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I've been noticing that you have to buy dlc for many racing games just to stay competitive in multiplayer. I find releasing superior cars as paid dlc in multiplayer games to be a bit disgusting. Am I the only one?

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What games are you talking about? And are you sure you don't just suck at the games in question?

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Racing games have never been more popular than they are now, and much of that is due to the steady release of DLC keeping them fresh.

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Forza Horzion/4 multiplayer is booming.

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What game are you referring to? I would say most DLC cars just add more choice rather than being "better" than what's on the disk.

And if you want to talk about paying for cars in a racing game you should check out iRacing.. I spent so...... so much money on that game....

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Examples please, I can't think of a recent racing game were you had to buy DLC or you wouldn't be able to compete with others.

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Nah...multiplayer racing is fine.

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You are indeed the only one and don't really make a very valid point either.

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What games dude?

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Didn't one of the GT5 packs add a new Golf variation?

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I noticed in Need for Speed Most Wanted that most people who had the DLC cars were winning most of the races. But I also found that there was almost no incentive to care about winning any of those races either so it didn't bother me much. Plus a lot of races limit the car class so you can't always use those cars.

I do find the practice of selling most of the supercars you really want as DLC to be a bit disturbing, but I don't think it completely ruins multiplayer.

I don't think I've played Horizon since there was DLC released, however a lot of races were using lower car classes then supercars anyways.

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Most Wanted's first DLC pack has faster cars than anything in the main game. So both in Multiplayer, and for the open world autolog stuff like Billboards, DLC buyers have the advantage...

So when I drive around with the regular Bugatti Veyron Super Sport in multiplayer, I'm outmatched by 200 horsepowers by Vitesse drivers... theoretically. Doesn't really make a difference, since competition ain't that stiff. Quite shady regardless, but whatever. It kinda makes me want to get the DLC too. So from that perspective, it's a sound - and ugly - sales tactic. Oh well...

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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit also released a second Bugatti Veyron that was faster than any other car in the game as DLC, though it was by a fairly minimal amount, so I wouldn't say that it was game breaking or anything.

I can't think of any other examples.

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nfs: hot pursuit, nfs: most wanted. I feel like I want to put on forza 3 here too, but I only went into one race, saw some guy blowing by all of us, took note of his car and then realized the car was only obtainable through paid dlc.

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Definitely not as big as the multiplayer in some other genres, but multiplayer racing still seems to totally be a thing. Try telling multiplayer racing is dead.

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I feel like with games where you can customize the performance of the car you could easily have only a handful of cars throughout the whole game that vary in performance to compete in multiplayer. At least... that's what I do in any of the Forza games XD but when it comes down to it I think skill>performance half the time wins no matter what racing game it is. Obviously tuning being part of that skill to win as well.

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Racing is definitely dead. No one wants to come over and play Crash Team Racing anymore!

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Nah racing games are fine. Gran Turismo 5 is the only game that I can think of where they added that stupidly fast car as DLC (the Red Bull x2011 Prototype), but no one uses it online because it is no fun. And fuck that game is old as shit but if you look at the online you would think it came out yesterday. Multiplayer racing is far from dead.
If you suck at multiplayer racers then try using more skill.

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In Nfs: hot pursuit some gumpert apollo car came out and every race was basically won by that car. It was the easy handling of the car that made it superior, once I bought that car I was back to winning races. Now Nfs: most wanted brings out some hennessey car and a person on my friends list is beating my times now by a ridiculous pace. Now I could be wrong because I haven't purchased it yet, but if it's the car I think it is I bet it's super easy to control. The same problem with the apollo in Nfs: hot pursuit. I've come to the conclusion that I need to focus on one racing game a year and stomach the fact that I may have to buy all the dlc for it.

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I have always been able to get a game in Burnout Paradise and Mario Kart Wii, both tried in the last year.

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I don't know.. I love racing games but not as a multiplayer mode. (maybe that's because I got the worst wi-fi environment ever. )

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Motorstorm Apocalypse did a lot to fuck up the Motorstorm formula but I think perks were an improvement. In previous Motorstorms there would be one class of vehicle that was better suited to a particular track and would win every time. Usually it was the dirtbike, rally car or monster truck. With perks in MS:A it felt like there were two or three possible classes that could win. Normally I dislike perks since I think everyone should have an even shot regardless of time played. Since all of MS:A's perks were unlocked at level 30/80 it didn't take long to get them all.

The other multiplayer racing games that I've played (Burnout Paradise, Motorstorm Pacific Rift, Shift 2 and Wipeout HD) didn't seem to have any DLC that gave you a big advantage.

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Many of Forza 4's best cars are in the DLC and yes, that is dumb. The differences when the game was new were huge. Leaderboards being dominated by DLC cars back then, I kinda stopped going for the best times because of that.