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...that has nothing to do with Microsoft Avatars?

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They are making Kinect Sports which comes out at end of year.

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Yeah. They are a video game developer.

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Not anything like they've released in their glory days, the rare we once loved is gone forever.

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Oh sorry, I'm asking will Rare Ltd. release another game that has nothing to do with Microsoft "Avatars"?

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@RobotHamster said:
" Not anything like they've released in their glory days, the rare we once loved is gone forever. "
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I have to assume they are probably working on more Kinect games. As sad as it may be for some, I would put money on there being a Viva Pinata: Kinect Edition sometime in the next few years.

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I would like to see Microsoft commission them to do a new IP or a platformer.
The way Microsoft has them working now, it would be as if Sony having their first party developer "Team Ico" making minigames...
Battletoads, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Banjo Kazooie 1 & 2, Perfect Dark...I know they have more creativity to put forth than "Kinect Sports"

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After playing the last few things they've done, I hope not.

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isn't it pretty much everything but confirmed there working on Killer Instinct 3?

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@RobotHamster: Bit harsh, they've done Viva Pinata since... Nuts & Bolts was a solid game too.
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Rare is still my favorite developer.

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Well, you know, at the end of Nuts & Bolts

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Nuts & Bolts is best game they've done since the DKC series

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Honestly rare should just restructure their gaming company into a beverage company. They will be alot more useful that way and productive.