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Posted by cbarnes86 (562 posts) 1 year, 8 months ago

Poll: iPhone 5 or Galaxy S4 (263 votes)

iPhone 5 41%
Galaxy S4 59%

So I'm upgrading my crappy Windows phone today and want to either go back to Apple products or try out a Samsung Galaxy. Would love to hear people's opinions that own either phone or have had both at one point in time. My main reason of going Apple is due to me having an iPad and iTunes purchases as well as most of my family owning iPhones (for iMessages),but the Galaxy (and Android in general) seems very customizable and I've always to change things like my SMS tones and it is simple on Android phones. Let me know what you think!

3 hours to go till I head to the store.

#1 Posted by Barrock (3563 posts) -

I just picked up an S4 an absolutely love it. I say go with it.

#2 Posted by JJOR64 (19109 posts) -

I have a iPhone 5 and I really like it. It's my first smart phone so I have no experience with the Galaxy S phones.

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Mac or PC? Alienware or Newegg? Call of Duty or Battlefield? Justin Bieber or Kendrick Lamar? Dragon Age 2 or Witcher 2? Dane Cook or Louie CK? Xbone or PS4? Kingdoms of Amalur or Dark Souls?

Galaxy S4 my friend.

#4 Posted by JoeyRavn (5001 posts) -

I can't stand iOS, so you should totally go with the S4. No, seriously, I hate iOS. I wouldn't an iPod even if they paid me to do it.

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@joeyravn said:

I can't stand iOS, so you should totally go with the S4. No, seriously, I hate iOS. I wouldn't an iPod even if they paid me to do it.

I don't understand how you can hate an OS. That you prefer another OS is entirely reasonable but hate? That's just weird man.

#6 Posted by Counterclockwork87 (779 posts) -

It's so apples and oranges...I love iOS, so I'd go iPhone. Love mine, guy above me doesn't like iOS...so how can we choose for you?

#7 Posted by djou (879 posts) -

I'm by no means an Apple fanboy but I would say iPhone. If you have an iPad and your family uses it you are tied to that ecosystem. Besides all the apps you can reuse, you will be able to chat with them and FaceTime.

#8 Posted by leftie68 (215 posts) -

Coincidentally my wife and I both got new phones 2 weeks ago. She got the iPhone 5 and I got the Galaxy S4. I think both were great picks. My wife had an android phone prior to the iPhone, but I noticed she never really experimented with the widgets and customization options of the phone. I told her to go with the iPhone because of it's brilliant simplistic design. She loves it! As for me I prefer a little more bells and whistles. I love the S4 and the things I can do with it. I have played around with the iPhone 5 and I get bored with it quickly. I guess what I am trying to say is, both are fantastic phones and it really depends on what you plan on doing with your phone, and if you are willing to put in the time to get the most out of an Android phone.

#9 Posted by Toxeia (726 posts) -

If you were okay with iOS in the past, then I guess it's up to you. Android's an open platform - and if you're into customization that's the way to go. If you're using it like you would a normal phone though and don't expect much else out of is, doesn't matter.

Also if you're looking at any fancy add-ons, like Google Glass or a smart watch you should really go Android. iOS is so closed off that devices don't have access to the bits they need to be truly useful, but Android's API is open as hell.

#10 Posted by LordAndrew (14430 posts) -

Get a good Android phone instead.

#11 Posted by Sticky_Pennies (2020 posts) -

Probably the Galaxy. Although, I would prefer the HTC One over that.

#12 Posted by ProfessorEss (7586 posts) -

iPhone 5 or a Galaxy S4? Yer winning either way.

To be honest, I have a lot of programmer friends and associates and lot of them dived into Android for its "customizability" only to realize that they really didn't care about customizing their phones and ended up preferring the iOS environment because of it's simplicity.

I do not like Apple desktops and I do not like OS, but iOS is pretty slick. It's simplicity where simplicity belongs.

#13 Posted by the_devoid (46 posts) -

c. HTC One

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After having 2 Samsung Galaxy phones either die or start overheating and restarting randomly, I have a hard time recommending Samsung phones to anyone. A lot of people I know who had the S3 also had issues with them losing connections or locking up. I know of 2 people at work who had to have their S3s sent for warranty within 2 months of purchase, one of which had their phone outright die.

So iPhone 5 by a mile. I've had one for 6 months now and have had no issues with it. It's nice and reliable and just works without having to fight with it. I used to be staunchly anti-iOS but after using it a bit, it really isn't that bad. It does what I want when I want. It's much better than I thought. The iPhone hardware is so much better than any of the Galaxy phones I have used (anything from the original Galaxy S to the Galaxy S3).

#15 Posted by jsnyder82 (772 posts) -

I would say iPhone 5 (or phone with stock Android interface), because I have a Galaxy, and Touchwiz is absolutely irritating. It eats up RAM and even Jelly Bean isn't immune to bits of slowdown because of it. I will never understand why companies insist on using their own interfaces, when stock Android is so much better.

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@rvone said:

@joeyravn said:

I can't stand iOS, so you should totally go with the S4. No, seriously, I hate iOS. I wouldn't an iPod even if they paid me to do it.

I don't understand how you can hate an OS. That you prefer another OS is entirely reasonable but hate? That's just weird man.

I think it's pretty simple and, in fact, it follows a quite consistent logic: every single experience I had with it has been terrible. It's an extremely closed OS with very little room for customization, with an also extremely closed app ecosystem, and next-to-nothing in terms of multitasking. I haven't used the new iOS 7, which is hailed as the second coming of Christ by some people, but it's too late for me to change my opinion on iOS anyway.

I do prefer Android (or even Windows Phone 7/8) over iOS, but I also actively dislike it to the point that, yes, again, I can say I hate it. Of course, if you're taking "hate" as in "I rally against it by planting burning crosses on Steve Job's widow's lawn", then no, I don't "hate" it. I hate it in the sense that I thoroughly dislike it. But, you know, there's hate, and there's that other kind of hate, you silly.

#17 Posted by spookytapes (272 posts) -

I picked an HTC One over both and have no regrets.

#18 Posted by Zelyre (1318 posts) -

I do Android for my phones and iOS for my tablets.

Does the Android market place lack the variety of Apple? Yup. But I have no interest in trying to play games on my phone. My phone is where I conduct business.

With widgets, I can see what I want at the home screen without having to launch apps. Google Now is awesome if you use Google services. Being able to wake up on a day you're traveling, having the ETA for a drive to the airport, seeing when and where your flight is leaving without needing to actively add those things to a calendar is awesome. I can access the entire contents of my phone without needing iTunes to sync regardless of what OS I'm using.

For a tablet, iPad. The screen is large enough, the battery big enough, and the library diverse enough to cover all your needs. I love my jailbroken iPad, but I wouldn't like the experience if it were a third of the size. Especially once you've gotten used to Android's drop down notifications, Google Now, and widgets.

#19 Posted by wewantsthering (1623 posts) -

Just FYI: You can get the iPhone 5 for $129 at Walmart if price is a big concern for you.

#20 Edited by Dot (163 posts) -

Probably the Galaxy. Although, I would prefer the HTC One over that.


#21 Posted by cbarnes86 (562 posts) -

@zelyre: You make a good point. I loved playing games and using my phone nonstop... until I got the iPad. Then I stopped using my phone other than for calls, texting, browsing, email, etc. That is why I decided to try the Nokia Lumia 900 and don't like it at all. Having lots of hardware issues and such. I'm leaning towards the Samsung, but the decision could be made for me when I go into the store and they are out of stock of one or both.

Keep the comments coming. I'm reading every bit of this thread and some is helpful (some is not). Thanks everybody!

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I'm reading every bit of this thread and some is helpful (some is not).

Mission accomplished!

But yeah, like others have said, take the HTC One into consideration as well if that's an option.

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@lordandrew: Haven't seen anything about it. Anyone care to let me in on the benefits of it over the other two options?

Also, 2 hours till I go to the store

#24 Posted by Nux (2484 posts) -

I'm tired of the Galaxy S4 ads so I choose the iPhone 5.

#25 Posted by jorbear (2517 posts) -

I love the iPhone 5.

#26 Edited by Wuddel (2109 posts) -

@cbarnes86 So there is a Galaxy S4 that comes with the stock Android version, directly sold by Google. You totally should get this, otherwise the Nexus 4. I used an iPhone 3G, then a Nexus S, now a iPhone 5, probably will switch again.

In my experience Android (the OS) is quite good, as long as no other crap is on there. The apps on Android were during the time I used them quite crappy, crashed a lot, and the widgets (I think one of the main selling points) never really worked. I also have yet to encounter an Android phone which could match an iPhone 5 in camera and build quality. Also if you live in the google cloud (meaning you use Gmail, Google Calendar & contacts as your main services) the support for this is unmatched on android naturally.

The iPhone 5 is super fast, and super responsive, great apps, fantastic build quality, great camera. It has a good size, but is certainly smaller than the S4. The OS however fells very dated. You can actually replicate a Google experience to some extend (largely because Google makes great iOS apps). It will get a free update in the fall however. It is also very closed. For example you can not just simply replace your default browser, home screen or email-client.

#27 Posted by Church069 (254 posts) -

I've had an iPhone for years, but just this past week I got the Galaxy S4. So far, there are some things I like about it over the iPhone, but some of the ways things are done on Android still baffle me. I probably won't know how I feel about the Galaxy S4 until I've had it for about a month. I could end up loving or hating it by then.

#28 Posted by uniform (1838 posts) -

After having two iPhones I discovered they're basically like the Lament Configuration. The phones change their shape, pale figures are summoned, chains and hooks involved. Just really bad stuff. Get a Galaxy, and stay safe.

#29 Posted by Poppduder (460 posts) -

Both phones are built well. Samsung's software isn't great but I still think its much much better hardware than the iPhone 5. I've used both (iPhone personally, Samsung for work) and considering how much internal storage iOS 7 is going to take (1.5 gigs or so) its kind of a bummer to lose that much internal memory to get features that android has had for ages.

#30 Posted by Marcsman (3349 posts) -

Never getting a droid again. iPhone 5

#31 Posted by EvilNiGHTS (1093 posts) -

I don't think you're going to be vastly unhappy with either, but there are better Android phones than the Galaxy S4. The HTC One is a little less ostentatious in its skinning and the build quality is undoubtedly better. Plus you can always root and put Cyanogenmod on it, or if you're willing to wait Google is expected to sell both phones with stock ASOP soon enough.

Or you could go with the iPhone 5. Somewhat less flexible, but nicely built and there's a bit more enthusiasm around the app development on iOS.

#32 Posted by BigBoss1911 (2585 posts) -


#33 Edited by Kidavenger (3683 posts) -

I have a S4, it's pretty good; my only issue is that it really pushes that line of how big is too big for a phone.

The HTC one is worth looking at.

#34 Posted by FreakAche (2959 posts) -


#35 Posted by ch3burashka (5332 posts) -

Honestly, the OS / store is more important than the phone, so go with the iOS device. Get a Nexus 7 or something for your Android needs.

#36 Posted by Brendan (8377 posts) -

Nexus 4! *runs away*

#37 Posted by Evilsbane (4914 posts) -

I have a S4, it's pretty good; my only issue is that it really pushes that line of how big is too big for a phone.

The HTC one is worth looking at.

I have the Note 2 the S4 is nothing close to being to big for a phone mine straddles that line HARD if it was any bigger it would be unusable as a phone but I love it.

#38 Posted by Reisz (1555 posts) -

iOS 7 looks pretty alright man, most interesting thing to happen to those devices in years. In your shoes though, I'd get the S4.

#39 Posted by psylah (2188 posts) -

Get an HTC One if you can, if not that, then the S4.

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Did they get rid of the plastic for the S4? Because fuck phones with plastic casing.

#41 Posted by LiquidPrince (16298 posts) -

S4 without a doubt.

#42 Edited by Turkalurch (194 posts) -

I've been using iPhones since the 3G and haven't turned back since. It just works for me. Rarely any complaints except for the occasional bogging down when your phone is 2 years old and the new iOS is a little too powerful for your old phone to handle, but that's never bothered me since I get a new iPhone with another 2 year contract around that time anyway.

Don't get me wrong though, there have been times where I thought about going to Android and my top 2 choices for my first Android device are either a Samsung S series or a Google Nexus series phone.

But it really only comes down to preference, like most things. For yours listed in your post, iMessages are cool and all, but it they only really matter if you do a lot of group messaging, otherwise, the whole price issues is pretty irrelevant unless you arent with sprint verizon or at&t since all 3 of those companies only have unlimited text messaging now. As with text tones, iOS allows you to customize your text tone. I personally don't but It's possible.

Good luck with your decision.

#43 Posted by leftie68 (215 posts) -

I love the "Get the HTC One, it is better" statements. They are chalked full of useful information to help him decide which phone to get. Listen, the HTC One and the Galaxy S4 have their advantages and disadvantages. One isn't necessarily better than the other, and the decision to get one phone over the other is preference.

I love the HTC One's aluminum body, and design (when compared to the plastic body of the S4). The screen is smaller but I have notice that it is a bit brighter than the S4. The HTC One has a bevy of Built-in storage options (up to 64GB), BUT it does not support a microSD card unlike the S4. The HTC One also has dual upfront speakers (if you care about that type of thing on your cell phone). The S4 is noticeably lighter than the HTC One, and it runs on a more powerful CPU. In terms of software and custom UI interface, it is about preference. The S4 runs on a more up-to-date Android OS (4.2 vs. HTC One's 4.1) and uses Samsung's TouchWiz customized UI while HTC One uses HTC Sense 5 (both are decent customized UI's but I prefer TouchWiz (my previous phone used to be a HTC Sensation so I have used HTC Sense). Samsung also seems more responsive to Android updates than HTC, so take that into consideration.

In terms of cameras it really depends on what you want your camera to do. the HTC One has a 4 MP ULTRA sensor camera that delivers crisp low-light photos (instead of those fuzzy low-light photos you usually get with cell phone cameras). However, the clarity and detail of regular light pictures cannot compete with the S4's 13 MP camera.

Finally the S4 has a bevy of cool (I guess you can call them gimmicky) feature such as Smart Scroll (Scroll through text by tilting the phone) and Air Gesture (interact with the phone without have to touch it), that aren't available on the HTC One.

So it isn't as easy as "Oh Man the HTC One poons the S4, get that one". It really comes down to user preference. Both are fantastic phones.

#44 Edited by JNeam (77 posts) -

Honestly, I only recommend Nexus android phones now. I just do not like the skins manufacturers put on top of android. Pure android is a great OS, it is a shame to see it ruined (imo).

Of course you could get a Galaxy or a One and root it. There are also google edition of those two phones coming out that run stock android.(In fact I'm picking up a google edition HTC One).

I was also debating between ios or android for my phone for the last month. In the end, after playing on my iPad a bit more, I chose Android. It is simply more powerful. iOS has some annoying limitations to it. Things like no file manager(which I didn't think I needed, until I actually used one), attaching documents to email is a pain in the ass, limited shortcuts for settings(even in ios7), no 3rd party keyboards (Swiftkey is amazing), and the most annoying thing of all, the inability to set default apps. No, I do not want to use Apple maps when I tell siri to give me directions.

#45 Posted by TMThomsen (2084 posts) -

iOS has a better App market, but I prefer Android over iOS as an operating system.

#46 Posted by GS_Dan (1403 posts) -

HTC One, seriously. If you want reasons, look up the Anandtech review.

#47 Posted by maxB (319 posts) -

4S is better but the iPhone has a better app selection, I would go with the 4S.

#48 Posted by MetalMoog (912 posts) -

Choose whatever you are most comfortable using, and whichever one works/looks best for you.

Personally I would choose the iPhone 5 just based on what I'm used to. I've used the iPhone for so long now and work on a Mac daily and prefer the operating systems that Apple design.

For my vote there is no alternative to Apple for usability, my workflow and pure aesthetic beauty of their interface.

#49 Posted by Hunkulese (2875 posts) -

Whichever is cheaper.

#50 Posted by tourgen (4542 posts) -

@maxb said:

4S is better but the iPhone has a better app selection, I would go with the 4S.

Yeah, I like the 4S screen aspect ratio better too. The 5 doesn't seem like much of an improvement.

Their are some weird and limiting things about iOS that are a real bummber.

But on the otherhand Java sucks.

Get a 4S.