is pretty damn fun. I’ve played through the game 4 and a half times, and if I didn’t have to send it back to Gamefly in order to get Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, I’d definitely keep going. Even then, I still got my fill for this game, playing through it on normal, hard, hard again with S-Ranking every chapter, and normal again with the wooden sword. And then half way through the game on Very Hard. For as short as the actual game time is, it sure is extremely replayable. And that’s not counting the VR Missions or going through as many codec calls as possible.

I’ve found myself enjoying this game a lot more than I was expecting to, and I was looking forward to this game for a while on the basis of it being developed by Platinum and those devs know how to make action. It’s only fairly recently that I have tried pushing myself to go deeper with these character action games, replaying DMC3 on higher difficulties and playing Ninja Gaiden again after several years (although not the same version, still the same core game). With DMC3 I got farther on Normal than I did last year, and Ninja Gaiden I played as far as defeating Alma. I’m more interested these days in digging deeper into the mechanics than just playing to get through the game.

While Blade Mode is the game’s most recognizable gameplay feature going all the way back to when Rising was KojiPro’s game, the parry mechanic and the focus on efficiency in combat is very cool. It has that Ninja Gaiden feel of quickly and effectively dispatching of enemies with each encounter, along with a focus on maintaining a strong defense. The difference of course (in comparison to NG1, 2 being more offensive focused from what I’ve heard) being that you maintain defense through putting pressure on enemies rather than waiting for an opening to strike. Even the dodge move works as an attack too, not surprising given the name Defensive Offence.

The most impressive part about the game for me though has been the boss battles. Bosses in DmC were piss poor, and no amount of visual flair and ridiculousness can excuse them. Metal Gear Rising however has EXCELLENT boss battles. In fact, they’re probably the best fights I’ve encountered in these kind of games. Jeanne and Vergil are still at the very top no doubt about it, but most of Rising’s bosses are pretty high up there. Monsoon in particular is my personal favorite. The buildup with the only good instance of Jack the Ripper, the music that kicks in, and the boss testing your parrying abilities as far as possible is just so goddamn exhilarating. Best of all is that it’s a humanoid boss. Even with the best designed gigantic boss, they still don’t compare to going head to head with someone your size. And they make up a majority of the bosses, which is almost an inverse proportion to the bosses in Bayonetta, where everyone you fought with the exception of Jeanne was humongous.

It’s really fun and great game that makes me want a sequel so much. Not just to fix issues like the camera among other things, but to expand on these concepts with a full development time. Considering Platinum had less than two years to make this game, the final quality of the game is very surprising. I’d go as far to say this is the second best game Platinum has made. Obviously that may change depending on how Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2 will end up (no doubt they’ll be fun), but for now this is definitely one of my favorite things Platinum has made.

And the Rest

Retro City Rampage

A friend of mine who runs a website asked me if I’d like a code for Retro City Rampage so I could play and review it for his site. Figured why not, as I’d be getting a game for free and would probably be an easy run through for the weekend. So far game is pretty neat. It’s weird that I did not grow up during the time most of the things referenced were popular, yet I recognize them instantly.


I would’ve set aside a spot for more in depth thoughts on Vanquish, but I didn’t get much time to play it because of Rising. I’ll have more time to check it out now, so that’s great.

Other Things

As mentioned at the start, I've got no classes for a week because of spring break. Which is very nice, as the school I went to during high school did not have spring break (it was a private school). Looking forward to the extra time to do more of what I've always done. You know, play video games, and sit at my computer browsing the internet. Sometimes both at the same time.

In Conclusion

And that's it for this week. I feel I gotta put more effort into the sections that aren't me talking about specific video games, like the introduction and stuff. Probably doesn't help that I stayed up until quarter to 3 in the morning and that I'm super tired right now. Why the hell am I rambling about this anyway? Whatever. Expect detailed impressions on Vanquish in the next entry.