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I think it's well worth it. I got it for about $14 and it was well worth it then. It's a lot of fun. That being said, for as far as I've gotten it's not overly challenging, so I would think that kids wouldn't have too much of a problem with it.

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I picked it up on steam this week for about 10 bucks, seems like a damn good price. If the kid has good vocabulary and thinks creatively I would say so, basically if you can sit down and play a game of scrabble with him and not have to help him every turn he should enjoy it.

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I have the game for Wii U and it's a blast. As for a kid, it's not too hard. Also a good thing about this game is that there are multiple answers for each of the Starrites.

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Sure, I think it is probably great for kids too, it could help expand the vocabulary and stimulate the kids creativity. And hey, it is pretty fun too.

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Definitely worth picking up at that price. I got it for the 3DS for $20 and put it in my 8 year old son's Easter basket. He isn't having any issues playing it and loves it so far. I'd go ahead and pick up a copy for your nephew.

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I thought it was a good buy. Dont remmber what I payed for it. Knowing me though, I probably bought it on a whim for $50, like an asshole. But it was pretty funny going around and being the dick who turns people wishes around on people.

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I have played the DS version, when it came out, and had lots of fun with it.I'm sure it's worth its prize.

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Yes. If you have played the previous Scribblenaut games you might not get that much enjoyment out of it though as it does not add a ton of new stuff.

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Got it yesterday, it's quite fun and simple and I believe my nephew will love this.

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Yes, its worth getting for anyone of anyage.

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Hmm Alwasy been interested and for 9 bucks i might as well try it, you might as well pull the trigger as well