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The game is offered at 19.99 at Wal-Mart but I still hesitated to purchase it. Is it a good RPG? Who else here recommend it to me? What are the strongest points of this game?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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I haven't played a lot of it, but as usual for a Tri-Ace game, it has a pretty great battle system. And an awful tutorial. I say go for it

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@LilithGamer: Well, its very different from your average JRPG interesting combat system that is actually really challenging. The overworld map is really interesting too its sort of like a puzzle game in itself. If you want a deep challenge and some interesting systems I'd give it a whirl.

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I liked the combat systems and overall story, but I thought the beginning few hours were absolutely dreadful. The tutorials are just sort of mind-bogglingly unhelpful, so if you're going to play it, I highly recommend watching some home-brewed how-to videos. There are other problems as well - despite the number of quests and such, it feels and looks like a budget RPG title. As to if it's worth the $20, it depends on how starved you are for a JRPG. Frankly, for that kind of money, you could pick up any number of better RPGs out there.

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I only put roughly 25 hours into, but that was enough to know it's a little too hard-core for me. I ended up taking an extended break from the game, came back to it, only to be lost as to what was going on. It was good, but I'd only recommend to those with the time to put into it.

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if you've already gone through JRPGs like Lost Odyssey and Nier and such its a good buy but there are better current gen RPGs

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Yes, everyday, twice on Sundays. The real issue is whether you can grasp the battle system. As other people here already noted, it's not typical. As someone who finished the main story (takes roughly 40 hours for me), it is crucial to understand what's going and you can.

If you want my breakdown of the game here is the gist of it. But this is my opinion and people can correct me or argue with me here.


- VERY strong shelf life (I got 40-60 hours of this game I am still not even scratching the bonus parts of the game).

- As great a spectacle as any when it comes to gun fu. Because you are watching the game that's a great plus

- Once you get the system down and understand 90-95% of what the game is about you are all set.

- Voice acting: You got Nolan North. Nuff said. Other VAs do more than enough.


- Grasping the combat system. I suggest going on YouTube and searching "Resonance of Fate Combat" and find sources there before jumping in. From personal experience I actually got the basics down really easy; it's mastering it that is the fun part.

- REALLY difficult. This game pulls no punches from the start. You are probably going to have to restart some stages. I knew I had to at least.

- Tutorial is lackluster (as many have pointed out). Again, go to YouTube for some help on that.


Presentation. Game looks OK just not great. I actually love the soundtrack but that's my personal opinion.

Story. I think it's divisive. I like it personally though.

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It's alright. Not my favorite JRPG but it's not terrible and the combat system tried some new things (and for some reason they explain it really poorly in the game so you may never fully understand it unless you really like the game and take the time to figure it out). 
If you got the money $20 isn't a bad price for it and it has your typical JRPG sci fi story. It does some stuff well, other stuff not so well but I didn't think it was that bad. I could never fully grasp the combat system, but you get the hang of it enough to play the game just playing it. 
I don't know, it was alright.

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@LilithGamer: It's more like: Are you good enough to be Resonance of Fate's next player?


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Probably not.

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The game is sitting on my shelf for a good year or so and I've only played maybe an hour at most. I'd love to go back to it, but it's hard to justify playing it against everything else I need to play.

But yea, the game does not do good on first impressions. I'd like to someday get over the initial difficulty hump to see if there's something worthwhile about the experience.

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You play it for like 40 hours and then never want to look at again.

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I enjoyed it very much, I even S-Ranked it (and its DLC). $20 is well worth it in my book, and I don't swallow any JRPG you throw at me. However, as others said, the difficulty can be a bit demanding sometimes, and the story was so-so as I recall it.

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The problem I have with the combat (and the reason I stopped pretty early on) is that it doesn't seem to change much from the first hour to the last hour. No new systems are added and the upgrades you make to your guns, while nice, aren't really that much of a change to the overall flow. It can get a bit tedious.

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It's one of my all time favorites, I just love the atmosphere and the world they created as well as the subdued story. It's something different, and in a good way. (Im going to buy it again to play it on both systems)