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Myself, I am into JRPGS, its weird for me because I would call my self a 'casual' gamer, I don't get heavily into alot games like most people I come into contact with on this and other sites, I can't sit there spending hours trying to get to max level on an mmorpg, I can't play for long stretches of time on games that we all know such as GTA, COD, Battlefield, Halo, Skyrim, and when I do try to sit down and play these games I tend to get bored pretty quickly.

However, I cannot figure out for the life of my why this doesn't happen with me to JRPGS. This genre tends to be very hardcore, difficult to follow and requires extra patience to enjoy, yet why do I enjoy these so much and not all the other games I just mentioned?

Granted, there are many games in the JRPG genre that I do not enjoy, but for some reason I can sit there for hours and play and enjoy games like Tales of vasperia, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Final Fantasy (Not so much XIII), Star Ocean plus many others.

So yeah, thats one genre I never thought I would ever enjoy due to my nature, my busy lifestyle and the fact that I can't get into all these other blockbuster games, I would of never thought for a second I could get into the JRPG genre.

So does anyone else have any stories to share? Any genres you never knew you would enjoy but some how do? I would be curious in finding out : )

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I wouldn't have expected to enjoy grand strategy games prior to playing one, but then Europa Universalis 3 came into my life.

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I was stunned at how much I enjoy tactical strategy games like XCOM. I never thought I'd like them, but turns out they're right up my alley. I suck at them, but that's what I like: They're incredibly tense and fun when you aren't good enough to exploit the AI or come in to a battle with a well-researched loadout or strategy.

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@silock: I'm not really surprised by anything I end up liking, since I have a good grip on my taste. The moment where I started thinking and realised I DISLIKED a LOT of games was the freaky moment.

As for your case, there are many, many reasons to enjoy jrpgs over action games and the like. For one thing, they are lower on the stress scale in the moment to moment asa trade off for the monumental overall experience. And Jrpgs tend to have a bit of their own style and aestethics to them that you might just find more appealing than the military shooter. I've definitely played games just purely for the way they look and feel, regardless of gameplay.

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Before XCOM: Enemy Unknown I had no familiarity with tactical strategy games, but I have had a ridiculous amount of fun with that game and Fire Emblem: Awakening.

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Also, JRPG's.

When I first heard of the idea of "turn-based" I wrote it off pretty quickly and never really looked into any games that are. And then I started warming up to the idea. And then I played Chrono Trigger. And now I'm enjoying them.

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Civ 5 is the only 4X game I have ever been into, that's mostly because it's actually competent in teaching it's systems and general strategy.

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I don't know if I'd say I'm into the entire genres but I do find myself enjoying games from genres I wouldn't necessarily play from time to time.

Don't really like JRPG's but I did enjoy both Resonance of Fate and Final Fantasy XIII

I don't really like realistic driving sims but I did enjoy GRID and both DiRT 2 and DiRT 3

Then again, those games are kind of like hybrids of those genres in a way. I don't think the Dirt games are ultra realistic but they're also not very arcadey. At the same time both Resonance and FF13 aren't traditional JRPG's.

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pretty much all games i'm playing right now are games that i had always dismissed when they came out/were being talked about a lot/my friends were playing them. games like starcraft 2, diablo 3, league of legends particularly. also strategy games like FTL and fire emblem have made me really want to get into disgaea and valkyria chronicles over summer. and RPGs like dragon age origins, baldur's gate and fallout 2 i've started enjoying recently

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I wouldn't really say I'm into the genre (only played a handful of games ) but I was really surprised how much I enjoy RTS games.

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Jrpgs, dungeoncrawlers and fightinggames. Not that many games in the jrpg-genre i really enjoy, but I play alot of them and some really stick, like the SMT-series, wich is also very dungeoncrawly with turn-based combat and I did not think I'd enjoy that either but it's awesome! I really like the pokemon-like aspect in it too.

Also, never been into fightinggames when I were younger, but I started playing a little more of them when I got older and I started to see the possibilities in movement, combos and such and it just dawned upon me how fun they are. It's like every fight is a boss-battle and you have to give it your all. Favorites here is the arc system-games and virtua fighter 5.

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I never thought I'd enjoy puzzle games and visual novels until I went back and played Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright. The latter series has made its way into my favourite games of all time list (somewhere in the top 10ish, maybe) - and I honestly never expected that to happen.

Beyond that, I tend to like a lot of niche genres, so shooters etc are on the list of things I'm surprised to enjoy (though the feeling is rare).

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Metroidvania. I always thought the idea of backtracking and constantly coming across inaccessible areas sounded tedious and annoying. However in the last two months I've beat 3 Metroid games in a row and really enjoyed all of them.

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There are genres which I never played, but then a game came out that I really liked, but that never really attracted me to search for other games of that genre.

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I think the notion of JRPGS being "hardcore" is pretty offbase.

The games are pretty easy skillwise, they have lots of story bits and are pretty chill gaming expierences. The one thing that's "hardcore" about them is the massive time commitment. That's about it.

as for me, I've played just about every genre type out there and when I try new games I alwasy go into the mindset that I'm going to like them, so I guess I can't realy relate to this one.

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I wouldn't consider brutally hard games a genre necessarily, but as a kid I stayed away from games that seemed excessively difficult because at the time I was too young to appreciate them and I just got frustrated. Since then I've returned to games like Ninja Gaiden and Demon's Souls and I always like to at least experience the hardest difficulties of games now. I never used to have any interest in that.

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So-called 'casual' games. Despite years of ill-will towards Popcap I have sunk much more time into Peggle on the Xbox than I care to admit. When Plants vs Zombies came out on the Vita, the same thing happened again.

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Racing games. I'm mostly into RPGs but I love me a good racing game.

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Despite still having trouble playing them, I really like horror games.

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I was going to say something like shooters, since there was a time when I didn't touch them at all, but that was awhile ago. But thinking about it more, I think I would say first person games, especially first person RPGs. When I was younger I found it pretty offputting that I couldn't see my character, but as I've played more games that utilize it well I've come to appreciate the style. I still like my third person games, but I see the place for first person now. I just wish someone would make a decent first person action game for a change.

@slag said:

I think the notion of JRPGS being "hardcore" is pretty offbase.

The games are pretty easy skillwise, they have lots of story bits and are pretty chill gaming expierences. The one thing that's "hardcore" about them is the massive time commitment. That's about it.

as for me, I've played just about every genre type out there and when I try new games I alwasy go into the mindset that I'm going to like them, so I guess I can't realy relate to this one.

It really depends on the game. Not all JRPGs are heavy on story. I would call something like Etrian Odyssey pretty hardcore, and not just because of the time commitment. There's very little story and there are very few opportunities to "chill". It's a different kind of "hardcore" than an action game that requires twitch reflexes, but I wouldn't say that necessarily excludes them from the description.

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I always used to hate fighting games until my friend showed me the most recent Mortal Kombat game. That game quickly rose to the top of my list of favorite games this past generation. That being said I would not say I am good at it, and I could never stand up to any of the online players in that game.

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No, not really. I'm fairly open minded when it comes to entertainment. TV, movies, games, music, ect.

There are genres i don't really enjoy because i dont like the style, yet there have been exceptions to that. Like i really liked JRPGs as a kid / teenager, but when i grew up i find them tedious, drawnout and they all have annoying ass angsty teenager characters.

I'm not big into sports games because without the crowd around me i dont care about sports. Watching sports on TV is also boring as fuck unless you have like 10+ people around you who are super into it, then you can feed off their energy like some sort of weird social vampire.

I'm not against trying them though.

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@zeik: There's always going to be exceptions to the rule. Etrian Odysssey isn't the easiest game in the world but it also isn't close to the norm for the genre.

But if you are looking broadly across the genre, I wouldn't call it a particularly hardcore one compared to other genres out there. Platformers require much more skill, so RTS games, Sports games, Many Puzzle Games and Shooters especially Shmups. OTOh JRPGs are generally designed to experienced and you can usually beat them with minimal skill if you grind enough. That isn't too say they aren't fun and great games, I personally love them. I just don't think they are hardcore.

For a while in the late 90's these were hugely popular games aimed at casual game players and they were marketed that way.

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I damn well hated strategy games, everything about them just annoyed me, the waiting, the long-term strategies, but then Company of Heroes.

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Dota 2 got me into MOBAs, which, after playing a couple of games of LOL back in the day, I never thought would happen.

Never thought I'd be into JRPGs, but then I tried out Valkyria Chronicles ....and fuck man, I'm having a tough time with that game! Just found a pig with wings in some bushes, and...I turned the game off. Still gonna give Ni no Kuni a go, though.

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Never thought i'd enjoy a MOBA...next thing I know I have sunk nearly 300 hours into DOTA 2

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I kinda thought I was "over" 2D platformers, but Rayman Origins changed that.

I never thought I would enjoy a multiplayer FPS, but that was before I got into Team Fortress 2.

And I thought that F2P browser MMO-likes weren't for "real" gamers like me (I know, I know...), but then I lost a fair amount of last year to The Settlers Online.