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This may a lost cause, but I figured I might as well give this a try. I really need to talk to someone who registered online, and actually knows they're going to E3.

It's like this, I don't know what's going on! Basically, I got a code through my work. Supposed to gain me access to E3, and I used the code when I registered. It was accepted and recognized, but that's it. It's not telling me what's next. I'm never getting a confirmation email, and when I go to the website to resubmit my application information, however it does look like my application was submitted properly, because when I reenter my information, it gives me the option to have a confirmation email resent to my email address, but it never arrives. I've tried that several times, but my inbox never gets it. I've also checked my spam box.

Plus, in order to get some answers, I tried calling the registration offices, naturally they're closed though, so I listened to the automated message...it says something about having certain credentials submitted by fax by may 1st at midnight, and that any applications that don't receive it by then would be declined.

I'm not sure if this message refers to someone like me though, since I had an actual code supplied by my company. Maybe this message just applies to certain people trying to gain entrance on their own qualifications? I'm an associate who was given a code to attend from my work, and they didn't even start handing these out to associates until a few days ago! I didn't even get mine til yesterday. But it is possible this message was referring to everyone, because they may want proof that I work for the company, but that's ridiculous they didn't give them out sooner if that's the case.

One thing I noticed it says on the e3 website, is that "If you are registered and confirmed after May 1, 2009 or have an address outside of the U.S., you must pick up your badge and badge holder on-site at Attendee Will Call." Again, I don't know if these codes they handed out to our work, automatically just confirm and qualify us to go.

This is all just gonna be luck if I can actually go. I need to know what's going on though. I gotta make the travel arrangements Monday morning or afternoon before I work, so I can get on a plane real early Tuesday morning. Everything's gonna have to work out perfectly, plus I'm coming all the way from Wisconsin. I'm willing to do whatever it takes, but time is of the essence, and I'm going nuts, because it's the stupid weekend, and I can't get a hold of anyone at the registration office, or someone who might be in a similar position as myself. I was 1 of 12 people for my company's region who actually got a code, so I assume there has to be some other people out there in similar situations as me.

I'm just going out of my mind, because I'm major excited about the prospect of going, but now I'm majorly nervous because I gotta get everything done in a very short time.

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Was the code just an expedite code? Because even with one of those you or your company still need to provide credentials (buisness liscense etc).

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If I could conjure the plane tickets, the money, and the accommodations, I'd go without second thought.

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The public can go to the show floor of e3 cant they, id like to go after i have finisheduniversity sometime.

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I thought E3 was for press only now?

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@Jolly_Lolly: Not if your a ninja. I wonder if it is actually possible to sneak in... there has to be a way!
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Jolly_Lolly said:
I thought E3 was for press only now?
I believe it is.
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Jolly_Lolly said:
I thought E3 was for press only now?

It is, but it's more lenient now.  The definition of press has been widened.  From what I've gathered, it seems like you really moreso need some company affiiliation
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Agnogenic_delete said:
@Jolly_Lolly: Not if your a ninja. I wonder if it is actually possible to sneak in... there has to be ... [more]
I think people have done this in the past, if I'm not mistaken. They've been sneaked in by people they know in the industry if I remember.
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Both myself and two friends had plans some months back to try and get to this years E3, kind of a big deal for me considering I'd never been abroad. Sadly those plans went down the toilet due to a few personal reasons. There is still a chance we might plan for next year but it's a little to early to think about that.

So for now I enjoy the show as usual, through video streams and fine drunken bombcasts. Not bad at all I say!