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Just wondering if anyone knew cause it straight up disappeared after Alex said he was taking like a 2 week break.

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Shh...quiet! We don't talk about that anymore!

I think he said he'll eventually return to it, but I imagine he's always busy with reviews, events, and life.

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@mooseymcman: Lol I had no idea about that so thanks for sharing.

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He had to reload.

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I imagine he gets a lot of those thoughts out whilst bombing the A.M. He may not feel the need to make a regular written feature about whatever video game-related topic is most occupying his mind on a given week.

@shagge said:

He had to reload.

But I like to think it's this.

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@shagge said:

He had to reload.

@animasta said:

@nitrocore said:

Give him some time to reload!

goddamnit. I was just going to write he spent all his ammunition.

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Gregory Peck blew them up.

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He's too busy posting basketball game trailers

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I'd imagine right now they are just swamped with games and goty debates. Maybe at the end of the year he will announce something?

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Thought about asking Alex about this, really enjoyed his weekly blog but yeah, just like year of the cage he just said fuck it, never to be heard from again.

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Whenever this topic comes up, I cling to that one time he said it'll come back.

But I sure do miss it. Because whenever this topic comes up, I'm also reminded of how damn good Alex is as a writer.