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Last year GB did a stream of old games around Christmas, just like they did this year. I thought it would be archived on Justin TV but it's not. Nowhere on here, JTV, or even UStream can I find anything about it. And I don't remember what the title was, so it's hard to search for.

Anyone know if it still exists anywhere, or at least what it was called?

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I knew it had to be mislabeled. Thanks.

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Cool, thanks for asking as I wouldn't mind watching that again myself.

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Unfortunately that link no longer works. I fear that the Retro stream may have been lost forever...

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@Anwar said:

@StrainedEyes: is it this one? They had several retro things in the past.

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Phew, yes that's the one. Crisis averted.

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Wow, can't believe I somehow managed to miss this. Can't wait to watch it over the next day or two.