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I used to use the site's tracking to keep tallies on my S-Ranks (for DLC purposes) but I can't find it on my account settings anymore; am I dumb or is it not there anymore?

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It was removed for the site move over. I am guessing it will come back sooner or later.

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They've said it will probably comeback when they see how Microsoft and Sony implement it in next gen hardware. That being said not sure why the Steam one still couldn't be there.

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@mikey87144: Jeff's answer on his tumblr about the Steam Achievements.

Steam would probably be the easiest to bring back, but the bulk of the work is platform-agnostic, from an engineering perspective.

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Hope it'll be back soon ._.

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For now. They might bring it back later when all the bugs on the new site are fixed.

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Sorry to dredge up a months-old thread, but I've been wondering this myself lately. It really made my enjoyment of the site and achievements/trophies in general much higher. I'm hoping they bring it back soon. I got a bunch of S-ranks purely due to the way they tracked it on this site. How else am I going to show off my 100% in Super Meat Boy?

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This topic has been brought up elsewhere, but just to be clear about this again, the reason the achievement tracking was removed from the site in the redesign was because it was breaking every few weeks and was too much of a job for the engineers to keep fixing. It was so faulty even for a lot of the period when it was a site feature it wasn't functional. The problems were really caused by the fact that Sony and Microsoft don't have proper APIs for pulling that stuff off of their systems, so the site was essentially just scraping data. Maybe they'll include APIs for achievement data in the next Xbox and Playstation, but if they don't it'll be significantly harder for the engineers to implement and maintain this stuff again. It may come back, it may not.

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Finally S ranked a game, only to learn this feature was removed. =[

Sad days, indeed.