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So this was linked somewhere and i happened to click on it. Since the title had Kotatsu quality titles, attention grabbing shit i said why not click on it. I was flabbergasted how similar the site looked to GIANTBOMBDOTCOM. No site can compare to fucking Podcast tape player.

Here is how the site looks, would of used snipping tool but who cares here is the link to the actual site aswell (Tear, sad face)

Looks like a small site but CRUSH EM.


Also there is nothing to buy in the Steam Sale.

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@bigjeffrey: I don't know if much of that really defines Giant Bomb's "website design". I guess it is using a similar layout, but that isn't exactly an awful thing. It's just good design.

I'd almost say parts of it look more Polygon. Though, it all still looks like layout and grouping than a stolen website design.

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It doe's look similar, but I'm not going to bash them for it. Its hard enough trying to get a website up and running. They seem to have there own content going on. I ain't going to ruin it for them. In time they will probably change the design anyway.

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WHOA WHOA WHOA, a responsive 3 grid system of articles/content above a vertical scrolling list of posts with a right-hand side dynamic feed of topics/other content?

They're getting settled in the new office.

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Thats not even close to a stolen design ... thats a common way to structure a website with many news-articles. The way the header looks this is most likely some generic Wordpress-Template they bought.

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Wow, has more stolen page elements than GameBomb.ru did back in the day /s. I understand lifting certain design choices to a certain extent, as: if there's a better solution for a problem, you probably want to use it. To the extent they lifted it however is where I've got a problem. Down to some more minor details, like having the black-to-transparent alpha gradients over the promo-wheel images to make the text more readable. Some people are going to look at the broader strokes and say, "Oh, everything looks like that", but there are a few more minor elements that are the same for me to consider it likely entirely coincidental.

It's one thing to be 'inspired' by design and adapt better elements to your site, but to some extent this is just lazy theft. Even their name seems to just be a play on "Attack of the Show", so you can tell these guys are going to be putting out really high quality content. If they've just used some web-template that looks like this, and it's not at all their fault it looks the same, it still doesn't put them in a positive light. I'd imagine a good number of people who know Giant Bomb will likely get a bad impression off-the-bat as a result.

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I think you guys are crazy. That looks so similar that they are either directly copying the look or straight up lifting code. They aren't just taking the concept and dressing it up with their own template, which is what web designers are supposed to do.

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Well.. They aren't the best in securing their files.

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Nah man, let it be. Look into 960 grid and bootstrap. It has a lot of design elements in common.

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It's not that close to GB. If anything, it's a combination of GB and Polygon's sites.

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It's no gamebomb.ru, that's for sure.

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The layout does look similar to GB's, but I don't think it counts as a total ripoff.

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@winsord said:

It makes them look like a joke and a spam site in my eyes though, I don't think I could take anything like this seriously in the slightest. ...Even their name seems to just be a play on "Attack of the Show", so you can tell these guys are going to be putting out really high quality content.

Yeah, if you can't even come up with a decent name, it doesn't say much about the rest of your content. It's bad enough to copy Attack of the Show, but to use "AOTF" as well is shameless. They just look like another blog to regurgitate every news item from every other gaming news source.

It seems like they have a decent number of people commenting on their news stories, but I still don't understand who wants to go to a site that's positive about the concept of fanboyism.

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I love GB as much as the next guy, but it's not like this site has some groundbreaking, trend-setting design. If some tiny site copies elements of your design, that means you're doing it right.

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Most cars have the wheels, steering wheel, .... in the same layout location are these stolen designs?

Napkins are the same size is that layout stolen?

Some layouts are more practical than others and are found more often than others. Layout and a template are two different things.

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@jasonr86 said:

It's not that close to GB. If anything, it's a combination of GB and Polygon's sites.

That was my though, looks more like Polygon to me. But to be honest, don't all websites look like this nowadays?

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Why does it say it won't take long for PC to outperform the new consoles when mid-range cards already eclipse them.


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No offense to GB tape player but the one on iOS default podcast app is better

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Sure, it does have the same layout as GB's but don't be a dick and tell others to help destroy a website.

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It kinda looks the same but this isn't like the whole GAMEBOMB.RU thing to where it was shamelessly ripped off.

Don't worry about it, it basically means nothing.

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I feel like since the advent of Windows 8 and even Windows Phone, there has been a slow design shift into large headlines with big images stacked boldly and sometimes staggered. I can't really describe it really well but even the new PS4 OS looks to be imitating it pretty boldly.

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Yeah, everything is starting to look like that now.