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I am looking for a good Iphone rpg for the bus. Needs to work well on iphone, not Ipad. Something turn based and can start and stop frequently. Any suggestions?

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you can get those Penny arcade games (the 3rd & 4th) on the iPhone, Those are turn based, with good writing and fun to play.

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@vikingdeath1: IIRC, the 4th episode may not have come out for phones. Apparently the phone port of the 3rd one sold terribly compared to the PC and XBLIG versions. At least, I think that's what they said at a PAX East panel I went to about the games.

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Vay is a port of an old Sega CD RPG that's pretty good. Lunar: SSS is on IOS also, but I just assume everybody has played that already.

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I played like 20 hours of FF Tactics on there, but then iPhone got updated to iOS 7 and the controls and game don't really work that well anymore.