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This year has been quite interesting to me, since I've been playing my handhelds (3DS and Vita) more than almost any other system. I recently bought a new bed and since it's more comfortable to play handhelds on their, I find I'll be playing even more. I have an original 3DS but due to playing the system quite a lot, I've been considering selling mine to get the XL (plus adding the additional cost for it) since the larger size seems more comfortable. What is your experience with the XL? Is it more comfortable and easier to look at, since the original does seem a bit small for me. Also, is there any way to transfer my saves and my downloaded games? (I'm almost 100% sure that their isn't, but was going to ask anyway.)

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Well right now if you register an XL and get a copy of Luigi's Mansion or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon you get a game for free, that is something to think about. I originally got a normal sized one but a week later I traded it in for an XL. I think the screen size change is worth it. If you can find a way to get money for your old one that is. Also can you not just copy stuff of of one SD card and put it on one the XL comes with?

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Sure why not, I would trade but my normal 3DS is the Zelda special edition so I ain't trading in that....have thought about just getting a XL and having two though....

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I did it, and yes you can transfer everything, you just have to connect both to a wifi network and then enable the transfer on each device. And you have to copy the SD card contents onto a computer, and then back onto the new 3DS XL card.

So far I like it a lot more than the original 3DS, but then again I'm also a huge fan of the DSi XL. I like the bigger screens and don't really mind the loss of decent pixel density. The depth slider is improved cause there's a more definitive click between 3D and 2D. The plastic definitely feels cheaper than the original, though and the volume slider is pretty loose. While it is a big frivolity, I'd recommend the switch anyway.

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@mikkaq: How bad is the pixel density on the XL? I've heard some about it, but is it enough for me to notice?

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@mrpilkington: I think it does not make things any worse. They lok just fine to me.

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You won't notice the pixels at all unless you go back and check out a regular 3DS again.

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@mikkaq: How bad is the pixel density on the XL? I've heard some about it, but is it enough for me to notice?

That really depends on your standards and how close or far away you hold the device. I haven't done a direct comparison, but I'd say it's somewhat comparable to playing a PSP game on the Vita.

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I have never traded in a system, but I too play my hand helds before I go to bed. I also have the most loaded out pockets when I go to work. I carry about 1000 dollars worth of electronics with me. Including my Vita, 3ds, computer, phone, and Ipod. But being that I take the bus to work at 6, and work doesn't start till 10, sometimes i get board. Thats why alot of the times my posts early in the morning are spelt weirder then usual, because I am posting from a moving bus.

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To me personally, I think the pixel density on my XL is pretty noticeable, but mostly in the main menus and stuff. On certain games, like Luigi's Mansion, you're gonna see quite a few jaggies.

However, I must say that once you get into a game, you kind of forget all about that stuff, so really, not that big of a deal.