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Rumor has it that games from companies like Zynga can heavily delete battery life on your phones and tablets, even when you haven't played them, because they have an always running background process of tracking-cookie like adware. I'm interested in trying out games like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Tiny Wings, and Fruit Ninja, but don't want them to eat away at my already much too short 4S battery.

Anyone have experience with those titles? Heard any stories about them screwing with battery life? Notice them screwing up your own phone?

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I have Words With Friends, Angry Birds, and Fruit Ninja and if they actually do drain my battery it's not noticeable. The only one that's ever actively running is Words though. I'm not some anal battery watcher though so maybe they do, but I'd still say it's extremely minimal.

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You're talking about multiple things here. One thing that affects battery life is advertising/offer walls, which is independent of "spying". The last numbers I read were that each time a game makes a call for a new ad to display or checks for what game to display in an offer wall (like Playhaven or Tapjoy), that keeps a network connection open for around ten seconds (I don't recall if that was iOS, Android, or both). Individually, that's not much, but if you figure that the ads change every 30 seconds or so, your device is making a lot of ad calls and keeping your network running during much of your play time, which drains the battery. So, just look for games that don't display ads or disable your 3G/wi-fi connection if the game doesn't require it.

The spying aspect is the analytics that companies collect, and sorry to say, just about every studio that's making games people talk about is collecting analytics and the bigger the game/studio, the more analytics the game is reporting. Pretty much everything you do in an iOS/Android game is recorded. What levels you play, what menus you enter, your stats, what items you're using, where you died, etc, etc, etc is recorded and transmitted back to the company for the team to compile. Console games do it too, but it's so so easy to do in smartphones that it's basically everywhere. So games by companies like Zynga that are data/metrics driven will collect a lot data and regularly run your network connection and drain battery. Services like Game Center and OpenFeint are doing the same thing. So again, just turn on airplane mode if you can to save the battery.