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I was hoping capcom was going to announce something but they didn't really do anything, Street fighter X Tekken was so great I thought they where going to do it again. But I guess the real question is does anybody out there want a sequel?

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No, they don't.

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Shouldn't the release Tekken X Street Fighter before doing a second SFxT?

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As much as I liked some of the stuff in SFxT, it was really mucked up with a lot of garbage like gems and some poor balancing. I can't see Capcom giving it a second try.

...and honestly, if they were going to work on another "versus" game right now, I'd rather see a new SNK vs Capcom.

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Man, I really would've loved to see Tekken x Street Fighter. Like, cannot even imagine some of those SF characters being in Tekken. I still think they should do it, because surely it would sell better than regular-ass Tekken at this point, because when was the last time Tekken was even a really popular fighting game?

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With the 2013 update, Street Fighter X Tekken is a really great game, but unfortunately, the damage is done. People already had a problem with it before it launched because of DLC gems and the controversy (way overblown, as far as I'm concerned) over the DLC characters being on the disc. Then it just had issues like way too much blockstun on certain normals etc.

I'd love to see a Tekken X Street Fighter from Harada and his team, I'd be fascinated to see some Street Fighter characters reimagined in a Tekken game. I think the reality of the situation is that most people made up their minds early on in regards to SFxT, for some perfectly justified and maybe some less justified reasons, and they don't really care to re-evaluate. So that crossover is basically just kind of tainted now and I don't think either company will really want anything to do with it, even though SFxT does still have its devoted community.

I think it's definitely telling that there has been no indication of any sort that the PC version of SFxT will get an update to switch from GFWL to Steamworks. I think they've basically just tried to forget it happened and wash their hands of it.

Either way, I'd really like to see what a next gen Tekken looks like, Tag 2 already looked really good, considering the hardware. That being said, I'm still perfectly happy to just keep playing Tag 2, SF4, SFxT etc, I don't really feel like I need sequels to any of those games any time soon.

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I'd like to see the TKxSF version because I grew up playing Tekken games so I like their fighting style more than Street Fighters and it'd be interesting to see the SF characters play as Tekken ones. I don't think it's going to happen at this stage though.

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SFxT needs to be forgotten about as soon as possible, it's for the best.