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I disagree, but it all depends on your experience and the genre you are playing.

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@Mikemcn said:
You people realize that someone whos experienced with a controller will perform as well on a console as someone whos experienced with a keyboard on PC. There's very little difference.
Not true. Ask the guys that were working on cross play between Xbox Live and Games for Windows Live. Apparently regular old PC gamers were wrecking "pro" console gamers. Without any way to level the playing field (without severely gimping PC players or giving console players aimbot-lite) they ended up scrapping the project.
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Thats not pc games those are just console ports

want to play REAL pc games go buy Stalker or hearts of iron

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While no aim-assist works in the context of most games, I've heard that L4D on Xbox has fewer infected spawning than its PC counterpart due to player inability to react as fast with a controller.

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@Krisgebis said:

@ahmad_metallic: Please tell me you have an IQ below 80. Either that or your brain is in perpetual oxygen starvation.

And to the rest of the PC-tards. BC2 on console doesn't have auto aim.

No it doesn't have auto aim...but then again nearly no console shooter does. They have aim assist (at varying levels of assistance depending on the game). 
  You're welcome "console-tard".
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I find it harder to play a shooter on consoles actually, but it's definitely more satisfying to play on PC.

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Poorly adapted controls resulting from a shoddy porting process can account for some difficulties, forced mouse acceleration and smoothing can do horrible things to your accuracy and input response times. Some games let you turn that off, but increasingly more often they lock you out of it.

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Yeah auto aim is dumb. Games don't have that but a lot of console games can have pretty strong aim assist. Call of Duty is terrible for it, the game turns your character for you when people run past. It's ridiculous...
Halo also has a lot of aim assist.
I think a lot of PC specific games are more complicated than your average console game but that's not to say console games can't be damn difficult, but it's true that you generally find less complicated games on consoles. A lot of that is simply down to the control scheme, you can bind way more stuff with a mouse and keyboard so it's quite obvious why PC is always the choice for strategy and more advanced RPGs. Dragon Age worked on console but it was pretty shitty to play with a controller.

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No auto aim but PC games (used to) have hard saves which can make general progression easier.

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Nope, made the switch myself around 3 months ago and haven't had similar problems. Can still hang in MP shooters like Battlefield and TF2 as well.